Travel Lines In Palmistry, Foreign Travel, And Settlement Signs

travel lines in palmistry

Travel lines on mount of moon

Travel lines on mount of moon

Travel lines in palmistry are typically referred to as the horizontal lines found on the edge of the mount of the moon as shown. The mount of the moon is synonymous with restlessness, oceans, locomotion, change of place, and a subconscious mind.

Hence the name, “lines of travel in palmistry”.

It is not that black and white to gauge travel from the hands simply glancing at these lines. One needs to have a thorough understanding of the texture of the skin, hand type, and structure of the hand to truly differentiate between travel lines on palm, lines of restlessness, and horizontal health defects lines linked with the moon mount.

Tricky? Indeed, it is. Palm reading is an art. Not everyone gets it.  Even artificial intelligence (AI) won’t be able to master it except beyond providing a rudimentary, universally applicable, nonsensical reading.

Travel lines palm reading

travel lines palm reading

For instance, a person with a silky texture of the skin, a narrow hand that is wet or sweaty, and deflated Venus mount will mentally explore the globe. Such a person seldom makes physical travel and health problems are likely to result.

Astral travel lines on palm

astral travel lines on palm

People who practice esoteric arts and assert to have engaged in astral projection have had their palms read by me. The soul departs the physical body during astral projection and travels anywhere the person desires.

The Mount of the moon was developed with pink dots on it, a distinct headline dropping towards the Luna mount and pointed fingers all pointed towards remarkable spiritual energy and ability to connect to different wavelengths. Her assertions can’t be refuted.

On a medium texture skin along with other favorable markings, it suggests the person will physically travel far and wide.

Foreign lines in palmistry

foreign lines in palmistry

The so-called travel lines on the mount of moon denote yearning for a change of location. Its positive effect intensifies if there is a need and proper effort attached to it.

A business tycoon, for instance, more than often does not have such travel lines on his hands. He can just hop in his private jet for a business meeting. Traveling is an integral part of his life. On the other hand, a talented student who aspires to enter an international university for the betterment of his life and profession, in general, will possess foreign lines on his palms.

One thing is for certain, these lines do not exhibit signs of permanent foreign settlement by any chance.

Travel lines age timings

travel lines age timing

It is also not reliable to time travel lines on hands. Of course, in one or two cases you can time it accurately by a fluke. However, if you increase the sample size to thousands of palms, you will soon realize how inaccurate it can get.

I cannot emphasize this enough, no palm reader on this planet can tell which countries or continents you will travel to by looking at your hands.

Let’s see some permanent relocation signs in palmistry and foreign travel lines on the hand.

No travel lines on palms

No travel lines on palms

No travel lines on the palms do not imply that he or she will undertake few journeys or don’t travel at all.

As stated earlier, travel lines enumerate a genuine need for travel or a change of destiny due to some change of place.

An individual with enough resources and money at one’s disposal can travel to any corner of the world. Foreign travel lines seldom surface on such hands unless that locomotion is of paramount importance or there is a danger associated with a particular traveling endeavor as opposed to a person who is living in an oppressive government regimen with orthodox thinking and frequently desires to make a transition to improve his life.

Honestly, I came across some weird selfish individuals while reading palms whose covert goal was to seek a green card through marriage and a well-marked travel line was present.

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Travel line in palmistry on female hand

There is not much difference between travel lines on a female’s hand and a man’s hand.

If a foreign line on a female’s hand appears all of a sudden suggests she might migrate to another country in order to be with her spouse or pursue her studies.

Travel line joins fate line

If a clear travel line joins the fate line represents the person will experience a journey or a trip that will alter his destiny or career path forever.

Don’t confuse this line with a line of intensity.

Abroad line in palmistry

Diagonal lines on the mount of moon pointing towards the fingers are considered to be the lines for foreign travel.

He or she is likely to travel around the world and has a deep understanding of foreign cultures or languages.

Similarly, a line from the bracelet to mount of moon also indicates long trips or abroad travels.

Which hand lines show foreign travel?

which hand lines show foreign travel

If a line from the bracelet goes to the mount of Jupiter suggests an individual will garner a huge fan following in his spiritual quest or religious voyage.

If a flawless line from the bracelet goes to the Saturn mount, he or she will achieve an extraordinary career.

Likewise, if a line from the bracelet goes to the Sun mount as shown, the person will get famous and rich while exploring another foreign land.

A line from the bracelet to the mercury mount denotes sudden financial windfall in a business, export-import business, or networking with elite people while traveling.

Lifeline going towards mount of moon

lifeline going towards mount of moon

A lifeline going towards mount of moon is a certain sign of extensive travel and the likelihood of foreign settlement.

Luck will shine in another foreign land and the subject’s career will benefit immensely from a land far away from one’s birth land.

Fate line breaks and continues

fate line breaks and continues

If the lifeline breaks and starts again creating a wide Venus mount; at the exact timeframe the fate line breaks and continues indicates a strong probability of a permanent foreign settlement, destiny will attract life-changing opportunities and a new environment that will make him or her blossom like never before.

To accurately time the events, check this article.

Long travel line palmistry

long travel line palmistry

If the lifeline splits into two branches and one of the branches goes deep into the territory of Moon mount is of significant importance.

It denotes the person will undertake long journeys to explore the world, an experience that will bring positive changes in the personality and he or she can pursue a career that requires vivid imagination which needs to be cross-referenced with other characteristics on both hands.

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Forked travel line

A forked travel line ending on the mount of the Moon is not a fortunate sign.

I have witnessed many times, although a person travels to another foreign land he or she encounters constant hardships beyond one’s circumstances.

Horizontal lines on mount of moon

horizontal lines on mount of moon

Short lines on the side of the hand, clear downward lines from the lifeline pointing towards the prominent Luna mount and good texture of the skin represents short trips within the country or abroad.

I have seen such a combination on the hands of digital nomads, wanderlust people, and restless individuals.

Inexperienced readers can confuse these lines with the lines of disappointments.

The number of lines does not equate to the number of travels.

Fish sign on travel line

fish sign on travel line

Fish sign not touching the travel line as shown signify the subject will migrate to another country and will make a fortune out of international travels.

A line from upper mars to sun mount

a line from upper mars to sun mount

If there is a presence of a line from upper mars to sun mount also known as Purva Punya Rekha in Hindu palmistry, a clear fate line originates from the mount of moon, a line from the fate line to the upper mars and the headline sloping towards the developed moon mount denotes the subject will travel abroad for work purposes for an extended period of time, or get a foreign spouse from a different culture.

Moon and mercury conjunction

Lunarians are restless creatures and have a natural urge to travel. Mercurians are active, very energetic, fast, family-oriented, and frequently travel across the planet for business.

If both these mounts are prominent with no negative signs on it in itself is a powerful combination for beneficial foreign travel with or without travel lines.

Square on the travel line

square on the travel line

Square on the travel line protects the person from unscrupulous elements in his journey and ensures safe travel in general.

Cross at the end of the travel line

Cross at the end of the travel line

Cross at the end of the travel line or on the travel line denotes the person will face sorrows in his voyage.

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The travel line goes upwards

the travel line goes upwards

If the travel line goes upwards suggests successful journeys.

Travel line moves downwards

travel line moves downwards

Likewise, when the travel line moves downwards denotes futile trips in a person’s life.

Two travel lines cutting each other

Two travel lines cutting each other

Two travel lines cutting each other creates the appearance of a cross. It implies that the subject will probably make several fruitless attempts to complete his work.

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Break on the travel line

A break on the travel line denotes something just comes up at the wrong time and causes a significant delay in the travel plans.

Island on the travel line

An island on the travel line suggests diseases associated with the moon mount, big shipment loss, financial loss during the trip, or danger from the ocean. Anything is a possibility.

A triangle on the travel line

A triangle on the travel line

A triangle on the travel line denotes the subject will earn immense wealth, wisdom, and unexpected positive experience in one’s chosen journey.

Star on the travel line

star on the travel line

A star on the travel line signifies a fatal injury or accident during the journey.

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