Do You Know The True Meaning of Wrist Lines(Bracelet Lines) In Palmistry?

wrist lines (bracelet lines) in palmistry
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Horizontal lines found on the wrist just below the base of your palm are known as bracelets.

Wrist lines or bracelet lines in palmistry

Traditional palmists counted each independent bracelet (also known as Rascette lines in palmistry) to be of 30 years.

The first one was considered as the bracelet of health

The second one revealed about the wealth and the third one about the happiness.

“None of the points mentioned holds true in the modern palmistry except the first bracelet which tells a lot about the inner constitution of the person”.

1)Triangle on Bracelet

Triangle on bracelet in palmistry

If the first bracelet is clear and deep suggests that the inner parts of the body such as stomach, bladder and the reproductive system is working in the good condition.

If a triangle appears on this line represents sudden wealth and luck in the bearer’s life.

2)Chained Bracelet line

chained bracelet line in palmistry

If the bracelet is chained denotes the person is born with a weak constitution.

3)Breaks on Bracelet line

breaks on bracelet or wrist lines in palmistry

Breaks on the bracelet are considered as a bad sign especially if it appears under the mount of Saturn.

It might bring some kind of misfortune in the bearer’s life because of one’s health issues.

Always cross check with the health line and the life line to know the exact cause behind those health issues.

4)Island and Cross on Bracelet line

Island and cross on the bracelet line

An island or a cross on the bracelet will bring similar kind of health troubles (as mentioned above) in the bearer’s life.

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5)Arch on the Bracelet line

arch or bow formed on the bracelet line or wrist line

If the arch gets formed on the bracelet as shown suggests problems in the reproductive system.

In the woman’s hand,it represents problems in the childbearing,irregular periods or pregnancy related issues.

In the males hand,it denotes problems in the urinary (prostate area) which leads to low sperm count.

Ancient Greek Culture Validation

Ancient Greek Culture on bracelet line

During the ancient Greek culture,women use to visit the priest at the temple and if the priest found such sign on the hands they were not allowed to marry someone because of the delicate reproductive organs.

Even today,this sign holds its significance.

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