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cross sign in palmistry

Energy from the vast universe enters through the fingertips of our hands and reaches different parts of the body.

Meditation And Energy Flow

meditation and energy flow

If you practice meditation, you often noticed a tingling sensation, vibrations, or twitching after a period of time as the negative energy, feelings, and stress gets released via fingers and toes.

It relaxes the brain, nervous system and eases muscle tension thereby creating an equilibrium between energy centers located within our body, increasing positive growth hormones and serotonin secretion.

That’s why he or she feels relaxed and rejuvenated after meditation.

Energy flow through fingers

Energy flow through fingers

In palmistry, energy enters through the three sections of fingers before hitting the associated mounts present below the fingers.

If a negative sign like a cross gets formed on these mounts, it blocks the energy flow; concentrates negative energy, and brings big troubles in a person’s life which gets reflected in the personality as well.

It requires a keen eye to understand the difference between a true cross and a cross formed by random lines on the palms; a rookie mistake made by many people.

Let’s see the effect of crosses in palmistry or cross sign on palm.

Cross on sun mount

cross on sun mount

This hand belongs to a brilliant and hardworking lady who consulted me about 4 years back. You can clearly see the cross sign on sun mount.

She started multiple business ventures in her life due to a lack of support.

However, things never took off as they should. The money came in and got siphoned off in another form, she was back to square one.

I always found in my readings that cross mark on sun mount brings significant struggles to get the desired output and reputation, ego and temper issues, gambling addiction, and big disappointments in artistic endeavors.

It creates this negative brick wall of unusual circumstances that is difficult to break.

Cross on Apollo mount also suggests calcium deficiency or eye troubles that need to be cross-referenced with other aspects of hands.

mole on mercury mount

Black mole on mount of mercury disrupted her financial stability and brought constant failures.

Not to mention, a line from the thumb cutting the lifeline, the fate line and another line from the heart line at the age of 32 indicates major setbacks and deception in the love life.

She stumbled across the wrong set of people who played with her emotions and vanished from her life leaving her clueless, frustrated, and sad.

When life psychologically breaks you from within, a person often questions the very faith she believed in for a long time.

This is where palmistry can take a person out of this deep inner void and bring his or her back on track if consulted beforehand and done in the right way.

Cross sign on Saturn mount

cross sign on Saturn mount

Cross on mount of Saturn is an unfortunate sign.

It increases insecurity, depressive tendencies, frequent changes and instability in a job, money loss due to bad decisions, and misery. Moreover, he or she is prone to fatal accidents, misfortune, or even paralysis in one’s life.

Saturn also rules legs and knees.

This is the hand of a late superstar who achieved extraordinary fame and riches. Nonetheless, the bad sign played its own part.

There is a clear formation of a cross on Saturn mount, she suffered gangrene in her old age and surgeons had to remove her leg to save her life.

positive signs on Saturn mount

With the different meditation techniques I have advised to the people who had this dreaded cross mark on Saturn mount, I noticed remarkable changes in who got out of the chaos that surrounded them.

It slowly changed into positive markings such as double triangles or drum sign.

It takes time but the results are exemplary.

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Cross sign on Jupiter mount

cross sign on Jupiter mount

Traditionally, an independent cross sign on mount of Jupiter is considered a brilliant sign for success in married life.

In addition, if the fate line originates from the mount of moon is a clear indication of extraordinary progress in a person’s life after marriage and unconditional support from one’s partner if there is a presence of a clear Mars line inside the developed Venus mount.

To be fair, I have seen cases where an individual had a cross mark on Jupiter Mount. However, the marriage ended up in divorce as a multitude of negative signs on the palms invalidated this sign.

Although it might sound repetitive at this point if you regularly read my articles, a holistic approach is the only way to go forward while reading palms.

Cross on mercury mount

cross on mercury mount

Cross on mount of mercury is a hallmark of an overtly shrewd and deceitful person.

He or she will leave no stone unturned to take advantage of others’ weaknesses and swindle them by making false promises.

If the pinky finger is bent and the mount of Saturn is bad, rest assured it will accentuate the mentioned indication. It is wise to maintain distance from such an individual.

Furthermore, if the multitude of horizontal lines is present on three sections of the mercury finger along with the cross sign on the mercury mount, it represents constant financial woes or a disaster in business ventures.

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Cross on the upper mount of mars

cross on upper mount of mars

The cross on upper mars denotes danger from hidden enemies who can put up speed breakers or destroy the career of a person.

That fighting spirit is lost, confidence becomes alarmingly low which takes the form of irritation and fear starts to take control which hampers the overall success rate.

Cross on moon mount

cross on moon mount

Cross on mount of moon suggests restlessness, anxiety problems and there is a likelihood to suffer from insomnia or sleeping disorders.

It increases a pessimistic attitude and negativity seeps into the personality.

As a result, a person with a cross sign on mount of moon might suffer from overthinking, stress disorder, or paranoia. Also, he or she is prone to accidents related to water, unsuccessful travel, aquaphobia, or even drowning.

Furthermore, a cross mark on mount of moon denotes urinary, kidney problems, and other health defects depending upon the location of the cross sign on the moon mount.

Cross on Venus mount

cross on Venus mount

Cross on mount of Venus denotes big hindrances to getting true affection and emotional connection with the opposite sex.

As a result, it causes significant delays in the marriage or brings disappointments in the love life.

On an overdeveloped Venus mount, a cross sign on Venus mount suggests an individual might contract venereal or sexually transmitted disease.

Cross on thumb

cross on thumb palmistry

Cross sign on thumb in palmistry suggests marital troubles and quarrels between partners caused by nosy people or blood relatives.

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Cross on Rahu mount

cross on Rahu mount

Cross on Rahu mount is a sure sign of extreme struggles in a person’s life.

This marking can create a delusion and seed a thought process in the subconscious mind that there is no light at the end of the tunnel due to a lack of success in one’s life.

It also brings sudden catastrophe, loss of prestige, and monetary loss.

Cross sign on Ketu mount

Cross sign on Ketu mount

Cross sign on Ketu mount indicates that the connection with the higher power or to catch a positive wavelength is diminished.

Consequently, it is found that a person with a cross on Ketu Mount is an atheist due to a lack of spiritual development.

Also, he or she faces poverty, disease, and difficult childhood.

Cross on lower mars

cross on lower mars palmistry

Cross on lower mars in palmistry indicates quarrelsome disposition, temper issues, and taking things to an extreme level to cover up his or her own fault or weakness.

He or she gets discouraged easily, and there is hesitation to start and complete things.

In conjunction with different bad aspects of hand, such a person with a cross on the lower mount of mars is seldom liked by anyone because interpersonal relationships are weak.

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