Over the years, I held a strong belief that people should book a palm reading based on the content rather than testimonials.

Nowadays, reviews can be easily faked but genuine content that stems from personal experience cannot be fabricated. It is the value of my content that resonated with people and led them to seek my consultation. Nevertheless, many people have requested me to post testimonials. After all, it is a part of the human psyche! Here are some of the testimonials:

“Thank you… 100% true. will try to meditate as mentioned. Thanks again. Hope to connect with you soon again. Keep up the good work.”

“I am so sorry for the late response due to my busy schedule.

I had read your work with much interest. I am so surprised that your report on my personality is so accurate as to who I am. You stated my weaknesses, strengths, and how I can further improve my situation.

It is very true that I had made mistakes in my decision regarding real estate and currently I am in debt due to this.

This was the reason why I had to seek your service. I would like to know when will my situation change for the better.

This will help me see when can I begin to see the light as I currently travel through this stressful and dark tunnel.

I would appreciate it if you can give me an answer on this.”

“Thank you for the reading. I’m really impressed with the skill that you have. Your prediction was correct; we already received part of the shipment by air this week. The sea shipment hasn’t been shipped out yet. Also, you accurately mentioned the age of marriage, I got married early at 21, and got divorced shortly afterward. Will I have to wait till 29.5 to find my soul mate?”

“Thank you so much for the wisdom and guidance provided. You have shown me the path of meditation, +ve thinking (of course my wife also says that) and which I think will help me to overall shape and get the best out of me or reach my true potential. (Hopefully)”

“Thanks a ton. Quite a detailed and accurate report. It would be nice to know the name of whom I’m thanking, if you’d like to remain anonymous I respect that.

Thanks again”

“It’s been a while. I’m emailing with regard to your readings of my palms. 

You are right about the financial losses and loss of reputation when I am 35 years old. I am turning 34 this year and I am a sales director for a fund, my boss was just arrested on suspicion of fraud and cheating. I am afraid that my client’s and my own investments are gone. I am currently going through the mental anguish that you described as my career is highly likely down the drain, and I have to start afresh somewhere.


“Thanks for this thorough analysis. Although things did unfold in unusual ways in my younger years, I will say that most of the things you said are correct, in a general sense.”

“Thank you very much for the detailed reading, thanks to you I will work on my anxiety, stress, and negative mind because I already felt that paralyzes me in a bad way, so now I will work harder on it).

It is a precious booklet that I will keep and read again and again, as you also told me things really positive for my career and money.

I am learning by myself Finance market since 8 months and I just got the Bloomberg Certificate on my own online, even if I don’t have any diploma in this sector and also feel a bit lonely, I can not stop learning from this and want to exercise on the stock and fixed income market, maybe somebody will give me a chance.”


Thank you for your time! I read through it and it was very true and insightful =)”

“Thanks for getting back to me, and for answering my question. The predictions seem quite worrying. It is true that I am currently looking to change my career from something that is moderately interesting to me to walking towards something that could be possibly genuinely interesting. Do you offer any kind of advice or sources I can look at, so that the next 15 years aren’t so difficult?

Would you mind answering another question? I have sent the payment to you.”

“Morning Master,

Thank you so much for my readings. I must say you are amazing and spot on with my readings. Thank you so much for guiding me through the Meditation techniques to avoid issues later on in life. 

I have a few things to ask you to check for me if that’s possible. Please advise me how much I need to pay you for the following:

Are you able to tell me if I were to rise to a very wealthy entrepreneur or just a small businessman? Will I have financial struggles later on?.”


“Personality Traits:  you Hit the Nail 120% WOW!”

Thank you!

“Received, thank you. 

I feel that the description of me and my personality traits is so accurate and yes I can be very headstrong and set in my ideas as I always have a powerful feeling when I am right. 

I do carry a lot of stress though and I am not a very relaxed person internally, as I worry too much at times.” 


Please keep data of my palms so that if further questions come to my mind in the near future.”

Great to know you are recovering well. 

My wife said everything you read about her is spot on and she got a bit emotional thinking about her past sufferings. She said thank you so much for guiding her moving forward with many successful opportunities. We both will always be grateful, we will update you once success arises. 

“Hi, Omg here’s an update! You told me that I will acquire sudden wealth in two and a half years. After approx 3 years, I won a lottery worth $3000. Thanks so much.”

“Hi there,

You accurately predicted my past life and who I am as a person. It was eye-opening for me. Hopefully, your prediction about future events comes true as well. I will definitely recommend it to my friends and family. Take care.”

“I think you are a gifted reader. The things you have mentioned about my life in the report are known only to me. I am astonished. Blessings!”

Bye for now.

“Hello again,

I never believed in palmistry until I met you. 8 months back I had a reading with you; you told me that new doors from another foreign land are awaiting for you. At that time, I was like, ”Are you kidding me?”. I was heartbroken with no job and money. You were right. I received an unexpected offer from a foreign company. They liked my previous work and communication. Today I am doing completely fine and it has transformed my life. You gave me some kind of hope. Thank you.”

“Thanks a lot. The reading was thorough and well-organized. Each and every sentence is carefully crafted with a reason behind it. I must say worth every penny.

You are so straightforward lol. I also got 2 questions in mind. When should I pay you? This week or next week? Let me know.”


First off, your precision is unparalleled. You mentioned I might contract skin disease. I am actually suffering from psoriasis 🙁

Your age timings and personality traits are perfect. I got in a car accident at the age of 22. So true.

Lots of love from Canada.”

“I’m sorry I was at school but oh my goodness. You are amazing. You got everything right. That helps a lot. The stress will hopefully lower soon. Thank you again.”

“100% right. You are such a great palm Guru. Indeed, I have a bad relationship with my father and I trust people so easily. One guy took all of my money promising 50% of the profits but he never came back again. I am really hurt inside. That’s why I can’t concentrate anymore.

“Thank you! I appreciate your time and insights.

Be Blessed”

“Many thanks for the answers and reading. Very interesting!  

Here is my past:

Married with 30 but now separated for 4 years so with 38  / two kids /

A new partner with 41 but left soon after. He is actually a very vacillating mind. Also for the health advice that I will follow up on next week.”

“What can I say? You are a true hidden gem. After reading the report, I felt like you knew me better than I know myself. You are genuine and passionate about this art and it shines through in every word. I will follow your practical advice.

If you ever visit London, you are most welcome to stay at our house.

Thank you!

Lot Many thanks for your reply. 

Your write-up with points is really excellent. All match to the past of my husband, and he is also very much impressed by the analysis.

and more………….