Best Signs In Palmistry And Super Powerful Signs On Your Hands?

best signs in palmistry

This is the hand of a person who came from extreme poverty and became one of the very powerful persons in his country.

best signs in palmistry
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Just by looking at the hand, it is so well structured, the mounts are in good condition, and the color of the palm reflects a positive attitude and success in his endeavor.

So many people always ask me this question, what makes or guarantees a person’s life to be wealthy?

You have to study the entire palm, and scratch beneath the surface to answer this complex question.

palm reading of two palms

I cannot stress enough that it is sheer foolishness to compare your palm with another palm or focus on individual signs alone, and quickly jump to judgments as there are a plethora of modifiers that come into play.

Amateur hand readers or wannabe palm readers make such mistakes.

That being said, the mount of Venus plays a dominant role.

Well-developed Venus mount

well developed Venus mount

Mount of Venus is well developed without any defects, there is a pinkish tinge on it, the lifeline is taking a nice curve indicates his extraordinary energy level, sympathetic and warm nature, always ready to help others, and natural ability to attract people towards him.

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Every human being has got different energy and blood oxygen level, and it is the optimistic attitude, love for life, efficient and productive use of energy that differentiates him from the crowd.

A fatigued body cannot achieve the same results, even if he or she is full of ambitions.

In fact, he just takes about 4 to 5 hours of sleep.

Split fate line

split fate line palmistry

The lifeline is disturbed in the initial phase, the fate line splits into two parts at the beginning suggests a problematic, troublesome childhood and early separation from his parents.

At the age of around 9, his parents died, he use to live in the red light area as he couldn’t afford any other place and was later raised by his uncle.

The feeling of hopelessness and the thing that constantly eats you from inside in early childhood can have lasting ramifications on your entire life and cognitive skills.

He is also cautioned about thyroid or throat-related problems.

Low set Jupiter finger reinforces the feeling of inadequacy, issues with self-worth, and emotional baggage he is bound to carry for a long period of time even if he is perceived as very successful by the outside world.

I have always found that people who have nothing to lose in their lives either become super successful or find themselves in the darkest zones, completely lost with no signs of return.

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Education line on palm

Education line in palmistry

Bent Saturn finger and the presence of a line in between the Saturn finger and Sun finger represents he is a very clever, sharp individual who has got this rare wisdom to understand the pulse of people and a deep understanding of life.

It also reflects his philosophical thought process.

This line is also sometimes known as the education line in palmistry. although he is a highly educated, scholarly person who holds many degrees including a management program at Harvard.

In my own experience, it is not always related to education per se.

I have seen this tiny line on the hands of people who live on the streets and are down on their luck.

However, they are so insightful that sometimes it can change your outlook toward life.

Hence it is imperative to understand that this gifted marking reaches its true potential if there are additional confirmatory indications on the hand.

Knots present on the fingers, the headline, and the lifeline are joined in the beginning, and another knot present on the thumb suggests he carefully absorbs the situation at hand, thoroughly analyzes it, weighing different pros and cons, and takes a wise decision backed by strong reasoning.

He is very alert at every step, and no one can fool such a person when you combine this reading along with the mentioned markings.

Long mercury finger

long mercury finger palmistry

In addition, the mercury finger is evenly set and long, the mount of mercury is developed, the pink color of the mount and the presence of a vertical line on it, clearly suggest he is very intelligent, witty with a unique sense of humor, powerful oratory skills, and foresight.

With the good development of a practical zone and the presence of a straight headline, I can guarantee he will earn extraordinary wealth with the help of his problem-solving skills, shrewdness, and workaholic nature.

Broad palm facilitates him to make use of an opportunity with common sense, and a research-oriented brain is seen.

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Gap between ring finger and little finger

The little finger is thick with a long first section and a pointed tip indicates he can smell a rat a mile away, and accurately judge any person from head to toe just by interacting or looking at his or her body language for a few minutes.

Try to beat around the bush with such an individual, and be ready to face the music.

No wonder, this is the hand of a lawyer who turned into a politician in the later period of his life.

The gap between the little finger and ring finger and the thick second section of the thumb denotes he is not influenced by other people in decision-making and does not care what society will think about him.

He is also a quite blunt and forward person who will not hesitate to say the bitter truth to someone’s face, whether he or she likes it or not, a rare sign, particularly on the hands of politicians who are known for their diplomacy.

Head line starting from mount of Jupiter

head line starting from mount of Jupiter

The headline from the mount of Jupiter and mount of Jupiter is developed represents his strong desire to manage people, love for humanity, thirst for power, and position right from the start.

In conjunction with the well-developed mount of Venus, he will always lend a helping hand to the poor and destitute.

There was a time when he use to represent political prisoners in a court free of cost.

Whorl on index finger

Whorl on index finger

Whorl on the Jupiter finger along with the fire type of hand accentuates his leadership abilities, focus, magnetic personality, yearning for originality, prestige, and creating his own self-identity.

The square fingertip of Jupiter finger and the presence of a mental knot reflects his visionary and strategic thought process.

He is punctual, self-disciplined, and would expect the same type of traits working under him.

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Vertical line on mount of Jupiter

Vertical line on mount of Jupiter

A well-marked square on the Jupiter mount along with the strong thumb suggests he is destined to achieve an authoritative and leadership position, adept enough to tackle opposition with the developed upper mount of mars, and carries a different approach to improve his spiritual energy.

He will be respected in society and protected from his enemies from time to time.

The presence of vertical lines on Jupiter mount indicates optimistic energy is spreading toward different mounts, and it will assist him to expand his empire and realization of his ambitions.

The broad quadrangle and gap between the index finger and the thumb on such a hand denote he is always open to learning new things, generous in nature, and will try to improve and adapt himself from time to time.

Diagonal lines on the mount of moon, the fairly developed moon mount, and the developed mount of mercury are a sure sign of productive foreign travels, constant help from complete strangers, and a prudent understanding of foreign culture.

Intensity line palmistry

Intensity line in palmistry

It is getting reinforced by the horizontal line from the mount of moon joining the fate line.

Some palm readers call this line: intensity line in palmistry.

For example, on a fire hand, it creates a vortex of emotional or physical energy that refuses to die and develops this inner urge to constantly do something.

If he or she fails to find an outlet for it, it can result in restlessness and turbulence in the body that might result in health troubles like arthritis, or even substance abuse to maintain that kick to get going.

To sum up, it really depends on the condition of a hand and the intuition of a reader before giving a negative connotation to this line.

Line from moon mount joining fate line

Look at the line from the mount of moon joining the fate line and the good sun line emerges from it, marriage line is dark and strong, Jupiter mount and Venus mount are developed, clear heart line starts from the Jupiter mount, denotes brilliant marriage and positive influence from the opposite sex, or someone unknown will change his life at the age of 35.

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Sun line from mercury line

sun line from mercury line

Around the age of 44, a branch from the fate line joins the sun line.

At the same time, a line from the mercury line is also merging with the sun line.

Somebody in a very high position recognized his extraordinary talent and gave him a break in politics, he never looked back and went on to become the vice president in the later part of his life.

This event is the personification of luck.

A line from the heart line to the mercury mount at the same age along with the mentioned combination reinforces brilliant financial success and recognition due to good decisions.

Notice the line from the heart line cutting the sun line at the age of 47, soon after there is a formation of an island on the fate line and the heart line is also getting diminished.

Unfortunately, I can’t disclose the event. However, there was damage to his career for some years to put it in a mild way.

He somehow got protected by the presence of the line inside the lifeline and a triangle formation at the age of 56, there was a change in his mental thought process at the exact timeframe

He must have gotten more spiritual at this age.

Ladder of success in palmistry

ladder of success palmistry

There is a formation of the ladder of success after 57.

With the presence of a well-marked sun line in conjunction with the mounts, it promises a continuous and sudden rise in stature.

On the bad hand, it will not give the same positive results.

This is the story of a dark horse who came out of nowhere and captured the attention and hearts of the public for decades, with sheer determination and a contagious personality.

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