Do You Have Healing Powers In Your Hands?-Medical Stigmata Lines In Palmistry

Healing powers in hands/medical stigmata in palmistry

In the ancient Greek mythology,God Hermes also known as mercury is known for his cunning and diplomatic nature.

God Hermes And Asclepius

God Hermes and Asclepius

He was so crafty and swift in his actions and thoughts that he became the messenger of Gods responsible for trade and commerce where negotiation is required.

The wings attached to the hat and his magical sandals made him an excellent traveler who use to travel freely and fast between the worlds of mortals and divine.

On the other hand,Asclepius(right image) was considered to be the Greek God of medicine and healing.He learnt the art of medicine from his father Apollo and his mentor Chiron.

Asclepius became so popular and skilled that he developed an ability to bring the dead person to life.

Caduceus vs Rod of Asclepius

caduceus vs rod of asclepius

There is a great resemblance between the staff of Hermes known as Caduceus(left image) and the rod of Asclepius(right image).

Caduceus is a winged staff with two snakes wrapped around it which is mistakenly considered as a medical symbol by physicians in major parts of the world due to its adoption in the early 19th century.

Rod of Asclepius represents the true symbol of medicine because the ancient Greeks considered snakes have healing power and shredding of its skin as a symbol of fertility and rebirth.

Anyways,the characteristics of both these mythological Gods such as communication, business sense,energy,healing powers, medicine completely matches with the traits of the mercury mount found on the person’s hand.

All these traits are found in the hands of a healer.

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Medical Stigmata/Healing Lines

Medical stigmata lines in palmistry

If four or more vertical and distinct lines are present on the mercury mount just below the little finger as shown represents the person is gifted with healing abilities.

Healing powers

Such lines are often found in the hands of doctors, nurses, psychotherapist or those who are involved in a healing and counseling profession because these people are able to empathize with others feelings and emotions making them comfortable.

Hence these lines are also known as healing stigmata or medical stigmata.

However,sometimes the person is not involved in a profession of healing per se,but has got the capability to heal oneself whenever he is depressed or facing serious trouble in one’s life.

In the hands of good healers,you will always find a well developed mount of Venus along with a curved heart line which makes the person sympathetic, affectionate and always wants to share positive energy.

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