Depression,Frustrations And Sadness Signs In Your Hands?-Palmistry

depression signs in palmistry

Head Line goes to Moon mount

head line goes to moon mount depression

If the head line is fractured with bad signs such as islands,cross, bars cutting the line,uneven in its density and goes all the way towards the mount of moon denotes the person who is extremely sensitive,sometimes delusional because of the excess imagination bestowed by the mount of moon.

In addition,if the Saturn ring gets formed on the well developed mount of Saturn is a sign of depression and morbidness.

The energy that enters through the Saturn finger gets blocked,thereby creating unbalance and restlessness throughout the palm.

Cross Bars Cutting the head line

cross bars and lines cutting the head line

A series of bars cutting the head line under the mount of Saturn will definitely cause lots of frustrations, poor concentration and headaches depending upon the intensity and length of the cuts.

It is often found in the hands of people who are suffering from migraine during the peak period of their lives.

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Break on the Head line

If the head line breaks under the Saturn mount along with the cross formation on it,is a clear indication that the person will go through heavy depression and sadness.

Cross directly affects the mental health and makes the person despondent and serious.

It is advisable to consult a therapist in such case to overcome the mentioned troubles.

Lines from head line towards Mars mount

lines from head line towards mars mount depression

Lines from the head line towards the lower mount of mars suggests constant inner aggression,mental instability and hopelessness.

If the red dots get formed along with the above formation indicates there are potential chances of person suffering from brain disorder like schizophrenia.

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Island on the head line

island on the head line under the mount of Saturn

A clear and distinct island under the mount of Saturn creates a void as it blocks the main current in the headline which results in constant disappointments,poor decision making and failures during that particular period.

The intensity of mental troubles depends upon the size of an island.

Grille on the Saturn mount

Grille on the Saturn mount with series of island on the head line

Similarly,series of chain like islands on the head line along with the grille pattern on the protruded mount of Saturn is considered as a bad sign for mental health and constant ups and downs will make the person directionless and a pessimist.

If you have observed closely, everything mainly revolves around the mount of Saturn because these people are predisposed to depression.

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