Success Lines On Palm And How To Time The Life Line In Palmistry

success lines in palmistry

Life Line Timing

life line timing palmistry

Let’s try to time the lifeline.

Draw a perpendicular line from the point in between the Jupiter finger and Saturn finger as shown (red arrows). The point where it touches the lifeline comes around 21.

Draw another line from the middle of the base of the Saturn finger and the point where it meets the lifeline comes around 35 years.

As soon as you get these two points, mark zero as the beginning of the lifeline and start dividing the line into five equal sections.

life line palm reading

Once you get the hang of the above distance, you can easily mark 10 and 15 years respectively.

Similarly, complete the remaining ages after the age of 35 as shown.

Most of the people usually consult me during the age 15-46 bracket, hence I usually don’t go beyond the age of 70 as lots of lines are bound to change on hands.

life line on palm

Some palm readers read the lifeline in the multiples of 5 or in the multiples of 7.

In the latter case, just find the midpoint on the Venus mount as shown and join the line with the other end of the little finger and mark it as 35. Due credit should be given to famous palm reader Cheiro for finding this unique system of reading the lifeline in the multiples of 7.

Some little variations will always be present depending upon the type of hand. However, the goal should be clear.

The goal is to find the tentative age and help the person realize the opportunities and troubles associated with that particular age.

In addition, the length of the line remains the same; the curvature might change depending on the size of Venus Mount.

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Effort Lines In Palmistry

Effort Lines In Palmistry

Small upward lines from the life line indicate constant motivation and urge to move ahead in one’s life.

Hence these lines are also known as effort lines or progress lines in palmistry.

However, its significance increases if the line/s is long and no other line is cutting these lines.

Achievement lines in palmistry

achievement lines palmistry

This is a hand of a young lady who consulted me for a reading.

You can see the lines rising from the lifeline at constant intervals during her late 20s and early 30s. Moreover, the thumb was long, the hand was refined and structured affirming that she has her feet on the ground to achieve her desires.

No wonder, the lines emerging from lifeline are known as achievement lines in palmistry.

Line from lifeline to Sun mount

Line from lifeline to Sun mount

A line from the Lifeline to Apollo Mount indicates brilliant success, luck, and reputation in life due to his or her own efforts.

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A line from life line to mercury mount

line from life line to mercury mount

A line from the lifeline to the mount of mercury denotes excellent success in science, research, communication, and business success.

I have seen this marking on very talented engineers, and salespeople who are kind of genius in expanding the sales funnel.

Don’t mistakenly confuse this line with the line of mercury.

Line from life line goes to Jupiter mount

Line from life line goes to Jupiter mount

Line/s from lifeline to the Jupiter mount are also part of effort lines.

Since they don’t go upwards, traditional palm readers named these lines ambition lines associated with the mount of Jupiter.

These lines promise gratification of ambitions and desires provided the thumb is long, and a good sun line is present.

Line from life line to Saturn mount

line from life line to Saturn mount

A line from lifeline to the mount of Saturn represents promotions, sudden wealth, acquisition of land or a new home, success in agriculture, etc.

Sometimes it is also known as the line of hard work associated with the planet Saturn.

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