Early Success In Palmistry Or Late Success In Your Life?

early success in palmistry

How many fingers does a human have?

How many fingers do you have on one hand

Many people are intrigued by this question.

Scientifically speaking, the thumb is not considered a finger, it is a digit.

If you carefully observe, there are two joints that separate each finger is divided into three parts whereas a single joint separates the thumb into two parts.

Thumb joints

Thumb joints

The universe has bestowed humans with the strong opposable thumb on their hands which facilitates manual dexterity, due to the strong development of muscles than any of the fingers.

That’s why it is easy for us to press the pressure points on our body, get hold of an object or perform a mundane task like pouring water from a jug to a glass.

Indeed without a shadow of a doubt, the thumb is the leader of all the fingers.

Thumb phalanges palmistry

Thumb phalanges palmistry

In palmistry, each phalange of the four fingers has got its own meaning.

Likewise, the thumb is also divided into three different phalanges.

The first section of thumb that embraces the thumbnail, represents the determination and intelligent willpower that separates us from the animals.

The second section denotes logical and reasoning abilities, and the third section is the mount of Venus which stands for love, passion, sympathy, and generosity towards others.

Humans essentially need all these qualities to lead a life of well-being, full of happiness, and overcome any obstacles.

However, more often than not, you will find there is an excess or deficit of these phalanges.

Suffice it to say, it provides extraordinary insights into the potential success rate, personality traits, and natural talent of an individual.

Please note that Mount of Venus is often neglected to discern his or her life approach.

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Late Success in Palmistry

Late Success in Palmistry

If the second section of thumb is quite large as compared to the first section, he or she is governed by strong analytical skills.

People with such kind of formation make grandiose plans about how they are going to achieve their goals, what requisite resources will be required, and so on and so forth.

Basically, they are good planners and think a lot before making any decisions.

However, there is this barrier, sort of glass ceiling, and lack of determination that prevents these individuals to put their ideas into actual implementation.

In this process, they often lose excellent opportunities and sometimes suggest late success.

It is imperative to understand that the shape of the fingertip, the fingerprint pattern on it, and the type of hand have the potential to change many of the mentioned characteristics.

Hence you have to read different articles on my website and connect the dots to reach to an accurate result.

You can’t discount the way you want in palmistry, you will always make mistakes.

It does not work this way.

That’s why it is an art, difficult to master, and requires an eye for detail, and years of dedication.

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Balanced thumb palm reading

balanced thumb palm reading

If the first section of the thumb is equal to the second section as shown represents control and balance between action and reaction.

They don’t act quickly nor do they take a long time to respond to any situation, making it an ideal combination.

As you guessed it, there is a good relationship between willpower and logical reasoning abilities.

However, the thumb should be long, medium set, or low set to get the desired results and success in one’s life.

Early Success in Palmistry

Early Success in Palmistry

If the first section of the thumb is longer than the second section denotes that he or she aggressively pursues one’s goals, and the psyche or inner self of such a person is ruled by strong willpower.

In a nutshell, they are doers and most of the time achieve early success.

Studies have shown that trained willpower can produce miraculous results in one’s life. It has the potential to change the ill-fated event.

However, there is a thin line between a go-getter and an impulsive individual.

As I said before, if there are a myriad of signs on the hands that points towards impulsive nature, whatever they have achieved can go down the drain in a fraction of the time.

To make matters worse, there is an underlying thought process that says I don’t need anyone, cutting any room for adequate reasoning and an uncompromising personality is seen.

No wonder, they act first and regret on the decisions later on, making them vulnerable to big mistakes.

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