Rare Signs In Palmistry That Are Found In 1% Of People’s Palms

rare signs in palmistry

This is the hand of a person who consulted me when he lost his job many years ago.

Fire hand in palmistry

The hand belongs to the fire type and the long Apollo finger almost reaching the Saturn finger accentuates the risk-taking abilities, gambling tendencies, and ego of a person.

Peacock eye fingerprint

peacock eye fingerprint

The thick third section and peacock eye fingerprint pattern on the tip of Apollo’s finger represents he is a technically skilled, creative person who knows how to make use of an opportunity.

In addition, the fingers are smooth and short relative to the palm, and the long first section of the thumb denotes he is super quick and doesn’t think twice before making any decisions.

It leads to impulsive nature and this is one of the personality traits that put him in hot waters in the later period of his life.


Some things are destined to happen as it is which are beyond one’s control, while other future bad events have the potential to change, provided the person realizes where he or she is going wrong or how to contain it.

Palmistry assists on both spectrums.

Loop on the mount of Luna

Loop on the mount of Luna

There is a presence of a unique formation of a loop on the developed mount of moon pointing towards the Sun mount, the headline is curving towards the moon mount, and short fingers with conic tips suggest he is gifted with psychic abilities to see through other people’s mind and understand their intentions, feelings and hidden agenda.

Memory loop palmistry

Memory loop palmistry

Similarly, a loop is found just below the upper mars on his left hand that reflects his sharp memory to vividly remember distant events, numbers, faces and accentuates his intuition and sixth sense.

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Frontal lobe and memory
Credits: Commons Wikimedia

It is rare to find such patterns on both hands which act as a huge advantage in anyone’s career and clearly show that the frontal lobe of the brain associated with short-term and long-term memory is quite developed.

Low-set Jupiter finger

Low set Jupiter finger

Fire hands typically work in any leadership or managerial position because they are passionate and full of energy.

However, not everyone is a true leader.

Jupiter’s finger is low set and quite short as compared to Apollo’s finger which denotes a lack of self-confidence, he doubts his own talents and capabilities.

For example, even if such a person is capable and taken on board for a leadership role, he would be skeptical about whether he can deliver his responsibilities and handle a team.

Furthermore, a low-set little finger, a spot on the mount of the moon, and the shape of the tip of the first section of the thumb are signs of nervous energy, hesitation, and problems in effective communication to put his point across.

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Broken Girdle of Venus

broken of girdle palmistry

The girdle of Venus is present on both hands and cutting the sun line on the left hand as shown, heart line is thick suggesting he is extra sensitive to other people’s opinions and comments that create inner turmoil, restlessness, anxiety, abnormal palpitation of heart and non-confrontational in nature.

Developed lower Mars and all the lines from major lines heading towards it denotes he is reactive, cannot keep a tab on his anger, and does not like others to help otherwise his self-pride will get hurt.

These are the vital areas he should work on to improve his life.

Whorl on thumb in palmistry

Whorl on thumb in palmistry

A well-marked loop found in between the Saturn and the Ring finger, a good fate line running towards the mount of Saturn represents he is very serious about his work and will rise to the position of power through his hard work.

Whorl on the tip of both thumbs and developed upper mount of Mars denote his exceptional willpower and go-getter attitude to move ahead in his life.

He walks the talk, has the ability and courage to fight the odds, withstand pressure, and self-motivated individual.

That’s one of the primary reasons I told him he is definitely going to get a job, despite some negative markings on his hands.

Sun line from upper mount of mars

sun line from upper mount of mars

If you closely observe his left hand, the sun line starts from the upper mars and goes to the sun mount reinforces his persistent aggressive efforts and success will come at a later part in his life after lots of struggles.

In fact, he use to work for long hours and quickly became one of the most respected people in his organization, the quintessential dedicated individual.

In some forms of palmistry, this line is also associated with karmic energy.

Intuition backed by hard work certainly bestows positive results.

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Lines joining fate line

Lines joining fate line

A clear line joins the fate line, small lines are also getting sucked into the fate line represents somebody must have recognized his talent and helped him a lot in the early phase of his life.

All his ambitions and desires will materialize, and a line from headline to Saturn mount ending in a trident-like formation reinforces success will come through tremendous efforts.

Triangle on bracelet line

The fate line starting from a triangle on the bracelet promises a sudden change of lifestyle and wealth. At the same time, he got independent around the age of 19.

If you look at all these combinations in a cluster, it is an extraordinary combination.

Not everyone gets the kind of a head start he got in his life, and it really makes a ton of difference when it comes to position and power.

Mercury line joining fate line

Around the age of 25, he got money conscious, started thinking from a business standpoint, and denotes financial success in the field of science.

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A line from Venus mount to Saturn mount

Similarly, at the age of 30, a clear line from the Venus mount goes all the way to the mount of Saturn denotes stupendous materialistic success, purchase of a new home, new lifestyle, or promotion with the help of someone.

At the same time, he started getting recognized for his work.

However, it would be on and off because of the wavy sun line and uneven density of the line, joining the sun line on the sun mount.

Break on influence line

Soon after, a triangle is formed on the lifeline which represents a series of monetary gains.

However, a break in the influence line and defective heart line at the same time frame denotes emotional and personal friction, that would result in disappointment in the subsequent 2 years roughly at the age of 37.

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St Andrew’s Cross Palmistry

st Andrew's cross in palmistry

In traditional palmistry, some people use to call a cross between the lifeline and the fate line Saint Andrew’s cross in palmistry who is destined to save lives and help people in distress.

In reality, it is utter nonsense and garbage just like the Vishnu symbol I mentioned in my previous article.

The person who invented this was a firm believer in Jesus and got carried away with his religious feelings which has nothing to do with palmistry.

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Lines from heart line cutting fate line

Lines from heart line cutting fate line

At the age of around 42, he took a very impulsive heart decision that affected his career in a big way, the thickness of the line clearly shows the magnitude of the trouble.

At the exact same time, there was damage to his reputation, huge financial loss, or somebody tried to ruin him and played dirty politics, he got mentally disturbed and excessively stressed so much so that it weakened his concentration level, and there was a sudden change in the thought process.

Out of fear, he fiddled with different options and started working simultaneously in another direction (white color).

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Fate line towards mercury mount

He consulted me at the age of 50, and it replicated the previous pattern, that’s why it is important to understand the personality traits in palmistry.

After the age of 50, he would make brilliant financial success in a business venture and will spend quality time with family members as the line is joining another line on a developed mercury mount and the apex is shifting towards the sun mount.

Big triangle on the lifeline

Although a sudden change of line is considered not so good, another line from this line to the mount of the Sun and the big triangle at the end of the lifeline reinforces security, success in his endeavor, inner satisfaction, and fame in his life which he aptly deserves.

Fork at the beginning of marriage line

Fork at the beginning of marriage line

Fork at the beginning of marriage line joining into one single line along with the strong influence line on both hands denotes good marriage and the spouse would support him through thick and thin; the backbone of his life.

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