Palm reading Analysis

Palm Reading

Before making the payment kindly read the following questions and their answers

1)After I have made the payment,what information do I need to send?

  • You need to send the palm images of both of your hands including the thumb,side view images,two images of the back of your hand(including nails) and thumb image(Both front and back) separately and finally two close-up images of the center of your palm(excluding fingers)

  • Please make sure that the picture quality of the images is set high so that I can analyse the minor lines on the hand.

  • Try to take the pictures in the morning with sufficient light on your hands.

  • Picture can be taken either with the help of  a camera or scanner.

  • You have send all these images at

2)Do I need to send any other information?

  • Yes!..Let me know in the email whether you are left handed or right handed.

  • In case you are ambidextrous,mention in the email which hand you use for writing

  • Your current age(In case you want to share so that I can help you better)

  • Whether the skin or texture of your palm is stiff or flexible

  • And finally,the flexibility of the thumb.

3)How long does it take to receive my Palm Reading Analysis?

  • It will take around 7-8 days to receive your detailed Palm Analysis report after receiving the payment.

4)How will I receive my Palm Reading Analysis Report?

  • You will receive your Palm Reading Analysis Report on your email id in PDF format.

5)Can you read my hand for free?

  • No,I don’t read hands for free because it consumes lots of time and energy into analyzing the palm.

  • Most of the people don’t respect when you do it for free.

6)I want to ask a question or so and do not want the palm analysis report.Is it possible?

  • Yes,you need to select the option 1 tab in payment section for a specific question.

  • If you have got multiple questions,you can change the order quantity while making a payment.

7)Do you accept other mode of payment?

  • No,as of now I accept the payment through PayPal only.I consider PayPal to be the safest and most convenient International payment merchant.

  • Even if you don’t have a PayPal account,you can easily pay through your credit or debit card.

  • Having a different currency?? No problem! Just convert your currency into USD (United State Dollars) and pay the requisite amount.

8)What is the difference between a 125$ reading and 150$ reading?

  • In a 150$ reading,there will be detail analysis of your palm and finger prints (finger print never change in your hand) in addition to the interpretation of various signs found on the mounts and palm in general,success,career,money, health issues,warning signs,stability etc etc.