Most Auspicious Signs And Symbols In Palmistry

Lucky signs in palmistry

There are some lucky auspicious signs which completely change the fortune of the person. These signs do exist and are extremely rare to find. Let’s see some of the lucky symbols which can be found on the person’s hand.

Sign of Wheel

Sign of a wheel

If the symbol of the Wheel is found on the person’s hand as shown indicates the bearer will get the highest position of power.

The bearer will enjoy all the comforts in life making him or her famous and rich in one’s life.

Sign of Spearhead

Sign of Spearhead

If a spearhead is present on the hand as shown indicates any efforts put in by the bearer will result in a successful outcome.

It is one of the lucky signs found on the person’s hand.

Traditionally, spearheads were used to protect the kingdom from enemies. That is the reason why it indicates victory in the person’s life.

Sign of a Moon

Sign of a moon in palmistry

If the sign of a moon as shown is present on the person’s hand indicates the bearer is destined to get a big position in one’s life. The person having such a sign enjoys all the happiness in one’s life.

The sign of a moon also gives the bearer the necessary courage and reputation in society.

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Sign of a Temple

Sign of a temple in palmistry

If a sign of the Temple is present on the hand as shown indicates the person is highly spiritual in nature and will gain huge of money without putting much effort into one’s life.

It will also protect the person from getting into serious trouble in one’s life.

Sign of an Arrow

Sign of an arrow in palmistry

If a sign of an arrow is found on the hand as shown indicates the bearer is gifted with excellent communication skills.

The bearer having such a sign has the potential to achieve anything in life using one’s oratory skills as he or she knows when to hit the right opportunity.

A sign of an arrow can be found anywhere on the hand but generally gets spotted on the mount of mercury.

Sign of a scale

Sign of a scale in palmistry

If a sign of Scale is found on the hand as shown indicates the bearer will have a very successful and wealthy life.

It is considered a very fortunate sign found in Hindu palmistry.

Sign of a Whorl

Sign of a whorl in palmistry

If a whorl-like formation is found on the hand as shown indicates the bearer possesses some unique skills that differentiate him or her from the rest of the people.

Such kind of people are original independent thinkers who do not believe in the conventional system.

Whorl generally gets spotted at the tip of the fingers. However, it can be found anywhere in the palm.

For example, if the whorl is found on the Apollo finger or mount indicates the person is very talented in arts and is known as a perfectionist in their field or career. Similarly, if the whorl is found on the mercury finger or mount indicates the person is naturally talented in making money using one’s communication skills or business acumen.

Remember guys, the sign of a whorl makes the person nervous and restless in nature as the person constantly strives to improve themselves.

Sign of a Tortoise

Sign of a Tortoise in palmistry

If a sign of tortoise is present on the hand as shown indicates the person is very lucky in one’s life.

Opportunity comes knocking at his or her doorstep. Such a person becomes very rich and famous in one’s life.

House Sign

house sign in palmistry

House sign in palmistry represents he or she will be lucky in finding hidden treasures, precious stones and jewelry.

Goat Sign

goat sign in palmistry

Goat in palmistry denotes good luck and monetary success in gambling or the lottery.

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