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mystic cross in palmistry

Does everyone have a mystic cross on their hands?

Does everyone have a mystic cross on their hands

There is a widespread misconception regarding the accurate location of a mystic cross on the hand among many people.

In the world of palmistry, people often take creative liberty to say whatever they want and spread misinformation about this sign. While different viewpoints on interpretation are acceptable, falsifying the fundamentals of palm reading is not. These individuals have been reading the palms wrong all along or haven’t even bothered to decipher a single palm sign. A real talent, I must say!

Unfortunately, this leads many to mistakenly believe they bear the mystic cross on their palms when, in reality, they are missing the mark.

Let me show you instances where the X sign on the palm gets formed with the help of two confused lines. Nevertheless, it carries no meaningful significance whatsoever.

1. A branch from the heart line cutting the fate line

A branch from the heart line cutting the fate line

A quadrangle is an area formed between the heart line and the headline as shown.

Consider the fate line is going to the mount of Saturn.

Whenever a downward branch from the heart line intersects the fate line, a cross-like formation is formed which most people consider as the letter X or mystic cross. Nothing can be further from the truth. It always carries a negative connotation.

It suggests financial loss from the opposite sex, loss of a loved one, or disappointment in a relationship that may affect the career of the subject.

Similarly, when an upward branch from the headline intersects the fate line or touches the heart line, it is not a true mystic cross in either scenario.

2. Cross lines from the heart line or headline

Cross lines from the heart line or headline

When two lines from the heart line and the headline cross paths and make full contact on the other end also does not qualify as a genuine mystic cross.

Some individuals mistakenly view this formation as a rare auspicious drum sign.

Furthermore, individual lines from the headline or the heart line crossing each other not touching either of the lines also fall in the same category.

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What does a mystic cross look like?

mystic cross on palm

Where to find Mystic Cross?

A real mystic cross on the palm is formed with the help of two short lines crossing each other, isolated and floating in the quadrangle not touching the fate line, the headline, or the heart line.

It is primarily located on either side of the fate line under the mount of Saturn.

Mystic cross benefits

The mystic cross denotes a deep interest in mysticism, occult science, and religion. It also enhances the subject’s intuition and psychic abilities.

Some people also call it a psychic cross which is debatable.

What does it mean if you have a mystic cross?

If a well-marked mystic cross is accompanied by an intuition line, the person can see future events in his or her dreams. Always remember, the deeper the cross, the more prominent the mystic cross traits will be.

The heart line governs emotions, while the headline rules intelligence. Within this spectrum, a zone exists where certain signs activate the deep subconscious mind that helps to predict the future or foster an inclination toward spiritual development. That’s how the mystic cross works.

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Mystic cross under the ring finger

mystic cross under ring finger

In the presence of a prominent sun line and a flawless headline a mystic cross formed under the ring finger not touching the Sunline as well as the fate line as shown denotes the subject will be very famous in the field of psychology, palm reading, or even astrology.

Mystic cross toward Jupiter mount

mystic cross towards Jupiter mount

If the mystic cross slightly moves in the direction of the developed Jupiter mount it indicates the subject will leave a notable impact in religion, yoga, spirituality, rituals, or, in the case of an underdeveloped Jupiter mount, exhibit tendencies toward superstitious beliefs.

How common is it to find a mystic in palm reading

Finding a distinct mystic cross on someone’s palm is a rare occurrence.

Double mystic cross in palmistry

double mystic cross in palmistry

Double mystic cross as the name implies will intensify all the positive attributes associated with it. The subject feels like his or her life purpose is to solve the mysteries in life and contribute to humanity through one’s gifted talent.

I have seen two mystic crosses on the palms of an exorcist.

Three mystic crosses on hand

three mystic crosses on hand

3 mystic crosses on hand are a double-edged sword.

On a very positive hand, the subject will dedicate his life to spiritual and mental development, esoteric arts, or meditation.

Conversely, on a weaker hand, there may be a mere yearning for occult science without significant accomplishments.

Multiple mystic crosses on hand

three mystic crosses on hand

Many crosses on the palm in this area will bring restlessness and irritation in the subject’s life.

It’s important not to misinterpret them as mystic crosses.

Mystic cross on Fate line

mystic cross on fate line

The mystic cross never forms directly on the fate line.

However, if one arm of the mystic cross touches the fate line, it indicates that the subject’s life path will be influenced by a deep connection to mysticism.

However, its effect will not be the same as an independent cross found in the quadrangle.

Mystic cross touching the heartline

mystic cross touching heart line

Mystic cross touching the heart line indicates strong support from the opposite gender for career advancement or susceptibility to being easily influenced by superstitions.

Mystic cross touching the headline

mystic cross touching head line

The mystic cross touching the headline indicates the subject will use intuition and intelligence to grab good opportunities in one’s life.

Just keep in mind, the headline should be clear for the expected results.

Mystic cross on left palm

The mystic cross on the left palm denotes that the subject will be interested in altered states of consciousness, divination practices, chanting, and religion. It will make a positive impact on his or her personal life.

Mystic cross on right palm

The mystic cross on the right palm combined with other favorable hand features, will make the subject a very good counselor, teacher, or analyst.

Mystic cross on the dominant hand affects the exterior world of an individual.

Mystic cross on both palms

The mystic cross on both hands is undeniably powerful.

It signifies the subject will possess unusual prophetic abilities and offer keen insights into human nature or situations. These qualities will help an individual throughout their career and also enjoy protection from negative influences.

These folks won’t be fooled easily. They will see through hidden agendas and quickly identify when someone is being deceptive.

Now let’s debunk some of the myths surrounding the mystic cross.

Mystic cross myths

1. Your life will change after the age of 40?

If you have a clearly defined mystic cross, your life will not change nor you will become famous after the age of 40 just because it sometimes aligns with the timings on the fate line depending on the type of hand.

2. Mystic cross under the mount of mercury

A mystic cross does not form beneath the mount of Mercury.

3. Psychic cross on palm

psychic cross on palm

Certain amateur or self-proclaimed readers call crosses under the fingers “psychic crosses”. Such types of crosses do not exist in palm reading. Utter nonsense.

In fact, the cross carries negative connotations as it blocks the positive current flowing from the fingers.

4. Mystic cross and supernatural powers

Mystic Cross will not give you any supernatural powers.

5. Mystic cross is a witch cross?

Some imaginative palm readers call the mystic cross a witch cross.

Another made-up nonsense.

Having a mystic cross won’t exactly turn you into a wizard or grant you magical powers. You will not enroll in Hogwarts and start brewing potions.

6. Mystic cross is a spiritual cross on a palm

Mystic cross will not make you spiritually enlightened.

While the subject may harbor an interest in spirituality or religion, it doesn’t guarantee success in these domains. A comprehensive analysis of the entire palm is necessary for a more accurate assessment.

7. Mystic cross is a Jesus cross

Some religious fanatics who are out of their minds call this independent cross “Jesus cross”. It is a sheer mockery of palmistry

Unfortunately, superstitious masses often fall for these baseless claims. Let’s be clear: a cross in palmistry is just a cross. It has absolutely nothing to do with Jesus!

8. Mystic cross and luck

Mystic Cross alone will not make you wealthy and lucky in your life.

9. Mystic cross and decision-making abilities

The mystic cross, in general, does not influence an individual’s decision-making abilities.

The only exception to this is when it gets attached to the headline. In such cases, there is a possibility that the subject might leverage unique abilities associated with the mystic cross and intelligence to advance in one’s job or business.

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