True Meaning And Location Of Mystic Cross/Letter X In Your Palm-Palmistry

Mystic Cross or letter X in palmistry
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        Many people have the  misconception about the true location of the mystic cross on the hand.That’s why they can’t really connect with its meaning and sometimes mistakenly assume they have got this rare sign.

Let me show you the cases where the X sign get formed with the help of two confused lines but does not hold any relevance.

1)Branch from Heart line

branch from heart line cutting fate line

Consider the fate line is going to the mount of Saturn.Quadrangle is the area found between the heart line and the head line(red color).

Whenever branch from either the heart line or head line cuts the fate line a cross like formation takes place which most of the people consider it as letter X or mystic cross.It only indicates that during that particular age disappointment in the relationship or strain on the brain has affected the career in some way or another.

2)Cross line from heart line or head line

Lines from heart line or head line crossing each other

Similarly,two lines from heart line and head line crossing and touching each other completely or the individual lines from either the head line or heart line crossing each other as shown are not considered as letter X or mystic cross.

This is one of the reasons why people tend to believe they have got this rare sign when they actually don’t.

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True Location of Mystic Cross

True location of mystic cross

Real mystic cross is found isolated in the quadrangle not touching the fate line,the head line or the heart line(right in the middle of the palm).It increases the intuitive and psychic abilities of the person.

Mystic Cross in palmistry

Also the branch from either the head line or the heart line and another independent line crossing this line without touching the line is also considered as letter X or mystic cross.

However,its effect will not be the same as an independent cross found in the quadrangle.

These are some of the misconceptions I wanted to share in this article.

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