5 Signs Of Psychic Abilities/Psychic Powers In Your Hands?-Palmistry

Signs of psychic abilities/psychic powers palmistry

Psychic powers increases the intuition of the person and develops an ability to feel the energy surrounding oneself.

This increase in the sensory perception helps the person to communicate with different spectrum of the universe which consists of different wave lengths.

Third eye or Brow Chakra

Third eye or brow chakra

Third eye also known as brow chakra situated in between the eyebrows gets activated in this process and the person experiences future or past events, sometimes in the form of dreams.

Let’s see some of the unique and powerful signs on the hand which suggests that the person have got psychic abilities.

Triangle On Saturn Mount

Triangle on Saturn mount

If the first section of Saturn finger is long and a triangle also gets formed on the mount of Saturn is a strong sign of psychic abilities.

Saturn is a planet of mysticism who loves to understand the mysteries of life and has got a natural interest in understanding the human nature.

Both these signs increases the mental abilities of the person and provides strength to the subconscious mind.

Intuition line

Intuition line palmistry

If an arc gets formed between Moon mount and the mount of Mercury represents the person is gifted with strong psychic powers.

It acts as a bridge between the subconscious mind which represents mount of moon and the hyper active conscious mind of mercury mount.That’s why it is known as the line of intuition.

If a star also gets formed along with this line suggests that the person has got the ability to communicate with psychic mediums.

Strong Psychic Abilities-Ring Of So...
Strong Psychic Abilities-Ring Of Solomon In Palmistry

Loop on the mount of Moon

Loop on the mount of Moon

If the moon mount is well developed and protruded from the edges,head line is slightly curving towards the mount of moon and a loop also gets formed as shown is a strong indicator of psychic abilities.

These abilities becomes more prominent if the mount of moon is pink in color as compared to other mounts.

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Single Vertical line on Mercury finger

Single vertical line on the mercury finger

Single vertical line on the mercury finger and a whorl pattern on the tip (of the little finger) also represents psychic abilities, provided the mount of moon is developed.

Person with such marking on the hands experiences strong impressions of future events in his dreams.

Whorl on the mount of Moon

Whorl on the mount of moon -psychic abilities

Well marked Ring of Solomon on the mount of Jupiter makes the person highly intuitive and spiritual in nature.

If the mystic cross and the whorl on the mount of moon also gets formed along with the well marked ring of Solomon increases the psychic powers of the person.

Whorl on the mount of moon increases the interest of the person in psychology;at the same time making the person a loner in one’s life.

These are some of the signs that accentuates the psychic abilities of the person.

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