Predict The Future In Palmistry With These Fortune Telling Signs

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The pineal gland is a cone-shaped organ located near the center of the brain between two cerebral hemispheres and is about the size of a pea.

Pineal gland location
Image Credit: Wikicommons

Pineal Gland Function

Its major function is to produce the hormone known as melatonin which helps to regulate the circadian rhythm. That’s why we often feel drained out and sleepy due to the highest melatonin secretion in the night and energetic, and fresh in the morning as it produces the lowest in the presence of broad daylight.

This is how the sleep-wake cycle or internal biological clock works. Any disturbance in this process for an extended period of time is an invitation to numerous health diseases, body fatigue, disinterest in the job, erratic behavior, and stress.

Pineal Gland And DMT

Dimethyltryptamine and Pineal Gland
Dimethyltryptamine (DMT)

It is speculated that the pineal gland produces a psychoactive substance, Dimethyltryptamine commonly known as DMT which is said to produce intense mind-boggling spiritual experiences, hunt for the deep meaning of life and its purpose, and otherworldly feelings.

It alters the state of consciousness, can distort a person from reality and he or she might encounter vivid colors, complex geometric patterns, or sometimes hallucinations.

However, it is unknown how much DMT gets produced in the developed pineal gland, and whether this amount is sufficient to generate the mentioned psychedelic experience needs to be explored further by the scientific community, or is merely a “feel-good” type of theory remains to be seen in the foreseeable future.

Third Eye And Intuition

Third eye and intuition
Third eye and Pineal Gland

Psychic powers heighten extra-sensory perception, a unique ability to recept information and feel the energy in the surrounding that goes beyond the five senses.

It assists to communicate with spectrums of the universe that consists of different wavelengths.

Although psychic abilities and intuition are not exactly correlated with each other, it is safe to say that psychic abilities can increase intuition with the help of meditation and breathing exercises in some cases.

The third eye also known as the brow chakra or sixth chakra is situated between the eyebrows on the forehead. When developed, it increases the self-awareness of an individual and converts raw intuition into meaningful insights that facilitate one to take brilliant decisions and attain deeper levels of consciousness.

The person encounters this strong feeling that something is about to happen and experiences future or past events in a trance or dreams.

Let’s see the unique and powerful fortune-telling signs in palmistry.

Future Telling Signs Palmistry

Future telling signs in palmistry

Have you noticed something unusual on this hand?

Look at the mount of the moon, there is pinkish blush on it as if it is taunting other mounts, “Look how different I am as compared to you!”.

You often blush when your crush notices you or you get super excited, nervous, or embarrassed; veins get enlarged due to an adrenaline rush and blood reaches to the top of the face making the cheeks red in color. The same theory can be extrapolated here as well.

Without a doubt, this person got psychic powers, and fertile imagination, and can make an incredible career in the field of creativity, music composition, and literature.

In addition, the headline sloping downwards in the territory of Luna with a split at the end suggests a powerful sixth sense, original ideas pop up in his dream or subconscious mind, and the potential to write if nurtured and guided properly.

More than often, I have experienced that people with such hands are not aware of their gifted talents. However, unknowingly use them and achieve remarkable success in their careers by trusting their hunches.

Whorl on mount of moon

whorl on mount of moon

Whorl on the mount of moon allows a person to dwell deep in the subconscious mind, increases telepathic abilities and the person gets a visual representation of the future in a flash. 

Whorl is a series of concentric circles and the person with such a pattern can achieve mindfulness by meditating for an extended period of time, tends to enjoy the company of oneself, sort of loner, and feels detached from the crowd.

People will feel a different type of aura that is hard to miss, and a deep interest in psychology is evident.

Moreover, if a ring of Solomon on the palm is found along with a well-marked mystic cross as shown certainly suggests out-of-the-ordinary intuition, spiritual energy, connection with the higher self, and a brilliant career in mystic science.

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Loop on Moon Mount

Loop on moon mount

Loop on moon mount increases the ability to see through other people’s minds and hidden agendas.

If the texture of the skin is smooth and silky and the headline ends on the developed mount of the moon, there is a strong possibility to experience past life events, a sign of clairvoyance due to an increase in sensitivity and creativity.

Moon And Rahu Conjunction

Moon and Rahu conjunction

If the mount of the moon and Rahu mount are developed with no crisscrossing of the lines represent the person will use his gifted sixth sense to improve the material prospects in his or her life.

Intuition Line On Palm

Intuition line in palmistry

The line of intuition is an arc that gets formed between the mount of mercury and the mount of Luna as shown.

It acts as a solid bridge between the subconscious mind that represents the mount of the moon and the hyperactive conscious mind of the mercury mount.

As the name suggests, an individual with a clear intuition line on the prominent moon mount and a flawless headline receives strong impressions and instincts assist to catch the radar of positive and negative energy.

Furthermore, if there is a presence of a star on mercury mount along with this line, he or she can communicate with a psychic medium, and spirit can enter the body and let go which might seem bizarre to some folks unless witnessed with their own eyes.

Triangle Sign On Saturn Mount

Triangle sign on Saturn mount

If the first section of Saturn is abnormally long and pointed, and a clear big triangle on Saturn mount is seen indicate an expansion of mental intelligence and an uncanny ability to harness positive energy from the universe of different frequency and vibration.

Saturn loves to understand the sufferings of people and the mysteries of life. Also, there is a natural inclination to understand human nature from a philosophical standpoint.

Well-developed mount of the moon in addition to the mentioned combination certainly makes a person successful in the occult or esoteric world.

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Whorl fingerprint on little finger


The presence of a single vertical line on the little finger, a whorl fingerprint on the mercury finger, and the strong development of the Luna mount denote future events will strike in one’s dream and more than often they will be accurate.

I have seen this marking on the hands of creative genius, painters, and genuine psychics.

Psychic triangle in palmistry

psychic triangle in palmistry

A triangle on the Apollo mount is sometimes referred to as a psychic triangle in palmistry. It is a myth.

Apollians are intuitive. However, their intuition works differently as compared to core Lunarians.

Bulging Sun mount, presence of a psychic hand with a slender long finger and narrow hand with pointed or conic tips of the fingers, and I am looking at a person whose psychic powers are derived from the nervous energy and oversensitive nature that rules his body and persona.

Short fingers palmistry

short fingers palmistry

If the fingers are relatively very short as compared to the rest of the palm, and the headline goes to the mount of the moon is enough to affirm that the person is intuitive, makes an excellent judgment of the situation and human nature in a matter of seconds and generally he or she is on point with the processed information.

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