Do You Have Fish Sign In Your Hands?-Palmistry


Fish sign on the hands makes the person’s life famous ,wealthy and luxurious.Despite initial obstacles, the person never falls short of money and good opportunities.

It is considered as a very auspicious sign in the palmistry as the fish provides immense wisdom during the struggle faced by the person in his or her early days and showering with equal amount of riches in the latter part of one’s life.

Fish Sign on Sun mount

Fish sign on the Sun mount -Jennifer Lopez Hand

The hand shown above is of famous celebrity Jennifer Lopez popularly known as J-Lo.You can clearly see the fish sign on the Sun mount or below the ring finger.

In addition,the fish is slightly pointed towards the Mercury mount indicates she is using both communication, oratory and business skills bestowed by the mercury mount and creativity from the Sun mount to achieve fame and wealth in her life.

Jennifer Lopez Palmistry/Palm reading

Jennifer Lopez is a very popular american singer and actress.TIME and FORBES ranked her as one of the most influential and powerful celebrities in the world.

She is a successful producer, business women who owns her own clothing lines,accessories and fragrances.She is also a philanthropist who runs her own charitable foundation.It is estimated her net worth to be more than 400 million dollars.

Let’s see the effect of this lucky fish sign found on different locations on the palm.

1)Fish Sign on the mount of Saturn

Fish Sign on the mount of Saturn

If a fish sign is found on the mount of Saturn indicates the person is likely to attain fame due to his or her natural interest in the occult science, philosophical interests and research.

Such person finds oneself very lucky in unraveling the secrets related to mystery arts.

It also makes the person very disciplined and organized in one’s life.

2)Fish Sign on the mount of Jupiter

If a fish sign is found on the mount of Jupiter indicates the person will gain fame through his or her wisdom,knowledge,spirituality and managerial skills.

It makes the person’s life very prosperous,wealthy and success in the marriage or relationship.

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3)Fish Sign on the mount of Mercury

Fish sign on the mount of mercury represents the person will achieve exceptional success in the business,medicine or the career that requires good communication skills and convincing skills.

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4)Fish Sign on the mount of Moon

If a fish gets found on the mount of Moon indicates the person will get name,riches and fame in the creative field or the career that requires strong imagination.

There are high chances of sudden fruitful travel in the person’s life which will change the fortune of the person or romantic union.

5)Fish Sign on the mount of Ketu

Most of the times,fish sign gets formed at the bottom of the palm near the mount of Ketu or Neptune. Mount of Ketu or Neptune makes the person more spiritual and grounded while attaining the wealth and fame in one’s life.

For example, if the fish sign is present near the Ketu mount and the mouth of the fish is pointing towards the Sun mount as shown indicates that the person is taking the power from the Sun to excel in his or her career.At the same time,Ketu is also playing a dominant role making the person more religious in one’s journey to achieve his or her goals.

Likewise,interpretations can be made when the fish sign is pointing towards Jupiter mount, Saturn mount and the Mercury mount.

If the fish sign is pointing in between the mounts indicates that the person is using the power derived from both the planets as they are acting in conjunction with each other in the person’s life.

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6)Fish tail pointing towards the mounts

Fish tail pointing towards the mounts

If the fish tail is pointing towards any of the mounts denotes the success will come a little late in the person’s life.

However,the interpretations and the significance of the fish sign remains exactly the same.

7)Fish on the mount of Venus

Fish on the mount of Venus

Fish sign on the mount of Venus represents great help from one’s spouse/family members/relatives or friends.

It also indicates the person is very lucky in finding the true love in one’s life.

8)Fish sign on the mount of Mars

Fish sign on the mount of Mars

Fish sign on the mount of Mars is a blessing for the person who want to make a career in sports,police, army,martial arts or any other field that requires courage,aggression and energy.

It is quite rare to find the fish sign on the mount of mars

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  1. I hve fish signs all over my hands except for that one pointing towards the mounts. Is it a good sign to hve many of these fish signs. I also have that one like in J.lo’a palm and also a couple of teachers’squares and triangles

  2. what if a fish on ketu is on the non dominant hand? I have a prominent fish sign on ketu but on me left palm. im right handed

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