Billionaire Lines And Signs In Palmistry On Your Hands?

billionaire lines in palmistry

Branch from Business line to mount of Saturn

Billionaire lines in palmistry

This is the hand of a person whose net worth is more than 30 billion dollars.

Look at the hand, the mercury line also known as the business line is very clear, deep, and goes all the way towards the mercury mount(yellow color).

A good mercury line, long development of the second section of all fingers on squarish hands represents strong business acumen and excellent success in the business.

Thick and long middle phalanges suggest his keen interest and positive energy to make money.

It is getting reinforced with the clear and distinct branch from the mercury line going to the mount of Saturn (green color) along with the well-marked sun line promising extraordinary success and riches in his life.

Saturn bestows him with wisdom, hardworking and cautious nature.

Not to mention, there is a pinkish tinge on the hands and nails.

Pink color of the hands

Along with the mercury line denotes a good condition of the liver, digestive system, and health in general.

He just got retired, in his nineties, and still going strong. No one can stop such a person from making it to the top.

So many people always ask me this question after reading many articles on palmistry.

I have got such lines and signs on my own hands, then why I am not getting any kind of success?

The honest answer is that you don’t have anything, you just feel like you have got these signs on your hands which is a normal human instinct because you selectively read something on the internet, without taking all the parameters into consideration which leads to error in judgment.

Ordinary people with talents always look up to extraordinary and successful people to move ahead in their lives.

The problem is, not everyone gets the same kind of opportunities regardless of requisite skills.

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Single Vertical line on mount of mercury

Single Vertical line on mount of mercury

This hand also belongs to one of the richest and very powerful persons on this planet.

Look at the protruded well-developed mount of mercury, long mercury finger along with strong mental phalanges suggests he is very shrewd, and has got a laser-sharp mind and unique energy to achieve his goals.

A single and deep vertical line on the mercury mount accentuates his exceptional money-making abilities, and business prowess, and knows how to tackle people in a diplomatic way. 

It is considered to be one of the lucky and auspicious combinations in palmistry.

Knot between thumb

knot between thumb

Sunline originated from the lifeline, and flawlessly goes all the way to the mount of the Sun represents he got the reputation and fame due to his own efforts.

It also explains his excellent selling abilities. For such a person, family matters a lot and he can go to any length to protect his family.

The knot found between the first and second section of the thumb indicates he carefully analyzes every single detail before arriving at any solid conclusion.

Well developed mount of Jupiter along with the mentioned knot makes him a visionary and a true leader who knows how to maneuver his empire.

The headline sloping towards the mount of the moon along with the developed mount of mercury suggests he is gifted with strong intuition and a powerful subconscious mind.

You can never lie to such a person, he will easily find out the hidden agenda.

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Billionaire sign protruded mounts in palmistry

billionaire signs and bulging mounts in palmistry

If the color of the hands is pink, the texture of the skin is smooth and all the mounts are bulging is a guaranteed sign of super success.

Positive energy derived from the well-developed mounts makes a person mentally active and helps him to make brilliant decisions in one’s life.

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