The Life Line Tells A Lot About Your Personality And Health (Part 2)-Palmistry

Life line palm reading

The life line starts just above the base of the thumb and encircles the Venus mount.

Life line indicates the physical energy and vitality, resistance to diseases and accidents, enthusiasm, and major event happenings in the person’s life.

Let’s see another set of combinations of lifeline that can be found on the hand.

Lifeline changes direction

life line changes direction

If life line suddenly changes its normal course of direction and makes the Venus mount bigger as shown represents a sudden change in the person’s lifestyle.

The person will lead a luxurious lifestyle with all the materialistic things at one’s disposal.

Upward Branches from Lifeline

Upward branches from life line

If the lines are rising from life line indicates that the person is making constant efforts to achieve success. Hence these lines are also known as effort lines in palmistry.

It is a positive sign of constant progress in life. Depending upon in which direction the lines are moving towards the mount denotes the type of success.

Downward branches from Lifeline

downward branches from life line

If the lines are going downwards from the lifeline as shown indicates constant failures in the person’s life either due to one’s career or health issues.

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Line from Lifeline to the mount of Moon

Line from life line to mount of moon palmistry

If the line from lifeline to the mount of the Moon represents the person’s desire to travel abroad and there are high chances of settling abroad depending upon the degree of gap and structure of the hand.

Ambition line

line from life line to mount of Jupiter

If the lines from the lifeline cut the headline and go towards the Jupiter mount indicates strong ambitions and huge success in the person’s life.

However, if the lines reach the headline but fail to break through suggests that the efforts made by the person were unsuccessful.

Star on the Lifeline

star on the life line

If the stars are found on the life line indicates sudden death of the person/ family member’s death/ serious illness.

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