The Spaces Or Gaps Between Your Fingers Tells a Lot About Your Personality

Space or gaps between the finger and your personality

Space or gaps between the fingers tells a lot about the attitude and other personality traits a person carries in one’s day-to-day activities.

spaces or gaps between the fingers

To determine the actual gaps between the fingers place your hand on the hard sand, table or any other hard surface for that matter as shown.

Otherwise just open the hand in a relaxed manner without overstretching it.

Gap between thumb and index finger

gap between thumb and the index finger

The angle between thumb and the index finger also known as Jupiter finger tells a lot about the generosity of the person.

That’s why it is often known as “angle of generosity” in palmistry.

If the angle between thumb and the index finger is 45 degrees as shown indicates the person somehow finds a balance between his or her own needs and willingness to share with others.

Such person filters each and every situation according to its merits and then take decisions which makes the person quite practical in one’s life.

Likewise, if the angle is less than 45 degrees indicates stingy and over cautious nature of the person.

The person is very much concentrated on satisfying own needs which often makes him or her quite selfish in nature.

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Angle between the index finger and the thumb is 90 degrees or more

If the space between thumb and the index finger is more or less than 90 degrees as shown indicates the person is quite intelligent and generous in one’s life; sometimes to the point that other people starts taking advantage of the person if other signs are not present to compensate this trait.

In addition, if the space between all the fingers is more or less the same represents the independent and unconventional nature of the person who does not want to adhere to the norms of society and follow his or her own path.

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Gap between index finger and middle finger

Space between index finger and middle finger

If the space between index finger and middle finger is wide represents the independent thought process and decision making abilities of the person provided the head line is strong and excellent without any defects.

Jupiter finger (Index finger) is associated with pride and ambitions and it is getting away from the Saturn finger(Middle finger), attracted towards the thumb which stands for logical reasoning and willpower.

It suggests that the person is adept enough to make independent decisions in one’s life with the help of thumb.

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Space between all the fingers is less
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Let’s take a look at another hand where the space between Jupiter finger and the Saturn finger is very less which indicates heavy reliance on other people’s opinion and decisions to move ahead in one’s life.

The gap between all the fingers is less suggests lack of self confidence, dependency, introvert nature and problems in communication and put forward his or her point of view.

Gap between Ring finger and little finger

gap between Ring finger and little finger

If the gap between middle finger and ring finger is wide indicates the person shy away from taking any major responsibilities be it family or any day to day activities in one’s life.

In addition, the person dislikes to keep a tab on one’s spending as he or she believes in enjoying the present and seldom care about the future.

This happens because Apollo finger(ring finger) is moving away from the Saturn finger(middle finger) which deals with responsibility, wisdom, hard work etc.

It is always a good sign if the space between these two fingers is less particularly if the mounts on the hands are weak or moderately developed.

Large space between ring finger and little finger(pinky finger) indicates the person who is unconventional, outgoing, wants to get the things done in his or her way and does not like to be micromanaged.

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