Do You Have These Special Signs On The Mount Of Saturn?

Special Signs on the mount of Saturn-Palmistry
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Mount of Saturn is associated with qualities such as wisdom slowness,sobriety,love for philosophy,skepticism,frugality and discipline.

Person having well developed mount of Saturn benefits from occupations such as mining,real estate, mathematics,research,occult science etc.

If the mount of Saturn is flat and yellow in color represents laziness,lack of trust superstitious and aimlessness and if the mount of Saturn is overdeveloped represents that the person will be introvert and eccentric in nature.

1)Star on the mount of Saturn

Star on the mount of Saturn

If a Star is present on the mount of Saturn is a clear indicator of person going to prison on the charges of murder or other ill happenings, meeting with a terrible accident or injury or the person might get a paralysis attack.

It is considered as a very bad sign.

2)Square on the mount of Saturn

If a square is found on the mount of Saturn it acts as a protection to the bearer.

Now even if a star is present and a square appears on the top of it indicates the bearer somehow will be able to escape from fatal accident, punishments or severe health issues.

This happens because the square connects the person with the right kind of people or circumstances making an easy escape from the obstacles.

3)Ladder on the mount of Saturn

Ladder on the mount of Saturn

If a ladder like formation is formed on the mount of Saturn indicates the bearer will achieve hugh social status in one’s life.

This success will be step-by-step and not all of a sudden as the ambitions will keep on increasing with age.

4)Vertical line on the mount of Saturn

Single vertical line on the mount of Saturn

If a single vertical line is present on the mount of Saturn indicates the bearer is very fortunate and lucky in one’s life.

Billionaire investor “Warren Buffet” has a deep etched Saturn line on his hands.


5)Two Vertical lines on the Saturn mount

Two vertical lines on the mount of Saturn

If two vertical lines are present on the mount of Saturn indicates success often coming late in his or her life with much hard work than actually needed.

6)Cross on the mount of Saturn

If a cross is present on the mount of Saturn indicates misfortune and constant sadness in the bearer’s life.

The bearer might suffer from incurable disease or some tragic events in life which will make his or her life miserable.

It also indicates the bearer might die from a fatal accident.

7)Triangle on the mount of Saturn

Triangle on the mount of Saturn

If a triangle is present on mount of Saturn indicates the bearer will be highly successful in the occult science or research work.

8)Grille on the mount of Saturn

If a grill is formed on the mount of Saturn indicates the bearer is luckless in one’s life.

This will cause lots of frustration in the bearer’s life and he or she comes under extreme depression.

It also makes the person quite suspicious and indifferent in nature.


9)Trident on the mount of Saturn

Trident on the mount of Saturn

If a trident is found on the mount of Saturn indicates lots of success and wealth in the person’s life.

Trident helps the person to achieve great success in one’s career in short period of time.Person having such sign are always in the search of knowledge to improve themselves continuously.

These are some of the signs found on the mount of Saturn and its various interpretations.

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