Triangles In Palmistry And Triangle Sign On Palm

money signs triangles and double triangles in palmistry

In ancient times, when the rulers of kingdoms use to visit the traditional palmists, they found the unique lucky symbol which has a great resemblance to the flag post found on the temples.

Flag sign on the palm

flag sign in palmistry

They believed that the flag is a sign of victory and acts as a protection from evil forces.

As palmistry started to spread across different parts of the world, people started recognizing this sign by different names according to their own cultures and beliefs.

Triangles in palmistry

From the point of interest of readers, just look at the sign which consists of a triangle with a line attached to it as shown.

In simple words, a triangle sign on the palm accentuates the positive qualities of mounts or lines in general and provides excellent results to the person in regard to one’s career.

Let’s see the formation of auspicious triangles in palmistry and their interpretations.

Double Triangle in Palmistry

double triangle in palmistry

This is the hand of a very successful content creator on YouTube.

You can see well-marked triangles or double triangles on the mount of mercury. It is also known as the “flag sign in palmistry”.

The padded mercury mount, long evenly set mercury finger, smooth texture of the skin along with the pinkish tinge on the hands, and strong development of the mental section of the finger suggest exceptional business acumen and money-making abilities.

He is known for his very good communication skills, diplomatic nature, and clever investments and has garnered a massive fan following over the years with interest varying from games, and real estate to making videos for a long period of time.

It also bestows the person with special mental energy in attracting the right set of people at the right time.

Pointed mercury finger makes him an excellent judge of human nature. In this way, small modifiers make a ton of difference while assessing the fortune of a person.

Let’s see the meaning of a triangle in palm reading on different mounts.

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Triangle on the mount of Venus

triangle on mount of Venus

A triangle on the mount of Venus represents luck in attracting a beautiful spouse in one’s life.

He or she is very calculative and refrains from taking hasty decisions in any relationship or marriage.

Triangle on upper mars

triangle on upper mars palmistry

A triangle on upper Mars in palmistry is a sign of mental brilliance.

Such a person will achieve stupendous success and wealth through one’s perseverance and an uncanny ability to stay calm in troubled times.

Triangle on Sun mount

triangle on Sun mount

A well-marked and distinct triangle on the mount of the sun indicates exceptional success in the arts and creative world.

The person will get international fame due to his charming and magnetic personality.

That’s why it is often found in the hands of talented actors, writers, and politicians.

The triangle on the mount of Apollo also makes the person humble and grounded while achieving success and fame.

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Triangle on mount of Moon

triangle on moon mount

A triangle on the mount of the moon denotes the person is gifted with a strong fertile imagination, and unusual creative flair and will make money by making practical use of it.

The triangle on Mount Luna also denotes successful foreign travels where he or she will earn name and wealth during those travels.

Hand structure, the texture of the skin, and other indications are looked into before coming to any solid conclusion.

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Triangle on Lower mount of Mars

triangle on lower mars mount

A triangle on lower mars mount in palmistry represents financial success in real estate and steel-related industry.

It is often found in the hands of police officers, soldiers, martial artists, and salespeople who are known for their go-getter attitude, courageous and dashing nature.

Triangle on Saturn mount

triangle on mount of Saturn

A triangle on mount of Saturn makes the person very spiritual and highly successful in occult science, mysticism, philosophy, mathematics, and research-related career.

Triangle on Jupiter mount

Triangle on mount of Jupiter

A triangle on the mount of Jupiter bestows the person with excellent managerial skills, an innate desire to lead, and an inclination towards politics.

Apparently, such a person always rises to the highest position in one’s career because he or she knows how to manage people without hurting them.

Triangle on mount of Neptune

Triangle on mount of Neptune

The triangle on the mount of Ketu represents huge wealth through inheritance.

Please note: A triangle should be isolated and clear.

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