Mount of Mercury In Palmistry And Remarkable Signs On It

Mercury planet is the closest and fastest planet in our Solar system.

mercury planet

I can draw parallels and apply them to the hands. The Mount of mercury is located next to the mount of the Sun.

Mount of mercury on palm

Mercury is synonymous with intelligence and wit.

Like the planet Mercury, they possess average height and large foreheads. Don’t get fooled by their appearance, core Mercurians are cunning as a fox, quick thinkers, and can manipulate the situation in their favor without getting noticed.

Mercury archetypes can be easily spotted with a long little finger and fleshy padded mercury mount with an apex at its center. Favorable signs on it accentuate the quality of the mount even further and amazing results are obtained in a person’s life.

On the contrary, negative signs on mercury mount bring bad character traits associated with the mercury mount.

The texture of the skin, type of nails, quadrangle, and elasticity of the bulging mount helps to correctly identify the strength of the mount of mercury. These are the advanced concepts in palmistry that can only be understood and experienced by reading thousands of wide varieties of palms from different cultures and origins.

At times, mercury mount looks elevated but lacks firmness and accordingly interpretation changes.

Negative signs and positive signs on mercury mount

negative signs and positive signs on mercury mount

Furthermore, there is a possibility that both positive and negative markings are present on the mercury mount at the same time; its true meaning can only be gauged by studying both hands in its entirety.

Weak mercury mount

weak mercury mount palmistry

Underdeveloped mercury mount denotes poor money management, lack of financial planning, failure in marriage, slow to learn new things, and often cannot work in a fast-paced competitive environment with lots of pressure tactics.

They lend money to unscrupulous people, fall victim to scammers, invest in quick rich schemes and shady businesses that seem too good to be true due to a lack of business sense. In the end, they get deceived and lose money which destabilizes them financially. Not to mention, it has a cascading effect on other aspects of their lives.

I have personally witnessed such cases while reading palms, an individual with flat mercury mount lost his life savings because he easily put trust in the wrong set of people due to poor judgment of the situation and people and a seemingly predictable outcome.

Such a person should always consult genuine financial advisors.

Communication is average and does not have an impact on others, there is difficulty remembering numbers, constant business failures and money loss is evident.

Meaningful relationships are hard to build and take a great deal of time as they are often misconstrued. In addition, there is an innate fear to speak in front of a large crowd often known as stage fright.

Prominent mount of mercury

prominent mount of mercury

Mount of mercury meaning

Mount of mercury rules science, nervous system, innovation, technical knowledge, eloquence, common sense, research, shrewdness, trade or business skills, sharp memory, medicine, problem-solving skills, dexterity, mathematics, and diplomacy to name a few.

Mercurians are highly versatile. A prominent mount of mercury looks raised as shown amplifies all the positive mentioned traits and they are found successfully working in more than one sphere of life using their money-making skills, intuition, and dynamic personality.

Genius programmers, app developers, famous comedians or actors, doctors, and serial entrepreneurs belong to this category.

Mercury mount towards the Sun

mercury mount towards the Sun

When the mount of mercury gets displaced towards the Sun mount, some portion of the fleshy pad enters the territory of the Sun mount which represents the person will be highly recognized in his line of work and financial success is certain.

Dominant mercury mount can also shift towards the percussion.

I consider this development normal and not as potent as the first combination mentioned.

Overdeveloped mount of mercury

There is a thin line between a developed and overdeveloped mercury mount.

It is said too much of a good thing is bad.

Overdeveloped mount of mercury with unfavorable markings on it is a dangerous conjunction.

These people resort to trickery and will try every trick in the book to get what they want. They are greedy, dishonest, and always tempted to take advantage of others’ weaknesses.

They are wolves in sheep’s clothing and not be trusted by any means. He or she will use effective communication and dirty tactics to meet their ulterior motives.

Moreover, if the Saturn mount is afflicted, hand structure is good and the little finger is bent I am looking for a potential white-collar criminal who is blessed with a sharp intellect and sometimes never gets caught.

Charlatans, self-proclaimed psychics with no psychic powers, fake palm readers, and astrologers belong to this category.

Let’s see the signs on mercury mount and their interpretations.

Flag sign on mercury mount

flag sign on mount of mercury

The flag sign on mount of mercury suggests an individual’s business or work is destined to get international attention and fame.

Such a person develops a solid international network and brand name with an elite business circle and achieves extraordinary wealth.

It also denotes genius in solving complex mathematical functions and achievement in the field of trading and hedge funds.

Circle on mercury mount

A circle on mercury mount denotes the person is overtly clever and will make money by fabrication of facts and truth.

If other areas of the palms are positive, a circle on the mount of mercury denotes success in buying and selling goods and services.

Arrow sign on mercury mount

When an arrow is shot from a crossbow, it travels at a fast speed and hits its target with some purpose.

Likewise, the arrow sign on mercury mount represents the person who will accomplish his goals and desires with his bright mind and oratory skills.

Spearhead on mercury mount

A spearhead on mercury mount gives the same results as that an arrow on mercury mount provides.

V sign on mercury mount

V sign on mercury mount

The V sign on mercury mount looks like an angle.

It decreases the positive aspects of a prominent mercury mount and the bearer encounters difficulty in getting a constant flow of cash.

No lines on mount of mercury

No lines on mount of mercury

No lines on the mount of mercury in itself indicate good achievement in the mercurian domains.

There is no necessity to have any markings on the mounts.

It is always preferable to have no markings than to have unfavorable ones on any given mount.

Three vertical lines on mercury mount

Three vertical lines on mercury mount

Three vertical lines on mount of mercury signify a natural gift to innovate products for mankind and stupendous progress in scientific pursuits.

Square on mount of mercury

A square on mount of mercury protects an individual from taking bad business decisions, unethical people, and financial losses.

Additionally, it shields him or her from digestive troubles, restlessness, and nervous tension.

If any negative sign appears on the mount, the square on mercury mount cancels out its effect.

Triangle on mount of mercury

triangle on mount of mercury

The triangle sign on mercury mount is a hallmark of intelligence quotient, mental intelligence, concentration, and diplomacy.

Such people are street-smart, witty and can outrank anyone in their chosen field using their accurate judgment of people and superior communication abilities.

I have seen triangle on mercury mount on the hands of famous politicians, lawyers, businessmen, writers, and finance experts who can mesmerize the audience with their powerful speeches.

Please take note that in order to enjoy the triangle’s full power and effect, all of its sides must be closed, and no other lines should cross them.

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Two vertical lines on mercury mount

two vertical lines on mercury mount

Two vertical lines on mercury mount represent financial progress in two different business ventures at the same time.

I have discovered, they are skilled at managing their time and making long-term investments.

Lotus sign on mercury mount

Lotus sign on mercury mount

The Lotus sign on mercury mount has the power to catapult a person from the depths of poverty to a business magnate with the help of one’s technical skills.

Regardless of his or her past, they will stand out in the crowd.

Swastik sign on mercury mount

The impact of a Swastik sign on mercury mount is equivalent to that of a lotus sign.

Temple sign on mercury mount

The temple sign on Mercury Mount fosters optimism and a thirst for knowledge.

It instills daily business operations with a feeling of religious and spiritual belief system.

Star sign on mercury mount

The Star sign on mercury mount illuminates the whole mount and serves as a catalyst for attracting enormous fortune into one’s life.

It amplifies persuasion abilities, intelligence gathering, research, and success in science and business.

Five or six arms should extend from a well-centered star sign to get the desired results.

Ring of mercury palmistry

A ring of mercury encircles the mount of mercury as shown. It can begin from the top end of percussion and bends its way between the mercury and Sun finger.

In either scenario, it blocks the energy flow from reaching the mercury mount.

The person encounters colossal problems in a relationship. He or she is not able to express oneself thereby creating a communication gap, delay in the marriage, and sometimes end up single for the rest of one’s life.

His personality is marked by social awkwardness, reluctance to strike up a conversation, and shyness. Sexual urges are hidden and repressed; more than often it takes the form of self-abuse.

As per my observation, it is an unfortunate sign in palmistry.

Trishul on mount of mercury

Trishul on mount of mercury

Trishul on mount of mercury bestows an individual with unique talent and versatility.

He will belong to the upper echelons of society and be charming and articulate.

He naturally has strong commercial acumen, and with the help of his partner and sixth sense, he will amass incredible wealth.

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Single line on the mercury mount

single line on the mercury mount

A single line on the mercury mount indicates an unexpectedly large accumulation of wealth.

The line must be sharp and clear.

Grill on mercury mount

Grill on mercury mount

Grill on mercury mount diminishes all the positive attributes of mercury and brings out an obnoxious personality.

Financial woes are going to pile up in his life. Manipulation and underhand tactics will be used as a weapon to overcome instability.

Net sign on mercury mount also denotes lack of purpose, annoying and overbearing nature and the person will stop at nothing to prove that he is always right.

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Island on mercury mount

island on mercury mount

The island on mercury mount suggests a failure in any business venture, issues with cash flow and loss of income, and there is no peace in the marriage.

The individual experiences extreme stress, which also has an impact on his digestive system.

Mole on mount of mercury

mole on mount of mercury

Black mole on mount of mercury foretells a potential disaster in the love matter, and significant financial loss may arise from poor judgment and impulsive behavior.

It makes a person crafty, prone to engaging in illegal behavior, and a cheater in one’s life.

X on mount of mercury

X on mount of mercury

X on mount of mercury is a sign of narcissism and dishonesty.

The person will use his gifted sharp wit to embezzle money from others and exploit legal loopholes.

If the little finger is long and crooked, he or she will find pleasure to defraud others with ease and comfort.

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Multiple crosses on mount of mercury

Multiple crosses on mount of mercury

Multiple crosses on mount of mercury are an indication of corruption and evilness.

Horizontal line on mount of mercury

The horizontal line on mount of mercury indicates the person will face financial hardship despite working extremely hard.

Money just disappears in one way or another due to misfortune and bad luck.

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Horizontal lines on mercury mount

Several horizontal lines on mount of mercury also suggest several hindrances to making good money and achieve stability.

It also indicates a propensity for solitude, issues with the pituitary gland, as well as a lack of agility and technical skills.

Multiple vertical lines on mount of mercury

Multiple vertical lines on mount of mercury

I have covered the interpretation of vertical lines on mercury mount in detail in this article.

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