Do You Have These Special Signs On The Mount Of Venus?

special signs on the mount of Venus

      Mount of Venus is located at the base of the thumb and is encircled by the lifeline as shown.

If the mount of Venus is well-developed and pink in color indicates that the person has strong sex drive towards opposite sex and has got a magnetic personality to reckon with. Such person will enjoy a luxurious life provided the mount of Venus is clear and without any defects.

mount of Venus in palmistry

If the mount of Venus is over developed indicates the person indulges in too much physical pleasure and often becomes selfish and dominating in love matters.

If it is under developed indicates the person lacks physical drive to succeed in one’s life.

Roman Mythology Significance

Roman mythology-Venus is the goddess of love,sex

Venus is named after the Roman goddess of love,sex and beauty. Mount of Venus represents sense of beauty,sensuality,love,romance and physical appearance.

Let’s see the different signs found on the Venus mount and its interpretations.

1)Triangle on the mount of Venus

If a triangle gets formed on the mount of Venus represents the person who knows how to talk and impress opposite sex with one’s charming personality.

The person with such marking is smart who analyzes the entire situation with its pros and cons and do not blindly commits in relationship.

2)Trident on the mount of Venus

If the trident is found on the mount of Venus as shown represents the person is quite lucky in finding the true love in his or her life.

Such person enjoys a luxurious life with all the material comforts at his disposal.At the same time,the person is able to empathize with others and appreciate the beauty surrounding oneself.

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3)Star on the mount of Venus

star on the mount of Venus

Star on the mount of Venus indicates that the person will be highly successful in love matters and getting the help or support from the opposite sex.

The person is sensual and passionate about the physical pleasure derived from the opposite sex.

It also makes the person quite extravagant where the person craves for the luxurious life.

4)Island on the mount of Venus

Island on the mount of Venus

Island on the Mount of Venus creates problems in the love life or marriage. There will be constant arguments with the spouse on small issues.It also causes delay in the marriage.

It is considered as a bad sign.

5)Square on the mount of Venus

Square on the mount of Venus will protect the person from defamation caused by the bad qualities related with the mounts such as lust and passion for physical pleasure.

6)Cross on the mount of Venus

cross on the mount of Venus

Cross on the Mount of Venus represents the person might get inflicted with sexually transmitted disease.

It also indicates the person can face deception from the opposite sex and needs to be careful while getting into a serious relationship. However,if it gets spotted along with the cross on the Jupiter Mount will give positive results to the person with respect to love matters or marriage.

7)Mole on the mount of Venus

Black mole on the mount of Venus

Dark spot or a mole on the mount of Venus indicates defamation from the opposite sex or problems in the person’s reproductive system.

It also indicates separation in the relationship or marriage.

8)Grille on the mount of Venus

You must have noticed a grille or net-like structure gets formed by the  intersection of the minor lines on the mount of Venus as shown.

Grille on the mount of Venus suggests that the person is excessively passionate about sex rather than emotions in the relationship or marriage.

Remember guys,the bad signs on any mount in general gives warning to the person about the impending dangers which he or she might face in the future.So don’t get discouraged and change your line of action or thinking process.

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