Mount Of Venus In Palmistry And Unique Signs On Mount Of Venus

Venus mount in palmistry

Where is Mount of Venus On The Palm?

Where is mount of Venus on the palm
Where is mount Venus located?

Mount of Venus is the raised fleshy pad located at the base of the thumb, just below the lower mount of mars and encircled by the lifeline as shown.

Among all the mounts in palmistry, Venus mount occupies the largest area on the palm which signifies that real love indeed can move mountains and exists as an unparalleled force in the cosmic universe.

Which goddess rules Venus?

goddess Venus and Aphrodite

Mount of Venus is named after the Roman Goddess of love, sex, creativity, and beauty.

What does the mount of Venus signify?

What is the meaning of mount of Venus?

It represents romance, fertility, physical appearance, the state of marriage, generosity, fashion, energy, luxurious life, attraction, warm nature, music, painting, passion, sympathy, and compassion.

How to read mount of Venus?

Mount of Venus size can vary from person to person.

To take a good judgment of the mount of Venus, one needs to check the texture of the skin, protrusion of the mount, the curvature of the lifeline, and positive and negative signs on the mount of Venus.

Prominent mount of Venus

Prominent mount of Venus

When the Venus mount is sufficiently well risen, and pronounced without any defects increases the strength of the mount and suggests a prominent mount of Venus.

An individual with a well-developed Venus mount and pink color of the hands is full of positive energy and possesses a strong sex drive, a healthy and natural pull towards the opposite sex.

He or she is a charismatic, affectionate, generous, beauty lover, and pleasure-seeking individual. More than often, success in love and relationship is seen, creativity and romance run deep in the personality, and one enjoys a luxurious life full of amenities.

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Flat mount of Venus

flat mount of Venus

The flat mount of Venus looks like a deflated balloon as shown. In addition, if the lifeline takes a curve inwards reducing the area of the Venus mount accentuates the bad qualities in regards to the Venus mount.

An individual lacks the requisite physical strength to put any task to completion, the love life will suffer a lot as there is shyness and hesitation to make deep meaningful relationships or problems in the sexual organs.

Moreover, he or she is likely to suffer from diseases, unhappiness in the marriage due to disinterest in physical passion or sex, or inability to attract the attention of a partner.

Multiple variables need to be cross-referenced before making any firm statements on the underdeveloped mount of Venus.

Overdeveloped mount of Venus

overdeveloped mount of Venus

If the mount of Venus is bulging like crazy, looks like the top of the hill and the lifeline takes an extra wide curve is a sign of an overdeveloped mount of Venus.

The big mount of Venus generally denotes uncontrollable hunger for food, materialistic items, and beverages, and he or she can stoop to any level to satisfy his sexual desires.

In a relationship, the person is often blinded by selfish pleasure-seeking instincts and deviant sexual behavior or patterns can be observed.

Several parameters like the color of the hands, the texture of the skin, and the conjunction of the mounts should be assessed before tagging any mentioned characteristics to an individual.

Keeping that in mind, let’s see signs on mount of Venus.

Triangle on the mount of Venus

triangle on the mount of Venus

A triangle on the mount of Venus makes an individual extremely methodical and analytical in love matters. There is a proclivity to consider the pros and cons of any relationship before commitment.

Such people are smooth talkers, and naturally garner the interest of the opposite gender with their captivating and irresistible personalities.

Emotions are put on display after thoroughly vetting the situation from a long standpoint.

It is a fortunate sign for a marriage.

Star on the mount of Venus

Star on the mount of Venus

Star on the mount of Venus enhances artistic talents, an eye for color combination, designing skills, creativity, and romantic nature.

It is a challenging task to read this marking as its meaning changes depending on the location and various aspects of the hands.

Normally, a centrally located star on Venus mount suggests incredible support from the spouse, fulfillment of sexual desires, fortunate marriage, self-confidence, happiness in the matter of love, and fame in the advertising industry.

I have seen on the hands of sculptors, fashion or jewelry designers, makeup artists, media tycoons, and famous news anchors.

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Square on mount of Venus

square on mount of Venus

The square on mount of Venus protects a person from lust, venereal diseases, honey trap, and defamation from the opposite sex.

In addition, even if there is disharmony in a relationship at some point in one’s life, it brings the marriage back on track and saves that individual from getting divorced.

A square near the lifeline formed inside the Venus mount as shown denotes confinement or social cut-off due to some reason at that particular age.

Cross sign on mount of Venus

cross sign on mount of Venus

The cross sign on mount of Venus is an inauspicious marking.

An individual will encounter persistent sadness, unhappiness, and failures in their love life. There is a possibility of deceit from the partner and getting inflicted with sexually transmitted infections.

 He or she finds it difficult to strike an emotional bond with the opposite sex and marriage problems will arise due to a lack of respect.

If the Saturn line is weak and the heart line is chained or full of islands beside a cross sign on a large mount of Venus signify persistent obstacles and financial difficulties in the career linked with the Venus mount.

However, a cross sign on Jupiter mount gets spotted counters the negative impact of this sign and brings peace of mind to the marriage.

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Temple sign on mount of Venus

Temple sign on mount of Venus

The Temple sign on mount of Venus does not exist.

Island on Venus mount

Island on Venus mount

Island on Venus mount denotes unnecessary delay in the marriage due to jealous enemies or relatives, disturbances in the sexual life, and frequent arguments with one’s spouse.

It also suggests premature menopause, weakness in the sexual organs, or low sperm count.

Brown mole on mount of Venus

Brown mole on mount of Venus

Brown mole on mount of Venus increases the heat in the body and the person lacks self-control in the physical passion to the point that it affects work productivity.

The impact of a sudden appearance of a brown spot on the Venus mount can be reduced if timely precautions or remedies are taken.

Circle on the mount of Venus

Circle on the mount of Venus

Circle on the mount of Venus increases tension between the couples, abnormal sexual fantasies, and chances of catching STDs.

Flag on Venus mount

flag on Venus mount

The flag on Venus mount indicates that an individual will attain global recognition and financial success with the assistance of the opposite gender.

He or she will be so popular and well-liked that fans will get super excited to take a glance.

It also gifts a person with unique artistic talents, acting skills, and a very pleasant singing voice.

Lotus on Venus mount

Lotus on Venus mount

Lotus on Venus mount is considered a positive indication.

Its promises marital bliss, unconditional love from the partner, a jaw-droppingly beautiful and attractive personality, and a pure soul.

I have seen this rare auspicious marking on the hands of celebrities, renowned architects, musicians, costume designers, and film directors.

Black mole on mount of Venus

black mole on mount of Venus

The black mole on mount of Venus demonstrates problems in the reproductive system, prostate gland, or weak uterus

It is a telltale sign of big deception in love matters, the opposite sex might indulge in extramarital affairs and use dirty tactics and manipulation to shift the blame, and the likelihood of separation in the marriage.

The black spot on mount of Venus also represents hidden emotional trauma and longing for true love or affection due to the lack of romantic connections, intimacy, and meaningful relationship.

Vertical lines on mount of Venus

Vertical lines on mount of Venus

Vertical lines on mount of Venus denote the person will rise in his career with the help of family, friends, relatives, business partners, or spouse.

Please note that these lines should not be cut by any horizontal lines in order to achieve the intended result.

Horizontal lines on mount of Venus

Horizontal lines on mount of Venus

Horizontal lines on mount of Venus are deemed as “stress lines on mount of Venus”.

As the name suggests, cerebral stresses start to build up in the body due to constant worries.

Nowadays, every human being on this planet is stressed for one or the other reason. If there is a presence of a cluster of tiny, thin horizontal lines and the hand structure is solid, these lines can be overlooked.

However, if the lines are deep and thick, other parameters of the hand also point toward severe stress. It is certainly a cause for concern if left untreated.

Grille on mount of Venus

Grille on mount of Venus

When horizontal and vertical lines on mount of Venus intersect with each other grille gets formed as shown.

If both lines are equal in density, it heightens lust, eroticism, intense passion for physical pleasure, and magnetism.

The fulfillment of sexual desires and fetishes is considered a top priority rather than emotions in a relationship. Not necessarily a bad thing as each and every relationship is different.

Grid on mount of Venus=Net on mount of Venus=Mesh on mount of Venus=Grille on mount of Venus. All of them have identical meanings.

It’s important to examine the texture of the skin, the type and structure of the hand, and the configuration of mounts should be studied before making any conclusion.

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Vertical line on mount of Venus

vertical line on mount of Venus

A single vertical line on Venus mount helps an individual to attract positive relationships, strong lasting bonds with strangers and family, and possess a natural charm to attract the opposite sex.

He or she will be blessed with a beautiful spouse.

Hence the name, Venus line in palmistry.

Family ring palmistry

Family ring palmistry

The chain structure at the base of the thumb is known as the family ring in palmistry.

A deep chain-like formation denotes stability, peace, and a strong connection with the family. Conversely, weak and faint formation is a sign of disagreement and constant exchange of opinions in the family.

A break in the family ring is an indication of tension between the family members during that timeframe.

Since it covers the mount of Venus on the other side of the lifeline, it is also known as the ring of Venus in palmistry.

Trishul on Venus mount

trishul on Venus mount

An individual with trishul on Venus mount certainly will enjoy a luxurious life, will stay at exotic places, high-quality lifestyle, and brilliant communicator in a relationship.

At the same time, the person is able to empathize with others and enjoy the aesthetic qualities of their surroundings.

It is important to keep in mind that negative signs on any mount give warning signs about the impending dangers that he or she might face in the future. Rather than becoming disheartened, it is advisable to alter one’s course of action or mindset.

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