What Does Your Hand Shape Say About Your Personality?-Palmistry

hand shape in palmistry

Ever wondered if the shape of your hand reveals a lot about the personality of the person?

In the 1960s, famous British Palmist Fred Gettings broadly classified hand shape into four basic types.

Let’s look at the different personality types from the hand-shape personality test.

Water Hand

Water hand shape in palmistry
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A rectangular palm with long fingers is considered a water hand in palmistry.

People with such a kind of hand are sensitive, emotional, and highly moody in nature.No wonder, there are many lines spread across the palm that reflects the oversensitive and emotional nature of a person.

They are dreamy, intuitive, and restless.

Not to mention, they are so permeable to the internal and external environment that in a matter of seconds, they understand other people’s minds and emotions. It also makes them caring and sympathetic who want the same kind of affection in return.

Typically, people with water hand shapes are secretive, quickly get offended, and prefer to work in a profession that requires less stress and competition.

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Air Hand

Air hand shape palmistry
Hollywood Superstar-George Clooney

A square palm with long fingers is an air hand in palmistry.

Square palm makes him or her practical, and the long fingers add attention to detail.

People with air hand shape are intellectuals and deep thinkers, and analysis of any situation is given more importance than emotions.

They are flexible, great communicators, self-motivated, and logically sound individuals. Since their mind is always active, the brain often gets overburdened and stressed out.

That’s why they need their own space and freedom. Otherwise, it can take a toll on health and relationships.

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Earth Hand

Earth hand shape palmistry
One of the most powerful persons in the world-Vladimir Putin

A square palm with short fingers represents the earth hand in palmistry.

People with earth hand shapes are very practical and emotionally stable. They are nature lovers, family-oriented, and love to be in contact with a profession that requires physical activity like agriculture, martial arts, sports, etc.

Among all the hand types, people with the earth hand sign are physically more strong and have the capacity to handle stressful situations with ease. That’s why only a few lines are found on the hands. 

They are conservative and dislike sudden change as they want life to take its own due course over a period of time.

Individuals with earth hands can be very stubborn if provoked. Otherwise, they are very quiet and down-to-earth personalities.

Fire Hand

Fire hand shape palmistry
King of Pop – Michael Jackson

Rectangular palm with short fingers represents the fire hand in palmistry.

People with fire hand shapes are emotional and impatient due to their short fingers.

They make quick decisions based on their gut feelings and are known for their impulsive nature.

In addition, they are very intense, passionate souls; the kind of enthusiasm they bring to the table is quite palpable. However, they easily get bored and need constant change and variety in their lives.

Individuals with fire hands are workaholics, ambitious, egoistic, and born leaders who love to take risks. Furthermore, they hate restrictions.

You are likely to see fire type on the hands of business leaders, celebrated artists, and criminals.

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