Your Nails Say Everything About You And Your Health In Palmistry

nails tells a lot about your health

There is a strong connection between the circulation of blood in the body and the color of your nails.

It is not rocket science to understand whenever the pumping of the heart is normal, it supplies oxygenated blood to the different organs of the body and tissues.

Circulation of blood in the Heart

poor circulation of blood and heart disease

However, if the pumping action of the heart is weak denotes an increase of carbon dioxide in the blood as the lungs responsible to remove this excess CO2 are not getting refilled with enough oxygen.

Blue Nails

blue nails and lack of oxygen

This results in poor circulation of the blood and the nails of the person turns blue or purple in color either at the base or in its entirety.

Such a condition requires the immediate attention of a doctor as it suggests the weak condition of the heart.

Liver and Bile

liver and bile

The liver produces bile, a yellow-greenish color fluid that helps in the digestion of fats and the removal of toxins in the body.

If the liver fails to function normally, it starts secreting excess bile which makes its way into the blood.

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Yellow Nails

yellow nails

That is the reason why the hands and particularly nails turn more or less yellow in color according to the amount of bile present in the bloodstream.

Such a person develops an irritating, moody, and unpleasant personality and has a very negative approach toward life.

Yellow Nail Syndrome

lymphedema and yellow nails syndrome

When the nails are thick and yellow, there are high chances of getting a disease such as lymphedema and respiratory tract disorders which is also known as yellow nail syndrome.

In some cases, a high intake of beta-carotene can also cause yellow nails.

Nail Composition

Nails Composition

The nails are composed of keratin which contains amino acids that help to bind the filaments together.

If the pressure on the brain becomes unbearable, the neural network in the brain gets damaged which in turn makes it difficult for the filaments to bind together.

Brittle Nails

Brittle nails

This results in brittle nails and it clearly sends a warning signal to the person that something is definitely wrong within the body.

In some cases, anemia, thyroid problems, and psoriasis can also cause brittle nails.

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