Lucky Signs, Most Auspicious Signs, And Symbols In Palmistry-Part 2

Lucky signs/auspicious signs in hand-palmistry

There are some lucky auspicious signs that have the potential to change the fortune of the person.

Let’s see some of these extremely rare lucky signs.

Conch Sign/Shankh Sign

Conch sign/shankh sign in palmistry

The conch sign on the palm makes the person extremely famous and rich.

The person having such a sign is pure in heart.

Sign Of Umbrella

Umbrella sign in palmistry

An umbrella sign on palm makes the person powerful, famous and he or she will spirituality to another level.

Such marking was found on the hands of Swami Vivekananda who was a spiritual genius of commanding intellect and power.

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Elephant Sign Of Good Luck

Elephant sign in palmistry

In traditional palmistry, the elephant sign in palmistry represents the person who will be a king or the great emperor in one’s life.

In today’s time, this sign will make the person a celebrity all around the world due to his or her great personality.

Tree Sign on palm

Tree Sign in palmistry

Tree sign in palmistry denotes wealth, happiness, and fulfillment of all desires in one’s life.

It enhances the power of the mounts and the lines on the hands in general. That’s why it is considered a very auspicious sign in palmistry.

Lotus Sign

Lotus sign on palm palmistry

In Hindu palmistry, the lotus is a symbol associated with Goddess Lakshmi/Laxmi. Goddess Laxmi is the giver of wealth, fortune, and overall prosperity in the person’s life.

The lotus sign on palm denotes the person will be blessed with all the luxury and materialistic things in one’s life.

It is one of the rare and fortunate signs found in palmistry.

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Pot Sign

Sign of pot in palmistry

Pot sign in palmistry indicates that the person will be lucky in finding hidden treasures, precious stones, and Jewelry.

Also, people having such a sign should try their luck in the lottery, stock market, or gambling.

Swastik Sign

Swastik sign in palmistry

Swastik is a very important Hindu symbol. It stands for spirituality, peace, and prosperity.

Swastik sign in palmistry denotes the person will rise from humble beginnings to the highest position due to his hard work, dedication, and luck.

Many times people misinterpret this sign by the confused lines found on the mounts and make the symbol out of it.

Bow Sign

Bow sign in palmistry

Bow sign in palmistry makes the person brave and courageous.

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