Which Palm Is Considered Lucky For Money In Palmistry

which palm is lucky in palmistry

This is the hand of a woman who sought my consultation for a detailed analysis of her hand and future.

which hand is lucky for female

I asked her whether she was suffering from any skin-related disease just by examining the back of her hands, the condition of the Saturn mount, and the structure of her nails. She replied in the affirmative and said she was indeed suffering from psoriasis.

back of the hand in palmistry

Tiny horizontal lines on the Saturn mount on both hands led me to conclude that there is skin dryness and she is advised to increase water intake and chew food properly to prevent further problems.

psoriasis symptoms nails in palmistry

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Lifeline splits towards mount of Moon

life line splits towards mount of moon

The hand structure looks sturdy, and mounts are elevated which suggests success will be achieved despite the hiccups she will encounter due to the light cross bars cutting the mount of Sun and Saturn.

The lifeline is moving toward the mount of the moon with a split at its end under the mount of the Sun and the fate line originates deep in the territory of well developed Moon mount and ends up on the Saturn mount represents she is destined to settle in another foreign country far away from her birth land and will benefit immensely from it.

She will receive timely help from unrelated people or strangers who will play a crucial role in pushing her to new heights in her career or business.

Mercury and Venus conjunction

Mercury and Venus conjunction

The strong conjunction of mercury mount with more than 4 vertical lines on it and broad Venus mount indicates she will do fantastic in any profession that requires love, care, healing touch, and emotional connection.

Teaching, chiropractor, running a children’s clothing store or toys business, sales, and marketing of healing or medical products, job that requires imagination and creativity, self-employment, opening a restaurant, farming, and any therapeutic career involving sentiments are her best-suited career and money-generating options.

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Loops on fingertips

loops on fingertips

Many loops on her fingertips, curved heart lines on both hands, earth type of hand, smooth texture of the skin, and the substantial gap between the Jupiter finger and the thumb reinforce her sympathetic, generous, family-oriented hospitable nature, and she prefers to live a simple peaceful lifestyle.

Her affection for nature, wildlife, flora, and water activities is evident in her hands.

Composite loop fingerprint on thumb

composite loop fingerprint

Composite loop pattern on both thumbs, the headline splits at the end, radial loop on the Jupiter finger, and the presence of medical stigmata is a gifted sign of a counselor, capable of understanding other people’s thoughts.

Radial loop fingerprint on Jupiter finger

radial loop fingerprint on Jupiter finger

Her voice or presence will relax individuals around her. There is an uncanny way to use both the practical side from the long straight separated headline from the lifeline and strong intuitive faculties bestowed by the developed Luna mount and short fingers. Her ability to perceive ideas from multiple angles makes her versatile and multi-talented.

However, there is also a disposition that takes a lot of time to start anything because she doubts her capabilities. This creates constant delays in making proper decisions at the right time, consequently hindering her success rate.

It is advised to make up her mind, trust in herself, and act on it.

Vertical Lines on Upper Mars

vertical lines on upper mars

You will notice clear vertical lines on the developed upper mount of Mars on her right hand, a line from the passive Mars to the Sun mount, the presence of effort lines on the lifeline, an earth type of hand, and a stiff thumb suggest she will achieve consistent success through hard work, dedication, and perseverance.

The line from Upper Mars to the Apollo mount is also seen on her left hand.

A line from Upper Mars to Sun mount in palmistry

line from upper mars to sun mount in palmistry

There is a notion in the subconscious that says, “Come what may, I will battle the odds and come out as a victorious person”. This single trait will help her overcome serious troubles and take her to newer heights.

Additionally, it also suggests she might acquire property or experience success in real estate or land dealings.

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A line from the headline to Jupiter mount

line from head line to Jupiter mount

A line from the headline to the fairly developed Jupiter mount along with a radial loop on Jupiter’s finger, and a line from the lower Mars to the Jupiter mount on the left hand indicates strong desires and ambitions. She makes consistent efforts to improve herself, her lifestyle, and her position.

Hard work and ambitions go hand in hand and it is a potent combination for success in any genre which is present on this hand.

In palmistry, it should be noted that despite the person having favorable hand features and positive markings, a lack of sustained effort will eventually result in a downfall and being overtaken by others.

The combination of thick fingers, a large mount of Venus without any major flaws in the headline indicates that she is energetic and lively. This allows her to work for extended periods without experiencing fatigue.

Conic tips with the developed mount of Jupiter suggest she is very spiritual, religious, and believes in the higher dimension to safeguard her from troubles.

This trait is positive and reflects a strong connection to spirituality.

Triangle on mercury mount

triangle on mercury mount

A clear loop between Saturn’s finger and Apollo’s finger indicates a serious and business-oriented attitude toward her work. Moreover, a triangle formation on the developed Mercury suggests mental sharpness, clarity, and goal-oriented behavior. Lines extending from the headline to the mount of Mercury highlight her money-making skills.

The absence of space between the fingers on both hands, along with the triangle formation in the middle of the palm, suggests her sincere approach toward savings and proactive planning for the future.

Her thumb reflects a determined and straightforward approach, devoid of drama, tactics, or diplomacy.

Considering her hand type, it can be inferred that a business involving emotions and security would be more suitable for her than a typical job.

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Black spot on thumb in palmistry

black spot on thumb in palmistry

A black mole located on the second section of the left thumb, accompanied by horizontal lines on it, a line with an island from the heart line cutting the lifeline, and the headline on the inflicted lower Mars on the right hand is a certain sign of unstable marriage, disappointment in love life, and deception in relationships.

Line with an island from the heart line to the Lower Mars

line with an island from the heart line to the lower mars

Similar indicators on the left hand reinforce the prediction of significant emotional setbacks in her personal life. No matter how hard she works for the family, sometimes people don’t recognize her contribution.

The thick lifeline and fate line on the left hand denotes family troubles and problems with the spouse.

Furthermore, a large fork on the marriage line on the right hand and the left hand is another telltale sign of marital problems and instability in romantic endeavors.

Star sign on thumb in palmistry

star sign on thumb in palmistry

The little finger is short and low set on both hands represents she is shy, problems are occasionally not shared with anyone, and she does not like to confront people in fear of what others might think about her. This leads to miscommunications in a relationship. She should work on this aspect 

A line from the island from the Venus mount to the moon mount and the smooth texture of the skin indicate she is prone to allergic reactions or has allergies to certain liquids.

The star formation on the second section of her right thumb combined with the aforementioned combination, denotes strong sexual desires toward the opposite sex and significantly heightens her sex drive.

Many cross bars on the fingers reflect psychological blockages in the body that cause disturbance in sleep patterns.

Lines from the headline towards lower Mars and low set mercury fingers suggest inner repressed aggression or unresolved anger issues stemming from circumstances beyond her control. This has made her very conservative in sharing her true feelings with anyone and problems with her fatherly figure are also seen.

The radial loop on Jupiter’s finger suggests she is over-sentimental; she can’t say no to other people and makes their problems her own.

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Gap between headline and lifeline

gap between headline and lifeline

Between the age of 5 to 10, the hand reflects an early separation from the parents while remaining attached to the family. However, shows self-reliance right from an early age.

Disappointments and mental anguish are seen at the age of around 10 and 12 respectively.

At the age of around 15 to 16, someone close to her moved away leading to a period of deep confusion and frustration. She also got ambitious during this time.

Rahu lines on hand

Rahu lines on hand

A negative influence most likely a person of the opposite sex, entered her life, causing obstacles and mental trauma at the age of around 20 to 21.

At the age of around 23, she encountered another big hindrance that was beyond her control, and a loss of energy was seen.

Loss of concentration, whimsical nature, and temper issues are evident at the age of around 25. Someone took advantage of her and efforts towards success became unsuccessful.

Branch of head line goes to Saturn mount

branch of head line goes to Saturn mount

At the age of 26, she achieved monetary success through sheer hard work and tenacity.

Double fate line in female hand

double fate line in female hand

At the age of 30, she became more courageous and persistent with her efforts which certainly resulted in success. However, family issues likely continued.

She started another career parallel to her main career during the 31 to 32 age timeframe and pursued it till the age of 40. It will result in financial success.

Also, she must have experienced mental fatigue, headaches, and an inability to concentrate for a long time.

Purchase of a house or big monetary gains are evident at the age of around 35. Her continuous positive efforts will be rewarded.

Brilliant help from relatives or close friends will assist her career at around 37 to 38.

A line from the lifeline to the Sun mount

a line from the lifeline to the Sun mount

At 40, luck will shine in her life and denotes extraordinary progress and reputation. It will get help from the right set of people at the right time. It is reflected on both her hands.

A line from fate line to Sun mount

line from fate line to sun mount

She is cautioned not to make a wrong impulsive decision around the age of 41.

At the age of 41 to 42, I see a slight change of direction in her career path and minor confusion.

Finally, she will realize her ambitions, and a sure sign of success with firm determination in business-related areas is seen at the age of 45 to 46, likely with the assistance of someone close to her or family members.

At the age of around 46.5 to 47, emotional trauma due to the potential death of some loved one or problems in love matters may arise.

Extraordinary monetary gains, the launch of another business venture, and recognition for her work or promotion are foreseen around the age of 48 to 49.

Travel to another country for business purposes and she might permanently settle in that country at around the age of 50.

At the age of around 55, she will accumulate stupendous wealth through the combination of experience, wise investments, and an intelligent mindset.

Weak body condition, health defects, and some obstructions are seen at the age of around 56, 58, and 60 respectively.

A lifestyle change or consultation beforehand might help her avert future troubles.

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