Job Line/Fate Line/Destiny Line In Palmistry

Fate line/Destiny line/Job Line

Fate line known as destiny line or job line generally starts from the bottom of the palm and goes all the way towards the Saturn mount.

Hence it is also known as Saturn Line in palmistry

Wealth Line on palm

Fate line/Destiny line/Job Line in palmistry

Fate line reflects about the important events in the person’s life which might bring a change with respect to one’s career,job change or promotions.

It starts from different locations on the palm and accordingly interpretations changes.

Let’s see different types of fate lines that can be found on the person’s hand.

1)Fate line starting from the mount of Moon

Fate line starting from the mount of Moon/Luna

If the fate line starts from the mount of moon and goes all the way towards the Saturn mount as shown indicates that the person’s fate is a lot more dependent on the help and support from others.

It is considered as an excellent type of fate line.

The person rises to the position of power and fame as he or she keeps on getting the support and love from public,family members and particularly from the opposite sex.

It is often found in the hands of celebrities,musicians,artists or anyone who is involved in the public domain.

2)Wavy fate line

Wavy Fate line in palmistry

If the fate line is wavy as shown represents an unstable career because of volatile nature and frequent changes in the thinking process of the person.

For example,in this case the person started off one’s career with lots of ambition as the fate line is inclined toward the Jupiter mount,suddenly the person wanted to pursue the career in the creative field as the fate line shifts its direction towards the Sun mount and so on,making it difficult to excel and succeed in any field per se.

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3)Fate line ending a ladder

Ladder of Success-Fate line ending in a ladder

If the fate line ends in a ladder like formation as shown indicates the person will rise to the highest position of power through his or her own efforts.

At the end of the fate line parallel lines are attracted towards the Jupiter mount denotes ambitions and leadership qualities of the person have increased over the period of time which will bring lots of success and wealth in one’s life.

Hence it is also known as ladder of success.

4)Breaks on the fate line

Breaks on the Fate line

If the fate line breaks as shown suggests that the person will go through a tough time with regards to one’s job or directionless career.

However,if the fate line breaks and continues without any defects denotes he or she managed to overcome the obstacles.

In this case, break appears during the peak of one’s career at the age of around 26 to 35 where the person will struggle to find the right kind of job or career which might lead to constant frustrations.

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5)Branches from the fate line

Rising/Upward Branches from the fate line

Rising branches from the fate line are always considered as a fortunate sign.

It indicates promotions,good opportunities or the person will earn huge amount of wealth at that particular age.

Depending upon the direction of the branch towards the mount,success and money will come with the help of qualities associated with that particular mount.

For example,in this case one branch from the fate line goes to the mercury mount and another branch towards the Jupiter mount denotes the person will earn huge amount of wealth because of one’s communication and business skills during that particular age.In the latter case, there are high chances of the person getting promoted in his or her job.

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6)Cross bars and influence lines

Cross bars and influence lines cutting the fate line

If the fate line is cut by horizontal lines(position 1) denotes obstructions in the career due to one’s relatives,family members or friends.

Similarly,the influence lines from the mount of Venus cutting the fate line without merging with any of the major lines(position 2)indicates worries and constant troubles caused by someone close to the person.It can be a member in the office,family member or even spouse.

It also suggests loss of money.

7)Fate line ending at the head line

fate line ends at head line

If the fate line ends at the head line denotes although the person had a fantastic career right from the start, it ended abruptly at the age of around 35.

It might be due to the loss of interest in one’s job or the person might have taken a very bad decision related to his or her career.

In addition,it also indicates bad health of the person might take a toll on one’s career which has to be cross-checked with the health line.

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  1. I have a V orY on top of my fate line going right into Mount Saturn I also have a trident at th end of heart line and fate line combine together! The Y also can be this y because it still connects to the fate line down to to the heart line right into the trident sign

  2. My fateline starts from Mount Luna.forms some thin wavy as it goes towards the middle finger but then it suddenly branches towards the forefinger. So what does it say about me? Please I would love to know. Thanks for your help

  3. I have trident sign on lower mars and dhamaruk sign on upper mars star sign on plane of mars. My horoscope is aries tell me what is going on

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