Types Of Fate Line In Palm Reading And Career Line On Palm

Fate line in palmistry

Where is The Fate line On Your Hand

The line of Saturn starts from the bottom of the palm and typically reaches the mount of Saturn as shown. Hence the name, Saturn line in palmistry.

Over a period of time, different palm readers started calling this line by different names such as the career line, the fate line, the money line, the wealth line, the destiny line, and the job line.

Fate Line In Palmistry

fate line in palm reading

It entails your financial and material prospects, job security, career growth, job change, disinterest in a job or joblessness, promotions, loss of money, and sometimes even divorce.

Does Fate Line Changes With Time

Many people ask me this question from time to time, “Can the fate line be changed?”. This question is dicey.

The counter question is, do you know how to read the nature of the fate line, its density, and timing in conjunction with major lines found on the hands to begin with?

If the answer is no, how on earth are you going to change your fate line when you don’t even know where you are going wrong or at what stage you really need to work on certain aspects beforehand? 99% of people fall in this category.

It goes without saying that to prudently use self-discovery tools like palmistry, the person should have a firm grip on the basics of palmistry.

Likewise, there should be a strong proclivity or willingness to change oneself in the right direction even if the answer is in the affirmative. Remedies should be diligently practiced and without proper efforts, it is not possible to witness any positive change in the fate line.

I have encountered countless people who are egoist, rigid in their viewpoint, or rather overconfident. My advice often falls on deaf ears for such individuals. The result is, a few years down the line, they often face the inevitable “karma” which rules the planet Saturn. As the saying goes, “Fortune favors the bold”.

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Long Fate Line In Palmistry

Long fate line in palmistry

The fate line ending under the middle finger that runs from the bottom of the palm is called the long fate line in palm reading.

If the mounts are in excellent condition, it is certainly considered an auspicious marking. It shows a sense of purpose, clear vision and direction in his or her life, and likely to achieve success in one’s profession.

It is unwise to presume that a long fate line on palm always promises riches and an incredible career if the hand is badly structured with poor mounts. Such type of fate line is found on the hands of beggars and homeless people.

Short Fate Line In Palmistry

short fate line in palm reading

Divide the line extending from the base of the palm running to the Saturn mount into half, and if the fate line falls at or below the 50% mark on this line, it is deemed to be a short fate line.

What does it mean when your fate line is short?

The short fate line on palm suggests instability, a period of unemployment, lack of focus or motivation, constant money problems, and dissatisfaction in the career.

It is recommended to consider other relevant parameters and markings on the hands to corroborate the interpretation.

Fate Line On Female Hand

The fate line in palmistry for the female hand is read similarly to the fate line on the male’s hand.

Regardless of occupation, social status, or gender, the fate line in palmistry serves the same purpose. It is a true reflection of an individual sense of security.

The fate line should be equally examined on both hands in addition to the fingerprints and the hand structure to understand the status quo of one’s job and which profession is best suitable for that person. It provides a more accurate and nuanced interpretation of an individual’s career path.

The fate line origins from different locations on the palm and accordingly interpretations change.

Let’s see the different types of fate lines in palmistry.

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Fate Line starting from wrist to middle finger

The fate line starting from the wrist to middle finger

The fate line starting from the wrist to middle finger without any defects and is accompanied by a strong thumb indicates the person will achieve exceptional success in one’s career.

It is uncommon to find such a type of fate line.

Fate Line Ending Under Middle Finger

The fate line starting from base of palm to the mount of Saturn

The fate line starting from base of palm to the mount of Saturn represents the person who is self-driven and will make consistent progress in one’s career.

Traditional palm readers held the notion that the destiny of such an individual with the fate line ending at Saturn Mount is fixed which I don’t agree with. 

Fate Line From Heart Line

fate line starting from heart line

The fate line starting from heart line denotes the person will find one’s true potential and inner security only after the mid-40s or early 50 in his or her life.

Emotions and personal relationships will play a vital role in his professional life. It is a sign of late success in palmistry.

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Fate Line stops before the headline

the fate line stops before headline

If the fate line stops before headline suggests the person started off well in one’s career goals.

However, as soon as the subject reaches one’s late 20s and early 30s, he or she is likely to face obstructions or setbacks in the job full of uncertainty. There is a possibility of unemployment which again needs to be cross-referenced with other lines.

Additionally, such people need to put in extra work to achieve success after the mentioned timeframe in general.

Fate Line from mount of Moon to Jupiter

fate line from moon mount to Jupiter mount

The fate line from moon mount to Jupiter mount represents the person who will become extremely successful and famous with the support of the public.

He or she is likely to have strong leadership skills and big ambitions.

Known to attract a large following and a significant impact on the public, these individuals are well-suited for success in the political sphere or some influential position.

Fate Line ends at Jupiter mount

fate line going to Jupiter mount

The fate line going to Jupiter mount is an indication of a very powerful position and status.

Such is the miraculous effect of the fate line bending towards Jupiter mount that the subject achieves whatever he wishes and develops an elite network.

Fate Line ends on Sun mount

fate line goes to sun mount.

There is a possibility that fate line goes to sun mount. It is pertinent to distinguish the fate line going to sun mount from the actual sun line.

The fate line towards sun mount will make the subject extremely famous and wealthy in his line of action right from early childhood. There will be an unusual glow and attractiveness to the persona that draws others towards them.

Fate Line Towards Mercury mount

fate line ending at mount of mercury

The fate line ending at mount of mercury indicates the subject will excel in a career related to finance or business.

It bestows an individual with a strong vocabulary, a precise way to express oneself, intelligence, and negotiation skills.

Again, it is important to differentiate mercury line from the fate line going to mercury mount.

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Fate Line from Rahu mount

Fate line from Rahu mount

The fate line starting from middle of palm comes under the territory of Rahu mount or plain of mars.

Fate line from Rahu mount is a sure sign of a life full of struggles and unnecessary hurdles. Nothing comes easy and the subject will have to work extremely hard to achieve success in one’s life without external support.

Moreover, the fate line starting from plain of Mars creates big problems in money flow and material prosperity. It presents obstacles to professional growth.

Fate Line from Lifeline

fate line starting from life line

The fate line starting from life line in palmistry suggests the person will be self-made and achieve success with his own talents, hard work, and self-discipline.

Fate Line from Venus mount

fate line from mount of Venus

The fate line starting from mount of Venus suggests the person will receive enormous support and encouragement from his own family, relatives, friends, and spouse that would be instrumental in shaping his or her career.

Fate line starting from inside the lifeline also denotes a strong family bond and traditions, the tendency to carry forward the family business or legacy, and the career choices will be highly influenced by the loved ones.

Fate Line starting from upper Mars

fate line from outer Mars

A clear fate line from outer Mars increases the chances of permanent foreign settlement. Sometimes, it is also known as a foreign job line in palmistry.

The fate line starting from upper Mars represents the person who will achieve fame and wealth through perseverance, assertive action, and competitive nature typically in the early 40s.

Fate line from lower Mars

Fate line from lower mars

Saturn and Mars are bitter enemies of each other. Hence fate line from Mars is not considered positive.

Fate line from lower mars indicates the person is predisposed to accidents, money loss in land dealings, deals completely going haywire, frequent fights, and sometimes suggests a risk of unwanted pregnancy.

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Fate line ending on the middle finger

fate line ending on the middle finger

The fate line ending on the middle finger is considered inauspicious.

The fate line going to the middle finger denotes the person is likely to suffer from hardships, laborious work, negative thinking, and financial instability.

Too many of Saturn’s qualities are an invitation to bad luck.

Forked Fate line at beginning

fate line starts with a fork

If the fate line starts with a fork indicates early separation from the parents, complicated childhood due to family issues such as abandonment, or being raised and adopted by strangers.

Curved Fate Line

wavy fate line

A wavy fate line frequently changes one’s direction leading to an unstable career and professional trajectory taking a backseat.

For instance, the person started off his career with lots of ambitions and a desire for success. However, soon after, his interest suddenly changed and he started dabbling in the creative or artistic world as the fate line shifts its course towards the Sun Mount as shown, and so on and so forth.

This creates a jack of all master of none type of personality who clearly struggles to establish a clear professional identity or to gain the necessary skills and experience to excel in any one field.

Double Fate line from mount of Moon

Two fate lines from mount of moon to the mount of Saturn

Two fate lines from mount of moon to the mount of Saturn is a rare occurrence.

It makes an individual highly intuitive and a celebrity in the public eye. Moreover, there is a possibility that the subject might have a completely different lifestyle hidden from the public and a strong potential to pursue dual careers which are equally important in his psyche.

Parallel Fate lines

Parallel fate lines in palmistry

Parallel fate lines in palmistry denote that at some point the person will try to pursue two different career paths simultaneously.

Some people are versatile, very talented, and have the energy to engage in multiple jobs or ventures. It can also point toward their hidden desire for financial security or a passion for exploring different interests.

Two fate lines parallel to each other should be clear and well-marked.

Double Fate Lines

double fate line on Saturn mount

Two fate lines running from the base of the palm suggest a strong potential to earn income from two distinct sources, such as two careers, business ventures, or investment opportunities.

The double fate line on Saturn mount represents the subject might pursue one career as a hobby and another one as a serious profession. This could result in a balanced and fulfilling life, where the person is able to earn income from both sources while also enjoying their work.

Triple fate line in palmistry

three fate lines on palm

Three fate lines on palm indicate the person will create two additional revenue streams besides his main job.

They may be developed through entrepreneurship, savvy investments, or other means.

Multiple fate lines on palm

multiple fate lines on palm

Multiple fate lines on palm are not considered good.

Many fate lines on palm represent an individual trying to take on too many projects or ventures simultaneously, which can lead to a lack of focus and productivity. Studies have shown that multitasking can have a negative impact on success rates, and attempting to do too many things at once may result in moderate success or failure.

Fate line breaks and continues

broken fate line

There are different types of broken fate lines in palm reading.

If the fate line stops at headline and starts again indicates steady progress till the age the Saturn line hits the headline. However, soon after the person is likely to face a midlife crisis, the beginning of the struggling phase in his career due to a change in focus, wrong life choices may lead to a job break, a money crunch, and an increase in frustrations during all those years.

Nevertheless, the person will eventually overcome these challenges and get back on track in one’s career.

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Fate line ends at head line

fate line stops at head line

If the fate line stops at head line represents bad decisions or judgments that will bring a catastrophe in one’s career. It shows the period of financial problems and hurdles in professional life as well.

It is often seen as a warning sign and demonstrates the urgent need for caution and thoughtful decision-making to avoid the potential pitfalls and hardships that may arise in the future.

Fate line starting from Luna mount

fate line starting from mount of moon

The fate line starting from moon mount suggests that the person’s fate and career will blossom with the help and support of the public.

The fate line originating from the mount of the moon is highly regarded as the subject keeps on getting support and love from the public, family members, and particularly from the opposite sex.

Since the moon mount also rules water, travel, and mother, it also sometimes denotes success in businesses related to foreign lands, import-export ventures, or other international trade activities. This is the generic meaning of the fate line from moon mount to Saturn Mount and its interpretation will change in conjunction with various features and characteristics on the hands.

It is often found in the hands of celebrities, musicians, artists, or anyone who is involved in the public domain.

Fate line merges with the lifeline

fate line merges with the lifeline

If the fate line merges with the lifeline indicates the person’s early phase was restricted by his own family members. However, as soon as the fate line moves away from the lifeline suggests that the person will break free from those restrictions and create their own path in life when the fate line separates from the lifeline.

The lifeline and the fate line merge also mean that there exists a strong relationship between one’s destiny and the physical well-being of an individual.

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Ladder of success palmistry

ladder fate line

The ladder fate line indicates that the person will slowly ascend to a position of great power and influence through his or her own efforts. This ladder-like pattern is seen as a symbol of upward mobility and gradual progression in one’s career or life path.

Additionally, when this ladder-like formation at the end of the fate line gets attracted towards the Jupiter mount, it is interpreted as a sign of increased ambition and enhance leadership qualities in the individual. This combination is believed to bring significant success, wealth, and opportunities into one’s life.

Hence it is also known as the ladder of success in palmistry.

Fate line splits in two

fate line broken in the middle

The fate line broken in the middle and changes direction represents a significant change in the direction of the career path or a major shift in the goals.

With reference to other indications on the palm lines and mounts, fate line changing direction may denote a major turning event in one’s life which could be a result of personal choices, external factors, or a combination of both.

Two fate lines merging

Two fate lines joining each other

Two fate lines joining each other as shown suggests that the person started two career paths right from the beginning of his life. At some point in time, businesses complimented one another and it resulted in some kind of partnership or a strategic merger.

This merging of fate lines can signify various aspects, such as a close relationship, a joint endeavor, or the impact of someone else’s presence in shaping one’s destiny.

Two fate lines crossing each other

Two fate lines crossing each other

Two fate lines crossing each other represent one career goal that may become a significant obstacle to another career, leading to poor decision-making and potential financial loss.

Horizontal lines on fate line

horizontal lines on fate line

Fate line cut by horizontal lines serves as an impediment to career progress and often foretells failures in personal and professional life.

The deeper the cut, the more significant will be the obstruction in the subject’s career path.

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Branches from fate line

branches from fate line

Rising branches from the fate line are always considered auspicious.

They signify favorable opportunities, promotions, or the potential for significant wealth accumulation at a specific age.

The direction of the branch towards a particular mount indicates that success and financial gains will be facilitated by the qualities associated with that specific mount.

For instance, in this case, one branch from the fate line goes to the mercury mount denotes that the person will amass substantial wealth during that specific age through their effective communication and business skills. Similarly, a branch from the fate line to the Jupiter mount indicates a likelihood of job promotion.

Fate line ending with star

fate line ending with a star

The fate line ending with a star generally indicates the person is destined to achieve great success and notable accomplishments in one’s life.

Fate line ends in cross

fate line ends in a cross

If the fate line ends in a cross indicates unfortunate accidents, an increase in melancholic tendencies, and a major health problem in old age.

It is an ominous sign.

Fate line ending between index and middle finger

Fate line ending between Jupiter and Saturn mount

Fate line ending between Jupiter and Saturn mount denotes the subject will maintain a harmonious balance between ambitions and responsibilities.

They will successfully navigate their personal and professional life, striking a perfect equilibrium between the two domains.

Fate line starts from head line

fate line starting from headline

The fate line starting from headline indicates that the individual possesses exceptional intelligence and the ability to outwit colleagues and opponents.

Such an individual is wise and take brilliant decisions at the right time.

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Fate line parallel to lifeline

fate line parallel to lifeline

The fate line parallel to lifeline as shown suggests the person’s family played a significant role in influencing their career direction until a certain point. However, as soon as the fate line moves away from the lifeline, it indicates that the individual begins to make independent decisions.

Fate line ends in fork

fate line ends in fork

The fate line forked at end is a sign of incredible success.

Forked fate line can signify a major shift in the position of power or an increase in the luck factor depending upon the direction of the fork towards Jupiter or Sun mount.

Fate line ending in trident

fate line ending in trident

The fate line ending in trident denotes an immaculate career and continuous success in one’s endeavors throughout life.

The person will earn incredible wealth in the areas ruled by the planet Saturn.

Fate line starting with trident

fate line starting with trident

The fate line starting with trident indicates favorable circumstances and influential connections right from the start of one’s career.

The subject is gifted with quick learning skills and talents that set them apart from others. It promises a fantastic career.

No fate line on palm

no fate line on palm

What does it mean to not have a fate line?

No fate line on palm does not necessarily indicate a lack of success in the subject’s life. Such people try to make their own destiny through sheer hard work and perseverance.

A favorable hand structure, along with strong mounts and a robust thumb, can compensate for the absence of the fate line. I have seen such a fate line on the hands of extremely wealthy people and also on the hands of people who have completely lost direction in their lives.

Thus, a comprehensive study of the hands in their entirety is necessary to understand the true significance of the no fate line on hand.

Fate line ends on heart line

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fate line stops at the heart line

If the fate line stops at the heart line represents a setback in the career due to blunders made on the emotional front.

The heart line rules emotions, relationships, and matters of the heart. The fate line ending on heart line denotes relationships, emotional struggles, or impulsive choices made by an individual have hindered one’s progress.

Fate line starting with a triangle

fate line starting from triangle

The fate line starting from triangle indicates positive energy and promises favorable outcomes.

The triangle acts as a beacon of radiant energy, providing support and guidance to the person empowering the individual to overcome obstacles and achieve success.

Weak fate line

faint fate line

Faint fate line represents disinterest in the job, lack of job satisfaction, on and off health issues, and even personal problems.

Faint broken fate line can suggest a period of unemployment, a big gap in the career, and frustrations and financial issues.

However, it is crucial to analyze other major lines, and the prominence of the mounts on the palm to draw more accurate conclusions.

Dark fate line

dark fate line

A broad and thick dark fate line is a certain sign of misery and poverty.

I have often found such a fate line is usually accompanied by dull looking hand which exacerbates the mentioned indication.

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