Do You Have Half Moon Shape On Your Nails?-Palmistry

half moon on nails

You must have noticed a white semicircle-like formation on the fingernails also known as the half moon and often wondered, does it have any significance?

The short answer is yes, and its meaning changes depending on which finger it is found.

It can be spotted on all the fingers, some of them, or only on a specific fingernail.

Nail Structure anatomy

Nail structure

The pinkish portion of the fingernail is known as the nail plate and its color is derived from the blood vessels situated below it.

That is one of the reasons why nails are used as a barometer for determining the health and personality of a person.

The free edge of the nail is the white portion that extends beyond the fingertip which is made up of dead cells.

The cuticle is a layer of colorless skin below which is the nail fold(black color). It covers the roots of your nail.

This is the structure of a nail and the lunula which means “half moon” found on the nails holds special importance in palmistry.

Let’s see the effect of the half-moon present on different fingers and its interpretations.

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Half Moon on Index Finger

half moon on index finger

If the half moon is present on the index finger also known as Jupiter’s finger in palmistry indicates the person will get successful in the job or promotions.

Half Moon on Middle Finger

Half moon on middle finger

Half moon on the middle finger or Saturn finger suggests that the person will be successful in family matters, land dealings, and machinery-related business.

Half Moon on Ring Finger

Half moon on ring finger also known as Apollo’s finger in palmistry denotes a sudden change in the lifestyle of the person.

He or she will be successful in getting the desired name and fame in society.

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Half Moon on Pinky Finger

Half moon on little finger

Half moon on the little finger also known as the mercury finger indicates the person will make huge profits in the business or a career that requires communication skills, good writing, or technical expertise.

Do you know your pinky finger can tell a lot about your personality?

Half Moon on Thumb

Half moon on thumb

Half moon on the thumbnail denotes the person can achieve and accomplish anything in one’s life if the efforts are channelized in the right direction.

That is the reason why the thumb is known as the king of all fingers.

Point to note: The mentioned results will be more pronounced if the color of the nails is pink in color as shown.

In addition, all the above interpretations should be studied in conjunction with many other signs present on the hands before any concrete conclusions.

Furthermore, if the half moon is missing on the nails does not necessarily imply that you won’t achieve anything in your life!

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