Life Line Tells A Lot About Your Personality And Health (Part 3)-Palmistry

life line in palmistry
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1)Breaks on the Life line

breaks in the life line

If a break appears on the life line and after the break if the line appears to be thin as shown indicates the energy or the current suddenly decreased in the person’s life making him or her vulnerable to various diseases and illness.

2)Life line goes to mount of Moon

life line goes to mount of moon

If the life line goes to the mount of Moon as shown represents the person loves traveling and he or she will have lots of travel abroad.

As the life line is going to the mount of Moon,the person often gets easily anxious and nervous.

3)Continuous Breaks on Life line

continuous breaks on life line

Continuous breaks on the life line suggests serious danger in the form of accident or illness as the person’s vitality decreases (which results into a break).

If a thin line appears after the break indicates the situation has taken a toll on the person’s life..However,if the line appears to be normal denotes the person somehow recovered from that traumatic situation.

To ascertain the behind these breaks,always cross check with the mercury line also know as health line.

4)Ladder like Life line

Ladder like life line

If the life line ends in a ladder like formation as shown represents constant health troubles occurring on and off in the person’s life disturbing the electric flow in the body thereby making the immune system very weak.

The person having such line finds it difficult to concentrate on one’s career or goals due to the constant illness.

5)Dots/Spots on the Life line

Spots/dots on the life line

Spots or dots on the life line denotes minor trouble or obstacles.

If the color of the spot is red represents high fever,chickenpox or typhoid. Always cross-check with the health line and the headline.

Black spot is rare and if spotted indicates serious trouble or even defamation.

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6)Split on Life line

split on life line

The arrows on the life line as shown indicates the flow of energy from top to the bottom.

If the line splits inside the lifeline as shown represents diversion of energy from the main current.

It denotes two things:either the person is making an unsuccessful attempt trying two different things at the same time or at that particular age someone close to the person might have passed away.

7)Sister line

sister line on palm

If there are breaks on the life line and the sister line appears outside (position 1) or inside (position 2) the lifeline and runs parallel to the life line represents protection from serious illness or accident.

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8)Life line joining Fate line

life line joining the fate line

If the life line joins the fate line represents sudden change in the person’s lifestyle or thinking process.This is a very unique kind of formation where the fate line acts as both life line as well as destiny line.

The age of transition can be found out when the life line meets the fate line as shown.

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