Heart Line Tells A Lot About Your Personality-Palmistry

heart line in palmistry

Heart line in palmistry indicates how well a person expresses one’s emotions, feelings, sentiments with respect to love and relationships.

Let’s see the various combinations of heart lines that can be found on the person’s hand.

Heavily Chained Heart line

chained heart line

A chained heart line denotes the person is very sensitive, easily gets hurt, and is affected by what other people say about him or her.

It disturbs the main current from the heart and increases the chances of the person getting heart-related diseases. Hence heart line is also used as a barometer to check the health and physical condition of the heart.

It is often found that the heart of such a person starts pumping fast whenever things go opposite to what they have planned.

A chained heart line also indicates that the person is not able to express his or her emotions properly which leads to the formation of unpredictable and moody nature.

Hence he or she is scared to commit to the relationship and love matters.

Heart line ends under the Middle finger

Heart line ends under middle finger

If the heart line is short and ends under the Saturn mount as shown indicates that the person lacks emotions, wants physical pleasure, and does not get swayed away from any kind of affection in general.

It often makes the person a loner who doesn’t want other people to interfere in his or her life.

It makes the person self-centered and orthodox in nature who is very much concentrated on one’s career or goals.

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Heart line branches Upward/Downward

Branches from the heart lines moving Upwards/Branches from the heart lines moving downwards

If the heart line branches upwards (position 1) denote constant success in love matters or relationships.

Similarly, downward branches from the heart line (position 2) denote continuous disappointment in the marriage, love life, or relationships in general.

Vertical lines cutting the heart line

Vertical lines cutting the heart line/Cross bars cutting the heart line

If the cross-bars cuts the heart line as shown indicates the person will have a hard time expressing his or her emotions, have serious heart disease, or even divorce at that particular age.

To ascertain whether it is a heart-related illness or disappointments in the relationships one needs to cross-check with the health line also known as the mercury line.

If any defects are found on the health line such as islands, breaks, etc. at that particular age reinforces health problems and weak condition of the heart. The intensity of the cuts determines the trouble faced by the person.

Deep, thick vertical lines cutting the heart line aggravates the difficulties in his or her life.

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Curved Heart line goes to the Jupiter mount

Curved heart line going to the mount of Jupiter

If the heart line is curved and goes to the Jupiter mount under the index finger as shown represents the person is idealistic in nature.

Such a person selflessly loves and helps others without expecting anything in return irrespective of any relationship.

The curved heart line helps the person to express one’s emotions or affections in an effective and frank manner.

Hence he or she is good at building solid relationships as long as there is mutual understanding and the opposite person does not start taking the relationship for granted.

Breaks on the Heart line

heart line broken in palmistry

A broken heart line as shown indicates a serious breakdown in love or health problems.

It interrupts the main flow of current from the heart that suggests some major event, shock, or incident has changed the person’s attitude or outlook toward life. That’s why the break appears on the heart line.

It is considered a bad sign.

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Straight Heart line

Straight heart line in palmistry

If the heart line goes straight to the Mount of Jupiter as shown indicates the person is idealistic, faithful, easily falls in love, and devote much of one’s time and energy towards one’s spouse.

However, the long, straight heart line makes it difficult to express on the emotional front.

At the same time, people with such type of heartline have high expectations from their life partners and often get disappointed.

Dots on the Heart line

Dots or Spot on the heart line in palmistry

Dots on the heart line denotes excessive stress on the heart during that particular age which can lead to heart diseases or health defects.

Bigger the size of the dot, the higher the intensity or likelihood of heart trouble in the person’s life.

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