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horizontal lines on thumb

Acupressure is an ancient technique of applying pressure to different points on the body in order to cure diseases and stress.

acupressure to relieve stress

It creates a balance of energy within the body. This is precisely what the ancient martial arts used to focus their energies on.

Balance of Energy

Balance of Energy

The pattern of well-executed movements strengthens the internal organs that develop extraordinary power to combat different illnesses and opponents as well. 

These movements act as another form of meditation and self-healing technique wherein it cleanses the negative energy, reduces stress, and increases the energy and vitality in the body.

Pressure Point For Brain

pressure point for brain

Our fingertips especially the thumb have got pressure point that directly connects with the brain.

In the language of Acupressure, when pressure is applied to the defective part, the meridians get activated and start supplying energy through their respective channels.

In this process, brain chemicals known as endorphins are released that relieve stress and pain and work as neurotransmitters that function to transmit electrical signals between neurons and within the nervous system.

Horizontal Lines on Thumb

horizontal lines on thumb

Horizontal lines start to appear whenever the brain is getting excessively stressed.

There is always a combination of positive and negative energy surrounding the person and this energy enters and leaves to and fro from the fingertips. This flow of energy gets blocked whenever horizontal lines start to appear on the first section of the thumb.

In palmistry, the more horizontal lines in this section, the more struggles, and obstacles the person is going to face in his or her life.

Another way of looking at this is: these lines are formed on the first section of the thumb which represents willpower. Will power plays a dominant role in the success of the person because there will be times in each and every person’s life when he or she will be in troubled waters?

And it is the sheer willpower, determination, and ambition that takes the person out of it.

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Few Thin Horizontal Lines On the Thumb

Few Thin Horizontal Lines On the Thumb

Few hair-like thin lines are certainly not the cause for concern.

They appear and disappear quickly if proper precautions such as concentration techniques are practiced by the person at the right time before they become deep and thick.

No Horizontal Lines on the Thumb

no horizontal lines on thumb

Obviously, the ideal combination is to have no horizontal lines in this section but that does not necessarily translates into extraordinary success as there are so many parameters to take into consideration.

However, it is one of the good combinations that reflects force and determination to move ahead in one’s life.

That’s why the thumb is given so much importance in palmistry.

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