Do You Have Trident/Trishul Sign On Your Hand??

Trident/Trishul Sign on the hands
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        Trident sign on the palm is always considered a very lucky sign because the three prongs of Trident signify prosperity  which will bring lots of wealth in a person’s life,spirituality which will make the person healthy from inside and plentiful of resources which manages to keep the person happy in his or her life.

Trident/Trishul Sign on the hands

Trident increases the quality of the mounts or lines it appears on.It protects the person from troubles and instills a sense of determination which makes the person very successful in one’s life.

Downward and Upward facing Trident

There are different types of Trident which can be found on the person’s hand as shown.Trident rising from the main line splits into three different the main line splits into three different directions  which gives a unique perspective and energy to the person,whereas the downward facing Trident is the one where two branches merge into the main line giving more or less the same effect.

Remember guys,Trident should be well marked to get the desired effect in the bearer’s life.Let’s see the different combinations where the Trident is found either on the lines or mounts and its effect.

Trident on the mount of Venus

If the Trident is found on the Mount of Venus as shown indicates the person finds oneself quite lucky in finding the true love in his or her life.At the same time the person is able to empathize with others and appreciate the beauty surrounding oneself.

Trident on the lower and upper mount of Mars

Trident found on the lower and upper mount of mars

If the Trident is found on the upper mount of Mars as marked by the circle in red color indicates the person will achieve lots of wealth through perseverance and one stable nature,especially in the troubled times.

Similarly,if the Trident is found on the lower mount of Mars as shown indicates the person will be a successful athlete,police officer or sports person because the Trident helps to amplify the traits associated with lower mount of Mars such as aggression,courage etc.

Trident at the end of the head line

If the headline end in a trident like formation as shown where one branch goes to the mount of moon and the other one goes to the mount of mercury indicates that the bearer’s career will be very successful.

It indicates that the bearer uses business or communication skills from the mercury mount,practically from the straight headline and imagination from the mount of moon making him or her a very balanced person.

Trident on the mount of Moon

Trident on the mount of moon

Trident on the mount of moon makes the person very strong in imagination and creative thinking.

It also makes the person quite romantic in nature.

Trident at the end of the heart line

Trident at the end of the heart line

Trident on the heart line is considered as a very fortunate sign especially if it is ending under the mount of Jupiter as shown.

It makes the person emotionally, mentally and physically very strong and stable,often found in the hands of wealthy people.

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Fate line ending in a trident

Fate line ending in a trident

If the fate line ends in a well formed Trident like formation is a clear indication that the person will be highly successful and wealthy in one’s life.

If the fate line ends in a trident on the mount of Saturn as shown indicates the person will acquire significant wealth through land dealings and other business.

Trident on the mount of Mercury

Trident on the mount of mercury

Trident on the mount of mercury makes the person wealthy and he or she rises to the position of power and responsibility due to one’s business and communication skills.

Often found in the hands of person where he or she captures the entire audience with one’s magnetic personality and speeches.

Trident on the mount of Jupiter

Trident on the mount of Jupiter

Trident on the mount of Jupiter is an outstanding mark of success and recognition.The person is full of ambitions and likes to lead and manage people.

Such marking is often found in the hands of person who is in big leadership role.

Trident on the mount of Saturn

Trident on the mount of Saturn

If the Trident appears on the mount of Saturn is an excellent mark of wisdom and materialistic possession.

Person having trident on the mount of Saturn are rich and successful in one’s career due to his or her own hard work and patience.

Trident on the mount of Sun

Trident on the mount of Sun

A well-marked trident on the mount of Sun is equivalent to the star formation.It makes the person famous,successful and wealthy in one’s career.

It is considered as one of the most fortunate signs in palmistry.

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  1. I have trident sign between Jupiter and Saturn on my right hand.
    I am a very successful person as an engineer but failed in business and have no money
    I am Indian born in Mumbai India but staying in Nairobi Kenya. Citizen of kenya
    Date of Birth 8th May 1947
    Very healthy and energetic

  2. I am a guy and have a prominent trident on the left hand on mount of sun. and a trident opeNing leftwards in left hand.

    In right hand the tridents are not that prominent.

    What does it signify?

  3. I have the trisule on my sun line (downwards)but when it connect with my heart line… And at tht place my sun line also finished

  4. What does it show when the marriage line is splitting in branches at the end and forming a trident* … One branch is going up and other is going down…. Anybody tell plz .

  5. I am a woman. Have à trident on the Sun mount and i have been very lucky financially from my very young age. The trident has been there ever since i can remember. From the day of my birth I brought financial luck To my parents.

  6. I am 15 years old (almost 16) and have a fainted trident on my mount of saturn on my right hand. I also have a fate line, but it is wavy between the head and heart line and is pretty fainted, it also comes up from my life line. Does this mean I am still gonna be sucessfull in life?

    • That’s a good question.A “well marked” trident will give positive results to the person but the overall success of the person is judged by studying the entire hand and not alone the fate line.Since you are young,lines are subject to change(fast).

  7. I have 4 lines in my palm. One should be head line, life line & heart life. Then what is the fourth line…. Anyone please support me…

  8. I have a trident just beside the centre of the palm which is facing the mount under the little finger… does it mean something?

  9. I’m a male,33 years of age,I have a trident on my right palm…the heart line end in a trident,,,which is my fate line merged also there….in total my heart line and fate line merged and it form into a trident under the Jupiter finger…how can I show you the pic…..I can’t upload it here?

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