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Trident sign in palmistry

Trident sign on palm

Shiva and Trishul

Right from Greek Mythology, Poseidon is seen holding a three-pronged spearhead which was used to create thunderstorms, floods, and earthquakes to Hindu mythology where Lord Shiva carries Trishul, a powerful and auspicious weapon to destroy enemies and the ego of an individual.

Over the period of time, so many stories racked up with regard to the meaning of the three projections of the trident. Each interpretation looks convincing in itself. However, it is difficult to accurately check the veracity of these claims.

In general, the three prongs of the trident signify prosperity (lots of wealth), spirituality (healthy from the inside), and plentiful resources for overall happiness in one’s life.

One thing is for certain, the trident is an extremely lucky and powerful sign if it is well marked on the hands.

Downward trident and upward-facing trident

types of trident in palmistry
types of the trident in palmistry

There are different types of tridents such as an upward-facing trident, a downward-facing trident, or a trident sitting horizontally on a mount.

In my own experience, I have found all these tridents give more or less the same remarkable results it is known for in palmistry. 

Point to note: Don’t make a trident on palm out of random crisscrossing of the line. It has absolutely no significance except in your confused brain.

Let’s see the effect of the lucky trident sign in palmistry on various mounts and lines.

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Trident on mount of Saturn

trident on mount of Saturn

This is the hand of a person who held an exceptionally influential position in the political sphere.

You can clearly see the big formation of the trident on Saturn mount.

Trident captures the positive energy from the cosmic world entering through the fingers and heightens the quality of the lines or mounts.

On the good condition of Saturn mount along with the hand structure, one of the arms enters the territory of Jupiter mount, the middle arm sits on the Saturn mount and the third arm slightly deflects towards the mount of Sun.

It creates extraordinary conjunction to achieve brilliant success in his life with the help of wisdom and hard work. He rose to the top ranks in the public and the trident sign on Saturn mount bestowed him with huge wealth and status.

It is always said that with great power comes great responsibility. Seldom I have found people practicing this, especially in politics.

Over years, several corruption cases have been staked up against him. I always tell brilliant readers that micro-economic factors, pressure tactics, and money power sometimes goes beyond the realms of palmistry.

Trident on the mount of Venus

Trident on mount of Venus

Trident on Venus mount helps to attract the opposite sex and true love in his or her life.

I have seen this spectacular sign on the hands of people who have carved a niche in the entertainment, showbiz, and fashion industry.

Impeccable eye for beauty, nature and deep understanding of emotions makes them very good at building long-term loyal relationships.

Trident on mars mount

Trident on mars mount

Trident on upper mars (red color) suggests success and money will be earned through one’s perseverance, self-confidence, and courage in troubled times.

No wonder, it is found in the hands of adventurous people, navy or army personnel who are known for their unparalleled courage.

Similarly, the trident on lower mount of mars (blue color) represents victory over aggression, assertiveness, and tremendous patience in the odd times. I have practically seen a trident on lower mars in the hands of a successful athlete, police officer, or sportsperson.

It also denotes protection from steel, iron, and success in real estate or weapon-related business.

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Trident at the end of the headline

Trident at the end of headline

Trident at the end of the headline where one of the branches goes to the mount of moon and another branch gets attracted to the mercury mount as shown represents exceptional business acumen and money-making abilities.

The person takes business and communication skills from the mercury mount, practicality from the straight and long headline, and fertile imagination from the mount of moon that makes him or her a very balanced person and represents good decision-making abilities.

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Trident on mount of Moon

Trident on mount of moon

Trident on the well-developed mount of moon provides otherworldly imagination and powerful intuition.

I have seen this rare marking on the hands of hedge fund managers, writers, poets, and painters due to their unique stability and meditative state of mind.

It also indicates romantic union on some hands.

Trident at the end of heart line

Trident at the end of heart line

Trident on the heart line is considered a fortunate sign especially if it ends under the mount of Jupiter as shown.

It makes the person emotionally, mentally, and physically very strong and stable.

No wonder, it is often found on the hands of very successful and multi-millionaires.

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Fate line ends in a trident

Fate line ends in a trident

A fate line ending in a trident is a certain indication of outstanding wealth and prosperity in any field.

He or she will acquire a significant amount of money through land dealings and denotes incredible fame if there is a well-marked trident on the fate line.

Trident on mount of Mercury

Trident on mount of mercury

Trident on mercury mount is a sign of magnetic personality, a gift of eloquence, and marital bliss.

It cultivates a strong sense of business acumen and often gets found on the hands of innovators, entrepreneurs who became super rich from scratch, lecturers who are revered for their captivating speeches, aura, and scientists.

Trident on mount of Jupiter

Trident on the mount of Jupiter

Trident on Jupiter mount indicates early marriage and accomplishment in the religious or spiritual world.

Ambitions, prosperity, and recognition get amplified if a trident is found on the mount of Jupiter.

It is an outstanding mark to manage people, authority, ability to take strategic roles, and natural flair to take leadership roles.

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Trident on mount of Sun

Trident on mount of Sun

Trident on Sun mount makes an individual extremely famous and rich in his or her life.

A clear trident catapults a person to the epitome in the arts, politics, government service, and business that requires unusual creativity.

Trident on Apollo mount is equivalent to star formation on Sun mount.

Trident on Rahu mount

Trident on Rahu mount

Trident on Rahu mount is a certain sign of massive wealth and materialistic pleasure in one’s life.

It also denotes sudden explosion in fame, quick success in career, and money.

Suffice to say, it is considered one of the fortunate signs in palmistry.

Trident on Ketu mount

Trident on Ketu mount

The trident on mount of Ketu represents mysterious spiritual energy developed from early childhood and birth in a house with plenty of resources and amenities.

Trident on Neptune mount is a hallmark of a wealthy life.

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