Government Job/Higher Administrative Post Indications In Palmistry

Government Job Indications in palmistry
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Job security,money and pride are some of the reasons why people all over the world seeks for a government job.

Job security in Government jobs

There are certain indications on the hand which amplifies the chances of the person getting administrative post or a government job.However,it is very difficult to predict that the person is definitely going to get a government job.

It all depends upon how the person makes use of these indications and works in the right direction making proper use of the resources available at hand.

Let’s see the different signs or factors which will help the person to get a good  administrative post in his or her life.


Factor affecting Job

First factor that should be considered while analyzing the person’s potential of getting into a government job is the simplicity of the hand.

You will find that the three major lines,the heart line,the headline and the life line to be distinct and clear with no criss-crossing of other lines on the palm.This is one of the reasons why you will find such person to be less stressful and finds a perfect balance between one’s public and private life.

Second factor which should be looked into is the presence of flawless fate line (yellow color) running towards the mount of Saturn as shown with protruded Jupiter mount and a deep etched Sun line found on the Mount of Sun.

These two major factors will give enough information about whether the person is capable of getting into an administrative post.Majority of the times,you will find that the lines will either gets attracted towards the Jupiter mount which stands for ambition and leadership qualities or towards the Mount of Sun which will 
provide focus and fame to the person.

1)Branch from the fate line to the Jupiter mount

Branch from the fate line to the mount of Jupiter

If the branch from the fate line goes to the mount of Jupiter indicates that the bearer is going to get a high position in one’s life.

If the person is trying for a government exam and has such kind of formation in one’s hand represents a very strong chance of getting success.

2)Influence line from life line to the Sun mount

influence line from the life line goes to the Mount of Sun

If the influence line from the lifeline goes to the Mount of Sun as shown suggests that the person will be highly successful in the government service.

3)Line from the life line to the mount of Jupiter

Line from life line going to the Jupiter mount

One of the most common indication found in the hands of a government servant is the presence of a long ambition line coming from the life line and reaching to the Jupiter mount without any defects.

The person having such line along with a clear sun line on the Sun mount works very hard in the life to achieve one’s ambitions and career goals.

4)Branch from fate line to Sun mount

branch from fate line to sun mount

If the branch from the fate line joins the Sun line as shown suggests that the person will acquire fame,wealth and promotion due to one’s efforts in the government service.

5)Branch from Sun line to the Jupiter mount

Branch from sun line to the mount of Jupiter

Although a very rare combination, if the branch from the Sun line goes all the way to the Jupiter Mount as shown represents a very strong indication of the person getting a good administrative post in one’s life.

This is one of the prominent markings found in the hands of highly successful people who have worked  in the government related area.

6)Fate line curving towards the Jupiter mount

fate line curving towards mount of Jupiter/vertical lines on mount of Jupiter

If the fate line curves towards the mount of Jupiter indicates the person has got great ambitions in one’s life and will achieve outstanding success and wealth.

Along with this formation if the vertical lines are also present on the Jupiter mount reinforces that the person will achieve great position in the public service related area.

These are some of the indications which will help the person to get into a government job.

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