Government Job Or Higher Administrative Post Signs In Palmistry

Government Job Indications in palmistry

Job security, money, and pride are some of the reasons why some people all over the world seek a government job.

Job security in Government jobs

There are certain indications on the hand that amplify the probability of a person getting into a high-paying administrative post, or a government job.

However, it is very difficult to predict whether he or she is definitely going to get a high-authority job.

The economy of a country, corruption, intent and hard work of a person, and many other parameters working in tandem accentuates the chances or help an individual to work in the right direction and make proper use of the resources available at hand.

Let’s see the high position job or government job signs in palmistry.

Government job signs

government job signs in palmistry

One of the important factors that should be considered, while analyzing the person’s potential of getting into a government job is the simplicity of the hand.

All the major lines: the heart line, the headline, and the lifeline are generally found to be distinct and clear with no crisscrossing of other lines on the palm.

I always found such an individual to be very balanced in a stressful situation. Not to mention, the perfect work-life balance.

In addition, there is a presence of a flawless fate line (yellow color) that runs to the mount of Saturn as shown, with protruded Jupiter mount and a deep etched Sunline on the mount of Sun.

Most of the time, the branches from the fate line will get attracted towards the Jupiter mount which stands for ambition and leadership qualities, or the mount of the Sun.

The aforementioned factors provide enough information about whether the person is capable of a leadership role, or an administrative post.

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Branch from fate line to the Jupiter mount

Branch from fate line to the mount of Jupiter

A branch from fate line to the mount of Jupiter is a sign of a high position in one’s life.

If a person is trying to crack a competitive test and has such formation on his or her hands represents a very strong chance of getting through.

Line from life line to the Sun mount

A line from the life line to sun mount

If a line from life line goes to the mount of Sun, and the mount of Jupiter and Sun are prominent suggests that the person will be highly successful in public service, or a high government position.

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Line from the lifeline to the mount of Jupiter

Line from life line to Jupiter mount

One of the most common indications found in the hands of a high government official is the presence of an ambition line, a line from the lifeline to the mount of Jupiter without any defects.

Moreover, there is the presence of a clear sun line on the mount of Sun denotes a hardworking individual who will rise to the position of power.

Branch from fate line to Sun mount

branch from fate line to sun mount

If a branch from the fate line joins the Sun line as shown indicates the person will acquire fame, wealth, and quick promotions through one’s own efforts in the government service.

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Branch from Sun line to mount of Jupiter

Branch from sun line to the mount of Jupiter

Although a very rare combination, if a branch from the Sun line goes all the way to the Jupiter Mount is a strong indication of a powerful administrative post in one’s life.

I have seen this brilliant marking on the hands of extremely successful people in their areas of expertise.

Fate line curving towards mount of Jupiter

fate line curving towards mount of Jupiter/vertical lines on mount of Jupiter

If the fate line curves towards the index finger and goes to the mount of Jupiter represents great ambitions and outstanding success with regard to marriage and wealth.

In addition, if the vertical lines are present on a well-developed mount of Jupiter is a guaranteed sign of super success.

Fate line moving toward the mount of Jupiter

fate line moving towards mount of Jupiter

This hand belongs to the late superstar, who had a spectacular career in the entertainment industry.

The fate line is taking a nice curve to the Jupiter mount that suggests great ambitions will drive the person to achieve his desires.

Undoubtedly, he achieved success, fame, and public status.

In addition, if there is a presence of fortunate signs such as a star, trident, or a single vertical line, and the smooth texture of skin intensifies all the positive attributes associated with the mount of Jupiter.

Head line starting from mount of Jupiter

If the headline starts from the protruded Jupiter mount, ends under the mercury mount without any islands or bars cutting the headline, and splits at the end is a powerful sign of honor, intelligence, and multi-talent.

He or she is bound to get in touch with the A list, or prominent people in the world.

Furthermore, if there is the presence of ambition lines reflecting inner self-confidence and bold nature, he knows what he wants in his life, and would spare no efforts to achieve his target.

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Fate line going to Jupiter mount

fate line going to Jupiter mount

This is the hand of the boss of bosses who holds a very powerful position in the public domain.

Jupiter’s mount is well developed, the fate line is moving towards the mount of Jupiter and the type of hand suggests he is the epitome of leadership.

Not to mention, the presence of strong intuition that will assist him in his career.

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