Half Moon On Your Palms. Is It A Myth?

Half Moon on your palms.Is it a myth?

Most of you must have heard somewhere, or came across on the internet that whenever you join both hands and if a half moon get formed in your hands as shown, you will have a very good looking spouse and happy marriage.

Is it a Myth?

It is a nonsensical and made up sign.

It is heavily targeted to catch the attention of unwary, superstitious and gullible masses. There is no dearth of such people on this planet.

Let’s think in a logical way with the help of following examples and debunk this myth.

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Straight heart line in both hands

Half Moon on your palms.Is it a myth?

Let’s assume that there is a presence of straight heart line under the mount of Saturn or Jupiter mount on both hands.

In addition, if the hand is pinkish in color, there is a good development of Venus mount and excellent signs are present on the mount of Jupiter naturally bestows him or her with a good looking spouse and brilliant marriage.

I have seen thousands of hands where the so called “half moon” was formed with the help of curved heart line, and neither the marriage survived nor the person had a “good looking” partner because of the defective heart line and plethora of bad signs were present on the hands.

Half moon on palm

half moon on palm

Curved heart line in palmistry indicates the person is emotionally expressive, romantic and receptive. However, it has nothing to do with half moon and its interpretation.

The bottom line: Don’t believe in such gimmick and waste your time!

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