Half Moon On Your Palms.Is It A Myth?

Half Moon on your palms.Is it a myth?
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Most of you must have came across on the internet or heard that whenever you join your hands and a half moon is formed in your hands as shown you will have a very good-looking spouse and marriage.

Is it a myth?Or it is really true?

In my opinion it is completely baseless and not true at all.It is just to gain attention or arouse the curiosity of the person.Let’s think it logically.


Straight heart line in both the hands

Half Moon on your palms.Is it a myth?

What if the person has got a straight heart line going to the mount of Jupiter as shown in both the hands instead of the curved one but has a very good Venus mount and other markings which denotes the bearer will have a successful marriage and a good looking spouse.I have personally seen hands where a so called half moon is completely formed and neither the marriage survived nor the spouse of the person was beautiful.

Yes, curved heart line ending between the Jupiter mount and the Saturn mount do indicate that the bearer is emotionally and physically expressive but it has nothing to do with the half moon interpretations which you often come across on the internet.

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