Poor Lines And Poverty Signs In Your Hands?-Palmistry

poor lines in palmistry

Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs

Maslow hierarchy of needs

Maslow hierarchy of needs is a theory in psychology that gives a fair idea about poverty.

The pyramid is divided into five different sections.

If the basic physiological needs at the bottom of the pyramid are not satisfied, it represents the person is poor, and he or she gets entangled in a web of constant frustrations and stress.

That’s why an individual finds it difficult to move up the hierarchy because of a lack of motivation and constant insecurities in his or her life.

It also explains the wide gap between rich and poor people.

There are different versions of this theory, and it keeps on getting refined with changing times.

Unemployment and Poverty

poverty and employment

If you have watched various documentaries on poverty, and some popular shows on Netflix, you will realize how poverty, unemployment, and external circumstances force some people to go in the wrong direction.

However, they are minting money like never before through illegal routes.

It is a reprehensible, and debatable topic in so many ways.

The point is, I have seen such hands, and poverty, lack of education, and associated personality traits still get reflected on the hands.

Just because someone decides to live life on the edge seldom changes the lines on the hands.

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Karma, Suffering, and Poverty

karma,suffering and poverty

In some forms of palmistry, palm readers try to relate karma with poverty.

Karma is a b*tch or a blatant lie?

It is a matter of perspective how you look at this notion.

Rahu Lines

worry lines in palmistry

This is the hand of a person who consulted me regarding marriage, and job opportunities.

At that time, she was going through a tough time and was unemployed for straight four years.

Let’s look at her left hand.

There are so many lines from the mount of Venus cutting the lifeline (black color), and the Saturn line also known as worry lines on palm or Rahu lines in palmistry.

If you want to find out the exact age of these lines, check out how to time the lifeline in palmistry.

Whenever there is complete chaos on the plain of Mars, it denotes poverty, constant family problems, loss of money, financial struggles, and a directionless career.

In addition to her own problems, her father passed away at a young age, and her brother was facing some serious kidney-related complications. You can clearly the beginning portion of life line is missing on her right hand.

Lines from the headline towards the lower mount of Mars (green color), a line from the lower Mars cutting the lifeline along with the horizontal lines on the thumb represent mental unrest, and the stress levels in the body are quite high.

She was quite frustrated with her life.

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Flat mounts in palmistry

flat mounts in palmistry

Look at her right hand, almost all the mounts are flat, underdeveloped, and deflated.

It looks as if someone punctured positive energy centers on the hands also known as mounts like a balloon.

In addition, the passive subconscious mind is weak it suggests that the person doubts her own capabilities, and easily gets influenced and discouraged by other people; there is general negativity and restlessness on the hands.

Furthermore, the headline goes all the way towards the upper mount of Mars and there is a gap between the lifeline and the headline is considered a bad sign on such hands.

It represents she is stubborn and reckless in nature.

All these signs point toward poverty and struggles.

Major Lines on palm

poverty signs in palmistry

If all the major lines: the heart line, the headline, and the lifeline are thick and dark in color, the hand looks pale and mottled with spots on it.

In addition, there is the presence of a defective fate line with hard skin texture and the absence of a sun line is a sign of purposeless life and poverty, full of obstacles.

It is often found on the hands of manual labor workers with limited skill sets who struggle to make ends meet, and live on minimum labor wages.

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Many lines on the palm

many lines on palm

Similarly, if a multitude of random lines are crisscrossing on the mounts with bad signs on it such as a cross or an island on the sun mount.

Thick horizontal lines are present on the Saturn mount, the headline is full of defects with islands and bars cutting it, and downward branches from the heart line are an indication of extremely bad luck, depression, and worthless life.

The person with such a combination feels defeated in one’s life.

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