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Palm Reading of a celebrity-Sarah Bernhardt

Sarah Bernhardt’s hand

Palm Reading of Sarah Bernhardt
Credits: Cheiro’s language of the hand

This spectacular hand belongs to the famous French superstar Sarah Bernhardt.

Let’s see some special signs in palmistry and the remarkable features of this hand.

Sun line starting from bracelet

sun line starting from bracelet
Credits: Cheiro’s language of the hand

There is a presence of flawless fate line and the Sun line running parallel to each other towards their respective mounts.

She was born to be famous and rich as the sun line starts from the base of a palm, which bestowed her with ample big opportunities in life.

The fate line starting with a fork

A forked fate line at the start and a large gap between the lifeline and the headline suggest that Sarah must have been separated from her parents at a very early age.

She was an illegitimate daughter of a Jewish prostitute and never saw her father.

Her mother sent Sarah to the boarding school at the age of 7. In fact, it is said that her mother did not love her and wanted to get rid of Sarah as soon as possible.

Headline from Mount of Jupiter

The straight headline across the palm starting from the mount of Jupiter without any defects represents she was highly ambitious and confident.

If you observe closely, the index finger also known as Jupiter’s Finger is thick and strong as compared to other fingers which reinforces her Jupiterian traits, extremely bold, self-reliant, and egoistic nature.

The line from Lifeline to the headline

From early childhood, a line from Lifeline merges with the headline denotes her strong mental ability and intelligence.

Saturn finger bent towards Apollo finger

Saturn’s finger slightly bends towards Apollo’s finger and vice versa indicates she was clever, highly focused, and ready to sacrifice some responsibilities for financial success.

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Split on life line

split on life line
Credits: Cheiro’s language of the hand

Lifeline splits into two at the age of around 14, represents the main current in the lifeline getting deflected, some major event must have taken place in her life.

At this age, she learned from valid sources that her father died overseas.

At the same time, a line from the lifeline is getting merged into the heart line, suggests that somehow the pain of losing her father changed her emotional thought process.

The line from Mount of Venus joining the fate line

You can see, a line from the mount of Venus is joining the fate line at the exact same age.

A very influential political leader known as Morny and his friend Dumas helped Sarah immensely during her early career, as they believed that she was destined to become an actress even though she was skeptical in the first place.

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The gap between lifeline and headline

She was quite impulsive, sensitive to criticism, and hot-headed right from the beginning of her acting career.

It is getting reinforced by the presence of a wide gap between the headline and the lifeline, and the inherent features of the water type of hand make her moody and sensitive.

For instance, she once slapped an actress much older and more experienced than her, and also broke an umbrella over the head of a doorkeeper when he called her “little Bernhardt”.

Heartline touching headline

Look at the heart line, instead of curving or going straight to the Jupiter mount, it goes downwards and touches the head line indicates the head rules her overall personality, and she had a hard time trusting her emotions.

head line ends in a fork
Credits: Cheiro’s language of the hand

The headline forked at the end

The headline ends in a fork enhances her intelligence and versatile thinking.

She is gifted with the perfect blend of practical thinking and imagination bestowed from the mount of the Moon, an ability to see from both sides, a trait much required in the demanding and glamorous profession like acting.

Overdeveloped mount of Venus

Downward branches from the heart line and overdeveloped mount of Venus with a grille pattern on it represent strong sexual desires.

In addition, well-developed lower mars amplifies her sexual energy.

Sarah had an affair with the Belgian Prince and became pregnant at the age of 20. She had multiple sexual partners throughout her entire career and was quite open about it.

Most of the affairs including her marriage at the age of around 38 were big failures.

Island on the Marriage line

If you observe closely, you will find an island on the marriage line, and the line starts going downward cutting the heart line and merges with the Sun line.

However, one can’t rely on the marriage line alone.

The upper mount of Mars is quite weak as compared to other mounts which suggests she found it difficult to say no to other people, lacked resistance, and easily got tempted.

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The angle between thumb and index finger

The large angle between the thumb and the index finger along with the overdeveloped mount of Venus made her quite lenient and extra generous in love matters and relationships.

Space between the Ring finger and pinky

Big space between the little finger and ring finger represents she was quite unconventional,and independent in her thoughts and actions.

Sarah was known to play controversial and unconventional roles throughout her acting career.

Long Mercury finger

Mercury’s finger is long, straight, and evenly set, it exceeds the first joint of Apollo’s finger; the wide quadrangle formed between the headline and the heart line and the waist-like development of the second section of the thumb suggests that she was diplomatic, very clever, brilliant communicator, shrewd and gifted expression power required in the creative and artistic world.

Sarah was very good at negotiating contracts and making money out of it.

It is getting reinforced with the presence of a single vertical line on the mercury mount, a line from the heart line to the mount of mercury, and another line from lower mars to the Jupiter mount.

All these factors suggest a strong desire to make money.

ring finger longer than index finger
Credits: Cheiro’s language of the hand

Ring finger longer than the index finger

Apollo’s finger is longer than Jupiter’s finger, and the well-developed mount of the Sun, strong and clear sun line made her very famous and lucky in the creative world of self-expression and represents her risk-taking abilities.

In fact, she was very good at making sculptures and paintings.

Not to mention, she had a strong fan following in the public domain.

Pointed finger

Pointed fingertips along with the overdeveloped Venus mount indicate the most important thing that really mattered to Sarah in the subconscious mind is the beauty and aesthetically pleasing materialistic objects.

Star sign on sunline

Her major breakthrough came at the age of around 24. However, it is only in the middle of her career she became a superstar and never looked back again.

You can clearly see a star formation at this particular age, and all the lines from the Mount of Venus, the Mount of Moon, and the Fate line are joining this star as if some power in the universe was really helping her to become a star.

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A line from headline to Jupiter mount

Sarah faced several obstacles in her life. You can see a line from the headline is crossed by another line on the Jupiter mount.

Please note: It is not a cross on the Jupiter mount.

It is the sheer determination and strong willpower derived from the long thumb, she was able to overcome these hurdles in her life.

Square on Jupiter mount

A well-marked square on the mount of Jupiter protected her pride, excess ambitions, and other major troubles in life.

It is one of the best markings that can be seen on the mount of Jupiter.

Double fate line

At the age of around 42, a double fate line emerges and runs parallel with the main fate line till the very end.

Sarah use to live a very luxurious life and her extravagant spending always resulted in a shortfall of money. That’s why she decided to travel around the world to support the expenses along with her acting career.

You can clearly see the travel lines on the mount of the moon, and the well-developed mount of Venus gave her immense energy and physical vitality to travel all around the world.

Point to note: Travel lines on the mount of the moon are not the only barometer for foreign travels.

Cross on the mount of Saturn

There is a clear formation of the cross on the Saturn mount indicates that some unfortunate fatal accident might have taken place in her life.

Sarah injured her leg in her 70s and developed gangrene on that leg. Unfortunately, surgeons have to cut her leg to prevent it from spreading all across the body.

Star on the Sun mount

Despite severe obstacles, she continued to work till the time of her death and crowned her life like a star that is getting formed at the end of the sun line on the sun mount.

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