Mounts In Palmistry Tells A Lot About Your Success And Personality

mounts on palm/mounts on hand in palmistry

Mounts on the hand are a powerful source of predicting nature and one’s abilities to earn a good fortune with regard to money, career, health, and relationship.

Mount of Jupiter

Mount of Jupiter

Mount of Jupiter in palmistry is located under the index finger as shown.

It stands for ambitions, leadership, pride, social status, religion, self-confidence, and love for nature.

If the Jupiter mount is prominent without any defects represents good aspects of Jupiter are present on the person’s hand.

However, if the mount of Jupiter is overdeveloped denotes self-respect will take the shape of dominating nature and overindulgence in food, wine, etc.

Similarly, an underdeveloped and flat mount of Jupiter suggests the person has low self-esteem, lacks ambitions and the desired drive to succeed in one’s life. He or she will be selfish, superstitious, and irreligious in nature.

Mount of Saturn

mount of Saturn in palmistry

The Mount of Saturn in palmistry is located below the middle finger as shown.

Mount of Saturn is associated with qualities such as wisdom, slowness, sobriety, love for philosophy, skepticism, frugality, and discipline.

A person with a well-developed mount of Saturn benefits from occupations such as mining, mathematics, research, occult science, real estate, etc.

If the mount of Saturn is flat and yellowish in color indicates laziness, lack of trust, depression, aimlessness, etc.

An overdeveloped mount of Saturn makes the person introverted and eccentric in nature.

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Mount of Sun/Apollo

mount of Sun/mount of Apollo in palmistry

The Mount of Sun is found below the ring finger as shown.

Mount of Apollo is associated with entertainment, fame, luck, arts and literature, spontaneity, music, dancing, and risk-taking abilities.

Mount of Mercury

Mount of Mercury in palmistry

A Mount of mercury is located below the little finger as shown.

Mercury Mount is associated with communication skills, alertness, a sense of business, shrewdness, medicine, accounts, and statistics.

People with a well-developed mount of mercury are found in the profession of marketing and sales, brokers, business, doctors, etc.

An underdeveloped mount of mercury represents he or she finds it difficult to communicate or express one’s feelings or emotions in a frank manner and financial struggles. 

Overdeveloped mount of mercury, curved little finger, and other signs if present on the hands makes the person dishonest who will always put his or her interest first to make money.

The horizontal line found at the edge of the mercury mount is known as the marriage line or affection line in general.

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Mount of Venus

Mount of Venus in palmistry

Mount of Venus is situated at the base of the thumb and is encircled by the lifeline as shown.

Venus is named after the Roman Goddess of love and beauty.

The Mount of Venus represents a sense of beauty, sensuality, love, romance, sympathy, and physical appearance.

If the mount of Venus is well-developed and pinkish in color indicates that the person has got a strong sex drive towards the opposite sex and a magnetic personality to reckon with.

An overdeveloped mount of Venus denotes lust and the person is passionate about physical pleasure.

Likewise, if the mount of Venus is underdeveloped and deflated suggests a lack of energy, infertility, insecurity, and disinterest in love affairs or sexual relationships.

Mount of Moon

Mount of Moon/Mount of Luna in palmistry

Mount of moon also known as the Mount of Luna is found below the upper mount of Mars and opposite the Mount of Venus as shown.

Mount of the moon represents imagination, creative thinking, love for travel, sensitivity, dreamy nature, fondness for water, and romance.

If the mount of Moon is well developed with a slight bulge suggests a balance between reality and imagination, intuition, creative nature, and mystical things.

No wonder, it is often found on the hands of good authors, musicians, composers, artists, etc.

An overdeveloped mount of moon indicates a constant change of mind, suspicious nature, restlessness, and excess imagination.

Similarly, if the mount of moon is underdeveloped represents a lack of imagination, laziness, constant negativity, and insecure nature.

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Mount of Mars

Lower mount of mars/Upper mount of Mars/Plain of Mars in palmistry

Mount of Mars is primarily divided into two parts known as the lower mount of Mars and the upper mount of Mars.

The lower mount of Mars is located just below the mount of Jupiter and above the mount of Venus as shown by position 2. It is associated with aggression, energy, and courage.

If the lower mount of Mars is well developed suggests that the person is adventurous, does not get discouraged, and works persistently to achieve success. However, if the mount is overdeveloped indicates a violent and quarrelsome disposition.

The upper mount of Mars is located below the mount of Mercury and above the mount of Moon as shown by position 1. The upper mount of Mars represents determination, resistance to any manipulation and bullying by others, self-control, and stability.

The plane of Mars is the triangular-shaped area that occupies the middle portion of the hand as shown by position 3. It denotes the temperament of a person.

If the center of the palm is padded along with the overdeveloped mount of Mars denotes a hot temperament.

Likewise, if the center of the palm is very hollow suggests a lack of physical energy or a drive to fight the problems, and if it is neither protruded nor very hollow represents a cool and stable temperament.

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Mount of Rahu/Mount of Ketu

Mount of Ketu/Mount of Rahu

In Hindu palmistry, the mount of Rahu is located below the plane of Mars as shown by the red color. To be precise, it is located just under the intersection of the headline and the fate line.

Rahu often referred to as “dragon’s head” is associated with our present environment. If the mount of Rahu is well developed indicates the sudden acquisition of comfort and wealth in the person’s life.

On the contrary, an overdeveloped and padded mount of Rahu at the center of the palm denotes the materialistic nature of an individual and if there is a ditch at the center is a sign of a dependent attitude and potential huge loss of money in illegal activities.

Mount of Ketu also known as Mount of Neptune in palmistry often referred to as the “dragon’s tail” is a shadow planet located between the Mount of Venus and the Mount of Moon as shown by its green color. The position of Ketu Mount and Rahu Mount are located exactly opposite each other.

Mount of Ketu represents our past karma and the link between our conscious and subconscious minds. That is the reason why rare fish signs often get formed in this particular area.

A well-developed mount of Ketu denotes wisdom or knowledge acquired in the past is being used in a productive manner to move ahead in one’s life.

Likewise, an underdeveloped mount of Ketu is a sign of inconsistency, inability to face new challenges, and continuous fear of failing in one’s life.

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