What Do The Star Sign On Your Palm Mean?-Palmistry

star sign in palmistry

The word “star” is synonymous with the person who is quite famous, rich, has got a celebrity status or in a very powerful position.

Stars are found everywhere, right from bottom of the ocean in the form of star fish where it plays integral role in the marine ecosystem to top of the sky where they are found in thousands and millions in the galaxies.

Likewise, stars also get formed on the hand.

Six pointed or Five pointed Star on hand

star sign in palmistry

Stars are formed on the hand/s with the intersection of three lines that looks like an asterisk or simply put, a six pointed star. Sometimes, a five pointed star is formed with the help of five equal lines and a well defined center.

The question is: Do star formation always provide positive results to the subject? Not really!

Let’s take the example of Ted Bundy’s palm prints where there is the formation of scattered star.

It is imperative to understand the difference between different types of stars and their locations to further categorize them into auspicious and inauspicious signs.

Star on the mount of Moon

star on the mount of moon

Star on the well developed mount of moon is a sign of brilliant imagination, artistic skills and a celebrity status.

No wonder, it is found on the hands of famous writers, painters, music composers and professional psychics.

However, on the flat mount of moon it indicates insanity, mental instability or potential danger from water.

Star on the mount of Venus

Star on the mount of Venus

Star on the mount of Venus makes the person highly successful in the love matters and gets constant help and support from the opposite sex.

It also reflects extra passionate, extravagant lifestyle and sensual nature of the person, provided the mount of Venus is well developed.

Point to note: The star should be well marked at the center of Venus mount to get the aforementioned results.

Star on the Plain of Mars

Star on the plain of Mars

An independent star on the plane of Mars not touching the fate line represents continuous troubles faced by the person due to one’s reckless nature.

As a result, the person makes impulsive decisions in the life and regrets later on.

It is considered as a bad sign.

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Star on the mount of Mercury

star on mount of mercury

Star on the mercury mount amplifies the positive traits associated with it.

The subject is naturally gifted to make a profound impact on other people lives with his or her oratory skills, business acumen, shrewdness and promises a brilliant career in science.

It is considered as a brilliant sign for money making and overall success in one’s life.

Star on the lower mount of Mars

star on lower mount of mars

Mars is the God of War.

Star on lower mars in palmistry is a sign of courageous person, a born fighter who likes to push the boundaries and has the ability to overcome any troublesome situations in the life.

It also indicates tremendous success in acquiring wealth  through land dealings.

Such marking is often found on the hands of famous sports personalities or military personnel.

However, if a star gets formed on an overdeveloped lower mount of mars represents aggressive, quarrelsome nature of the person who frequently resorts to violence.

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Star on the mount of Saturn

Star on the mount of Saturn

A star on the mount of Saturn is a clear sign of terrible fate, fatal accident, paralysis attack or the person might end up in prison.

It is an inauspicious sign in palmistry.

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Star on Upper mount of Mars

Star on the Upper mount of mars

Star on upper mars in palmistry represents the person will become rich and famous through one’s patience, perseverance and strong determination.

Star on the mount of Sun

Star on the mount of Sun

A well marked star on the mount of Sun makes the person extremely wealthy and famous.

It is found on the hands of big celebrities in the entertainment industry or those who are exceptional in the creative world and loves to be in the public eye.

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Star on the mount of Jupiter

Star on the mount of Jupiter

Star on the mount of Jupiter is an auspicious and extraordinary sign for leadership, power and success.

There will be sudden success, he or she will come in contact with the rich and ambitious people to achieve big position in one’s life.

However, on an overdeveloped mount of Jupiter, star represents lack of patience and autocratic nature.

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