What Do The Star Sign On Your Palm Mean?-Palmistry

star sign in palmistry

        Whenever the word star is heard by the person it reminds him or her about someone who is a celebrity or who is in a very powerful position.

Stars are found everywhere right from the bottom of the ocean in the form of star fish where they play integral role in the marine ecosystem to the top of the sky where they are found in thousands and millions in the galaxies.In the same way stars also gets formed on the hand.

Six pointed or Five pointed Star on hand

star sign in palmistry

Stars gets formed on the hand with the intersection of three lines that looks like an asterisk or simply put a six pointed star.Sometimes,a five pointed star is also formed with the help of two lines and one short line which is also considered as a star.

But the question is does the star formation on the hand always gives positive results?? Not really.

Depending upon its location on the palm they are considered as lucky or unlucky in the person’s life.

1)Star on the mount of Moon

star on the mount of moon

           If a star is found on the well-developed mount of Moon indicates that the person is going to be a celebrity because of one’s imaginative and artistic skills.

Such kind of formation is often found in the hands of celebrated writers, composers and artists.

However,on the flat mount of moon it indicates insanity or danger from water.

2)Star on the mount of Venus

Star on the mount of Venus

Star on the mount of Venus indicates that the person will be highly successful in love matters and getting the help from the opposite sex.

The person is sensual and passionate about the physical pleasure derived from the opposite sex.

It also makes the person quite extravagant where the person craves for the luxurious life.

3)Star on the Plain of Mars

Star on the plain of Mars

If a independent star gets spotted on the plane of Mars which is not touching the fate line as shown indicates continuous troubles faced by the person due to one’s own reckless and careless nature.

Such person often makes impulsive decisions in the life which he or she regrets later on.

It is considered as a bad sign.

4)Star on the mount of Mercury

Star on the mercury mount amplifies the positive traits associated with it.

If found on the hand indicates the bearer is naturally gifted with the ability to make the impact on others with his or her oratory skills,business acumen,shrewdness or having a brilliant career in science.

It is considered a very good sign for overall success in the life.

5)Star on the lower mount of Mars

       Mars is the God of War.If the star gets formed on the lower mount of Mars indicate the person who is courageous and a born fighter who likes to push the boundaries and has the ability to overcome any trouble situations in the life.

It also indicates tremendous success in acquiring wealth through land dealings.

Such marking is often found in the hands of sports personal or a military personnel.However, if a star gets formed on the overdeveloped lower mount of mars indicates the person who is very aggressive and resorts to violence.

6)Star on the mount of Saturn

Star on the mount of Saturn

If a star is present on the mount of Saturn is a clear indicator of the person going to prison on the charges of murder,might end up getting into a terrible fate such as meeting with a fatal accident or the person might get a paralysis attack.

It is considered a very bad sign.

7)Star on the Upper mount of Mars

Star on the Upper mount of mars

           Star on the upper mount of mars represents the bearer who is going to be famous and rich through one’s patience,perseverance and determination derived from the strong willpower.


8)Star on the mount of Sun

Star on the mount of Sun

If star formation is found on the mount of sun indicates the bearer will be very wealthy and famous.

Generally such marking is found on the hands of big celebrities in entertainment industry or those who are exceptional in the creative field.


9)Star on the mount of Jupiter

Star on the mount of Jupiter

     Star on the mount of Jupiter is considered as a very auspicious sign.The bearer will be highly successful in one’s career.

There will be sudden success in the bearer’s life.People with such marking will achieve big position in their life They will have good connection with the rich people in the latter part of their life.

However,they lack patience and are extremely ambitious.

These are some of the combinations of star marking that can be found on the person’s hand and its interpretations.

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