Good Luck Signs In Palmistry On Your Hands?

good luck signs in palmistry

This is the hand of a brilliant businessman who consulted me for a reading.

He is born on this planet to make money as the palm contains all the ingredients to become a successful person.

good luck signs on palm

A cursory glance at this sturdy fire hand with a medium texture of skin is enough to affirm that he is a performer, who will silently work behind the scenes; doesn’t like to make statements out of thin air, and shuts his criticizers by his achievements.

Branch from head line to mount of mercury

a branch from head line to mount of mercury

Look at the headline, a line from the headline to the mercury mount displaced towards the mount of Sun with apex slightly above the center, reasonably low set thumb gives rise to big practical zone indicates he will make money and earn a reputation using his technical skills and business prowess.

Vertical lines on fingers

vertical lines on fingers

Thick third phalanges with vertical lines on the bottom of fingers, fate line from Venus mount towards the Saturn mount, long branch from the heart line to the mount of Jupiter, fire type of hand along with developed mercury mount clearly suggests he is an entrepreneur, shrewd person who has a deep understanding of finance, excellent persuasion skills, materialistic in nature and pleasure-seeking individual.

He is destined to come across the right set of people in his life who will help him achieve worldly pleasures.

Don’t confuse the line in green color with the Suwon crease.

Nowadays, people read and consume lots of information on the internet. However, don’t possess any rational approach to make a single interpretation let alone reading an entire palm.

I have been in this ecosystem for a long time now. Believe it or not, 80 to 90% of palm readers struggle, or end up big-time failures in their lives. The question is why?

Because they target armchair experts, people who think they know everything under the sun by reading some books, and selfish wannabes. Pareto 80/20 principle gets applied here as well. If you target the wrong people, you will get the wrong results. A very simple concept that can be extrapolated to any genre.

Right from the beginning, I never spent an iota of my time in this category, it is a recipe for disaster in the long run.

In the world of automation, artificial intelligence, cryptocurrency, and high inflation rates; readers will find themselves at the receiving end if they are not ready to change themselves.

No need to pretend to be saints on the internet under the veil of “life purpose”.

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No gap between fingers

No gap between fingers in palmistry

No gaps between the fingers, the presence of a vertical line on the protruded mercury mount, and perfect money triangles in the middle of the palm indicate the mind is working 24 by 7 looking for opportunities to make money, wealth is retained and does not slip easily from the hands.

Curved lifeline

curved life line palmistry

The arch fingerprint pattern on the Saturn finger with a squarish tip and a loop between Saturn finger and Sun finger leads me to conclude that he is career-driven, very responsible, hardworking, and a workaholic who craves security and possesses unique leadership abilities.

He knows what he is doing, and what needs to be done.

Lifeline is taking such a beautiful nice curve without any defects expanding the territory of Venus Mount indicates he must have married at a young age and is passionate to achieve constant success in his life.

In conjunction with thick fingers, he is full of energy and bound to enjoy a life of luxury.

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Mars line on hand

mars line palmistry

On his left hand, the flawless mars line runs parallel to the lifeline, from this line career line is emerging that indicates there will be drastic positive changes in his life after marriage, family influence or his partner will prove lucky in his journey.

A line from the mount of Venus joining the fate line gives me another confirmatory indication that his spouse will change the bad effects of planets and will be instrumental in modifying certain aspects of his personality and getting the best out of him.

Curved line on mount of moon

Curved line on mount of moon

A line from bracelet to mount of moon with a triangle sitting on top of it, the lifeline towards the mount of Luna, and lines from the lifeline towards the mount of moon on the right hand with the texture of the skin taken into account represent he will make a fortune in another country and destined to travel away from his birthplace.

This is precisely what transpired in his life.

Lifeline and head line joined

life line and head line joined

Lifeline and the headline connected together for a long time and a low set mercury finger indicates he has been under the influence of his parents or mentor that dictated his life options and restricted his decision-making abilities, thought process, and behavioral choices.

It is akin to a young elephant who is tied to a chain and restricts his movement. However, as he grows older and strong; he still believes that the very chain is the barrier to his independence.

Likewise, psychologically his brain is coded in such a way that self-identity is missing and he needs to work on it.

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Low-set Jupiter finger palmistry

Low set Jupiter finger

Low set Jupiter finger and little finger, and the unusual pattern on the index finger reinforce social inadequacy and insecure nature in the crowd who always tries to distinguish himself from others.

In doing so, he fabricates this superficial persona to mask these shortcomings to the outside world.

It is only after his mid-20s that he broke the shackles of family responsibilities, got independent in his views, and saw the world through his lens as shown.

Fate line from Venus mount

fate line from Venus mount

Fate line from Mount of Venus suggests he must have received exceptional support from his family members or spouse.

You can see exact same combination is found on his left hand as well. In conjunction with developed mercury and Venus mount denotes he is family oriented and might run a family business from overseas or carry forward his family lineage.

Yellow color of nails

yellow color of nails

Mercury rules the liver and digestion. The color of the nails started to turn yellow, and a line from the headline toward lower mars is seen on both hands.

Bile is a yellowish-brown fluid produced in the liver. It helps in the digestion of fats and removes the excess cholesterol from the body. In surplus, it enters the blood flow and acts as an irritant instead of finding its way out of the intestine.

He has temper issues, takes trivial things to heart and it is difficult to please such a person

He needs to work on this aspect otherwise he will end up hurting his loved ones. Moreover, this combination makes him over-cautious, can’t handle criticism without getting affected, and frustrations results due to misplaced anger.

He is thinking too much about money and finance. Hence he should try to enjoy life.

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Black Mole on upper mars mount

black mole on upper mars mount

Black moles started to appear on the upper mars which denotes respiratory and lung problems in addition to liver disease if proper precautions are not taken at the right time.

Apex has shifted from the base of the palm and a clear black mole on the mount of the moon represents there is constant inner communication and commotion that does not let him sleep properly which creates mental stress.

Black mole on moon mount

black mole on moon mount

Also, the curvature of the bracelet and another black mole on the mount of the moon are the telltale signs of urinary bladder disorders in the future.

Island has started to form at the end of the headline that suggests brain ailments might result if he fails to keep a tab on overthinking and repetitive thoughts.

The hand always provides a chance to reevaluate your decisions. At the end of the day, it is the prerogative of an individual to put efforts in the right direction.

What is the use of money if the health is compromised?

Loop of nature in palmistry

Loop of nature in palmistry

It is so fascinating to see that the remedies are hidden in the palm itself.

Mercury loves nature and animals. Peridot is a greenish gemstone associated with mercury which reduces anxiety and stress.

A clear loop of nature present on the Mount of Moon reflects his love for solitude and a bond with nature. He should spend more time with greenery, soil, trees, bonsai, and indoor plants will certainly help him relax his mind.

Loop of music in palmistry

loop of music in palmistry

Moreover, a loop of music found on the developed mount of Venus on his left hand suggests his natural talent and deep interest in music and arts which will act as a therapy, and rejuvenate his soul.

Certainly a hand of a multi-talented individual.

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Short fingers in palmistry

Short fingers in palmistry

The pointed tip of the mercury finger with vertical lines on three different phalanges, the presence of a partial ring on Jupiter mount, and short fingers suggest accurate judgments about people are made with powerful intuition and the ability to understand the situation in one attempt.

This trait will certainly help him a lot in his career.

The triangle at the base of Saturn’s finger, the pattern on the finger, and the shape of the tip denote his deep interest in philosophy, occult science, and history.

It also makes him manually skilled and will earn a fortune with some sort of unique technical or research-oriented skills.

Branch from heart line to mount of Jupiter

branch from heart line to mount of Jupiter

A line from the heart line to Jupiter mount, the developed mount of Venus, and the conic tip of Jupiter’s finger suggest he is a spiritual, pious, sympathetic, and God-fearing type of person.

The combination of mercury and Venus makes him compassionate, a beauty lover, physically strong and tenacity will ensure success in his goals.

The presence of a passion line on the left hand along with the mentioned combination makes him sexually active and passionate.

Line from head line to Jupiter mount

Line from head line to Jupiter mount

A branch from headline to Jupiter mount, a strong low set thumb, and a fire hand represent he is full of desires and always looking for ways to expand and ambitions will certainly come to fruition. Managerial or leadership qualities are seen with no filters.

Life line and head line tied together

life line and head line tied together

Lifeline and headline tied together for a long time with lots of islands and lines cutting it represent he lacked confidence, faced anger, frustrations issues, and tied up with family till the age of 23.

At the age of 25 or 26, major changes took place in his life and he must have received recognition in the public with the help of his creativity.

At the age of 27, financial gains are seen due to his persistence and luck as the line from the headline goes to the mount of the Sun.

Triangle on heart line below mount of Sun

Triangle on heart line below mount of Sun

Troubles from someone close to him are seen at the age of 30. He also suffered mental fatigue and loss of concentration.

At the age of 31, a line from heart line to sun mount represents he will get success and fame due to an excellent decision taken from his heart.

Minor career obstruction is seen at the age of 35 due to some wrong decision as the lines from the headline are going towards lower Mars, yet efforts paid off and promotion is indicated.

A line from headline to mercury mount and a line from lifeline to mount of moon indicates business prosperity and success travel will occur at the age of 40.

A perfect triangle on the heart line under sun mount promises a golden period from 32 to 42 that will ensure excellent progress and prosperity in his endeavors.

Money loss and big obstructions in his career path are observed due to hasty and impulsive decisions at the age of 43 as the line from the heart line is cutting the fate line.

At the age of 48 or 49, he will encounter emotional disappointments from a family member or relative as the line from thumb to lifeline tries to pass, at the same time fate line is cut by a line from the heart that denotes career hindrance from a financial standpoint can take place.

Horizontal lines cutting fate line

horizontal lines cutting fate line

Fate line changes direction, a clear line from lifeline to moon mount, and indicates he will alter his career path and travel to a different location will take place at the age of 50 and luck will certainly favor him.

At the age of 55, someone close to him might get severely ill which can result in emotional distress. Moreover, a barrier to his business is evident as a big horizontal line is cutting the fate line at the exact same age.

Extraordinary wealth will be retained through business travel or diversification of business is interpreted at the age of 57.

He is likely to retire from the age of 63 to 64 as the lifeline is taking a nice curve and the fate line is branching out precisely at the mentioned age.

Furthermore, he should avoid mentally strenuous activities after the age of 65, as the island at the end of the headline has slowly started to form.

Many branches are spreading at the end of the lifeline suggests he is likely to suffer from loss of vitality and health issues due to old age, roughly around the age of 70 to 73.

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