Signs Of A Divorce In Marriage/Separation Lines In Palmistry

Signs of a divorce/separation line in palmistry
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There are certain indications on your hand which might lead to the divorce or separation from your partner.

1)Fork at the end of the marriage line

Fork at the end of the marriage line

If a fork appears at the end of the marriage line indicates hugh differences in opinions which can lead to the separation for a period of time or even break-up.

Depending upon how big the fork is at the end of the marriage line denotes the magnitude of trouble in the bearer’s love life.

2)Influence line from mount of Moon cutting fate line

influence line from mount of moon cutting fate line

If the influence line from the mount of moon joins the fate line always indicates a good and happy marriage.

However,if the influence line from the mount of moon crosses the fate line as shown indicates the influence came into the bearer’s life but soon the relationship ended in either the divorce or separation from their loved ones.

3)Island in marriage line

island in the middle of marriage line

If the island appears at the middle of the marriage lines as shown indicates there will be constant arguments and quarrels between one’s partner/spouse which might lead to separation in the middle of their married life.

However,if the island appears at the end indicates separation will happen at the end of the life of their married life.

4)Two marriage lines

two marriage lines in palm

If two parallel marriage lines of nearly equal length are found on the bearer’s hand indicates he or she might end up loving two partners at the same time. It normally indicates two marriages  leading to divorce with one of the partners.

This holds true if the two lines found are equally deep and same in color.

However,if two parallel marriage lines of nearly equal length are found on the bearer’s hand but one of the lines is not that deep and faint in color then the line is known as affection line.

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5)Hook on marriage line

If a hook is present at the end of the marriage line indicates the marriage will end in a divorce due to irreconcilable differences between his or her life partner.

6)Vertical line cutting marriage line

vertical line cutting marriage line

If a single vertical line intersects the marriage line as shown the bearer’s life will get ruined by the marriage.

There will be constant emotional and financial problems.Also there are very high chances of person getting divorced depending upon the intensity of the cut.

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