Signs Of A Divorce In Marriage/Separation Lines In Palmistry

Signs of a divorce/separation line in palmistry

There are certain indications found in palmistry that might lead to a divorce, or separation from your partner.

Fork at the end of the marriage line

Fork at the end of the marriage line

A fork at the end of the marriage line indicates a huge difference of opinions between partners that can lead to separation for a period of time, or even break-up.

Depending on how big the fork is at the end of the marriage line denotes the magnitude of trouble in his or her marriage or love life.

Influence line from mount of Moon cutting fate line

influence line from mount of moon cutting fate line

If an influence line from the mount of moon joins the fate line always denotes a good union or happy marriage.

When the influence line from the mount of moon cuts the fate line as shown indicates someone entered into the person’s life at that particular age.

However, the relationship will end in a divorce or complete disaster that might bring unpleasant experiences to a person provided there are many indications on the hands to support it.

By and large, it is considered a bad sign.

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Island on marriage line

island in the middle of marriage line

An island in the middle of the marriage line represents constant arguments and quarrels between couples which might lead to separation, or divorce in the middle of his or her married life.

Likewise, if the marriage line ends in an island indicates potential separation at the end.

Two marriage lines

two marriage lines in palm

If two parallel marriage lines of nearly equal length are found on the person’s hand indicates he or she might end up loving two people at the same time or having an extramarital affair.

In traditional palmistry, it stands for two marriages and divorce or breakup with one of the partners.

This holds true only if the two lines are equally deep and of the same color, and other bad signs are also present on the hands.

However, if two marriage lines are present on the palm, and one of the lines is quite faint in color. In such a case, it is an affection line.

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Hook on marriage line

Hook on the marriage line

A hook at the end of marriage line indicates the marriage will end in a divorce due to irreconcilable differences in a relationship or marriage.

Vertical line cutting marriage line

vertical line cutting marriage line

A vertical line cutting the marriage line as shown indicates the person’s life might get ruined by the marriage.

There will be a lack of peace, constant emotional and financial problems.

Furthermore, if the cut is very deep and clear, there is a great likelihood of a divorce.

Lines from heart line cutting marriage line

lines from heart line cutting the marriage line

Lines from the heart line cutting the marriage line is a certain sign of deep trouble in a marriage, and unhappiness in a relationship.

Line from mount of Venus cutting marriage line

lines from Venus mount cutting the marriage line

If the line from the mount of Venus cuts the lifeline, the headline, the heart line, and reaches the mount of mercury cutting the marriage line indicates too much interference from relatives or friends will cause separation in the marriage.

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Break in marriage line

break in marriage line

If the marriage line breaks leaving a substantial gap denotes his or her marriage is on the rocks, and there is a high probability of separation.

Cross at the end of marriage line

cross at the end of marriage line

A cross on marriage line or a cross at the end of marriage line is a sign of bad marriage and continuous troubles in a relationship.

Vertical line cutting the branch from heart line

vertical line cutting the branch from the heart line to Jupiter mount

If the fate line also known as the destiny line merges with the clear heart line and throws a branch on the Jupiter mount denotes successful marriage.

However, a single vertical line cuts the V shape sign denotes breakup or divorce.

Downward branches from heart line towards thumb

If the marriage line goes to the heart line, and a branch from the heart line to the lifeline toward the thumb as shown indicates emotional shock, personality problems, or major disappointment in heart-related matters.

The overall hand needs to be examined to make an accurate prediction.

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Break in fate line

If a line from the moon mount joins the fate line and soon after an island, a bar or break appears on the Saturn line indicates distrust in marriage and strain on a relationship.

The spouse will severely damage the career of a person, and eventual separation can be seen.

Divorce line in male palm

divorce line in male palm

I highly recommend to check this article on the divorce line on palm, and understand how so many parameters are looked into before making any conclusions in palmistry.

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  1. My marriage line has a double fork on the end both the ends Of the fork are comming close to each other Apart from that i have extensive deep lines in my palm what does that mean regarding my marriage?

  2. there’s a vertical line cutting my marriage line. its not deep and it almost looks like a children line but when i squeeze slightly it surfaces and the line extends all the way to the top of little finger

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