Do You Have These Bad Signs In Your Hand??-Palmistry

bad signs in palmistry
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              Although I always keep on mentioning in my previous articles that lines or bad signs on the hands do change depending upon the thinking process and the external circumstances of the person it always takes time and the result is not all of a sudden.

bad signs in palmistry

Bad signs or negative signs in the palmistry is the reflection of the obstacles that are faced by the person or,he or she will be facing in the near future with respect to one’ career ,relationship, health or wealth matters.

Let’s see some of the negative signs that can be found on the person’s hand.

1)Tassels found on the hand

Tassels often found at the end of the lines where the line gets split into multiple branches indicates the energy of the person is trying to escape into all possible directions which takes a toll on the physical, emotional and intellectual capacity of the person.

2)Island found on the hand

Island is formed when the line separates into two parts and again gets rejoined forming an enclosed area as shown.

Island is always associated with a period of stress,lack of progress, accidents or any other major health issues.

The interpretation changes depending upon where the island is found.

3)Chain Structure found on the hand

Chain looks like a series of small islands attached to one another as shown.

Imagine a road full of potholes,the ride on such road will be bumpy and unstable.In the same way,chain structure denotes instability disturbances and inability to take decisions in one’s life.

Potholes found on the road

4)Grille found on the hand

Grille found on the hands

Whenever lines are criss-crossing each other,a grill is formed as shown which indicates the energy is not getting directed in the right way causing a lot of confusion,anxiety and insecurity in the person’s life.

Grills often take away the positive qualities associated with mounts or lines in general causing lots of obstructions in the person’s life.

5)Dot or spot found on the hand

Dots or Spot found on the hand

Dots or spot on the line generally indicates illness or some kind of depression at that particular age.

Interpretation changes depending upon its color and where it is found.

6)Downward branches from the main line

Life will be quite difficult if there are continuous downward branches from the main line as shown.

He or she will face constant disappointments with little progress in one’s life.Due to this,there are high chances of person developing negative approach towards life.

Also during that particular phase,the person will either face financial or health issues due to continuous loss of energy.

7)Breaks on the main line

Breaks on the line always indicates sudden major changes in the bearer’s life in terms of career,business, relationship or even loss of your loved ones.

On a very positive hand,breaks can bring positive results but generally breaks are considered as some kind of major setback because it interrupts the main current of the line.

      These are some of the bad signs found on the person’s hand.

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  1. I have an island on my lifeline dose this mean I’m gunna get cancer I’m so scared and depressed because of this I’m super sacred and I can’t sleep at night😢💔

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