Grilles In Palmistry, Delay In Success, And Health Problems

grilles in palmistry

Vertical lines in palmistry always attract positive energy from the universe and increase the good qualities of the mounts found on the hands.

On the contrary, horizontal lines represent obstructions, failures, and negativity in his or her life.

grilles in palmistry

When these lines intersect with each other, it results in a blockage of energy that significantly reduces the positive traits associated with the mount.

That’s why it is known as a grille or net structure in palmistry.

If the person subconsciously is aware of this marking and its effect, he or she can definitely try to improve one’s personality or health in general.

Let’s see the interpretation of this negative sign.

The grille on mount of Saturn

grille on mount of Saturn

On the mount of Saturn, the grille makes the person lonely and isolated from the surroundings.

It is a known fact that constant loneliness leads to depression.

In addition, if the fate line has regular breaks and the marriage line is shifted towards the little finger, expect a delay in marriage, career, and financial problems.

It is considered an unfortunate sign in palmistry.

Grille on mount of Jupiter

grille on mount of Jupiter

If a grille gets formed on the Jupiter mount indicates the person is arrogant cannot handle criticism and lacks the moral values to achieve success in his or her life.

It also suggests overweight and throat problems.

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Grille on mount of Mercury

grille on mount of mercury

Mercury is an intelligent and cunning planet.

The grille on the mount of mercury accentuates these qualities and makes the person a deceitful and compulsive liar.

Always cross-check with the curvature of the little finger to ascertain the degree of cunning nature.

It also represents digestion problems due to the stress on the nervous system.

Grille on mount of Sun

grille on mount of Sun

The grille on the mount of Sun makes the person egoist and lowers the success rate in his or her life.

It also represents damage to the reputation and lack of luck in the person’s life.

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Grille on mount of Mars

grille on mount of Mars

Grille on the mount of Mars increases the irritation and aggression in the person’s body.

He or she might suffer from high blood pressure and chest pains.

Grille on mount of Moon

grille on mount of moon

On the mount of moon, the grille hits the subconscious mind making the person restless, pessimist, and dissatisfied in love matters or relationships.

It also denotes intestinal and kidney-related issues depending upon its location on the mount of the moon.

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Grille on mount of Venus

grille on mount of moon

If the grille pattern gets formed on the well-developed mount of Venus indicates the person is passionate about sex, lust, or another form of physical pleasure.

Always cross-check with the texture of the skin to determine the intensity of passion.

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