Square Sign in Palmistry God Gifted Divine Signs

Square sign in palmistry

A square is one of the best positive signs in palmistry.

Whenever any negative sign appears on the hand and the square surrounds it, it blocks the negative energy within its periphery and prevents it from coming out, thereby protecting the person from danger.

square sign in palmistry

Although several meditation techniques are advised depending on the type and structure of the hands, there is no guarantee per se that the square will appear on the hands.

It appears at any given point in time as if some divine force from the universe is trying to shield the person from the troubles associated with the negative signs.

Let’s see the effect of the square sign on a palm and its different interpretations.

Square on the mount of Venus

Square on the mount of Venus

The square on an overdeveloped and grilled mount of Venus protects the person from excessive indulgence in sex, lust, and other passions.

It also protects an individual from bad relationships or marriage.

Please note: Square sign on Venus mount should be independent, and not formed out of chaotic lines.

Square on the mount of Mercury

Square on the mount of mercury

Square on mercury mount calms the nerves of ever-energetic and hyperactive Mercurians.

It also guards the person against heavy financial losses and makes him or her street-smart in business or money-related matters.

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Square on the mount of Saturn

Square on the mount of Saturn

A well-marked square on Saturn Mount will protect the person from fatal accidents, injuries, and sadness.

It makes the person financially secure provided the headline is clear without any defects.

The square sign on Saturn mount is one of the rare markings in palmistry as it facilitates easy escape from obstacles.

Square on the mount of Moon

Square on the mount of Moon

The square on the moon mount protects the person from over-imagination, mental illness, and water.

It also brings meaningful and productive journeys, protecting a person from the dangers that might arise during those travels.

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Square on the mount of Sun

Square on the mount of Sun

Square on Mount Apollo brings riches and exceptional fame in his or her life.

At the same time, it protects the reputation and health problems associated with the mount of the Sun.

Square on the mount of Jupiter

Square on the mount of Jupiter

The square on Jupiter mount denotes he or she will be humble, wise, and spiritual in nature.

It also helps to materialize one’s ambitions. To see a square sign on Jupiter mount formed on the superstar’s palm, CLICK HERE

Square on the Mars mount

Square on the mount of Mars

The square on mars mount is a sign of protection from anger issues, enemies, and fatal accidents.

Effect of a square on upper mars mount=square on lower mars.

Square on the heartline

square on the heart line

Let’s look at the partial palm print.

The heart line is chained and there is a dot in between the mercury and the Apollo mount. Red Dot on the heart line denotes potential chances of heart disease at that particular age and weak heart condition in general.

However, a well-formed square on the heart line will protect the person from this trouble and other misplaced affections in a relationship.

It is considered a fortunate marking in palmistry as it shields the person from mentioned health troubles.

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Square on the headline

square on the head line

Square on the defective headline saves the person from mental trauma, headaches, loss of concentration, anxiety, and stress.

Square on the lifeline

square on the life line

A square on a lifeline will protect the person from severe illness, and sometimes even death.

It helps any person to regain the lost energy and strength.

Point to note: Square will act as a repair sign only if all the edges are closed.

Square on fate line

square on fate line

Square on the fate line will protect the person from career breaks, financial losses, and unemployment, bringing security and stability to one’s life.

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