Luckless Signs, Money Loss And Passion Line In Palmistry

money loss and luckless signs in palmistry

This is a very interesting case because of the formation of a unique and rare line on palm.

Money Problems in palmistry

money loss and bad signs in palmistry

He was sad and dejected when he consulted me, kind of stuck in limbo with no money and opportunities coming his way whatsoever.

Let’s try to understand the negative and money loss signs in palmistry.

Island on travel line

Island on travel line palmistry

There is an island formation on the horizontal line found on the lower mount of moon.

In addition, the palm looks pale and cold, rectangular in shape, head line is too long and there are multiple downward branches from the heart line.

When these parameters are combined, it led me to conclude that he was restless, mentally unstable, very sensitive in nature and there will be significant loss of money and energy due to unsuccessful travels.

In the subsequent emails, he mentioned that he travels more than 100 miles on a daily basis for a job with little satisfaction and success.

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Passion line in palmistry

passion line in palmistry

There is a clear formation of a very unique and rare line known as passion line in palmistry.

It starts from the heart line, runs diagonally and ends somewhere in between the mercury finger and the Apollo finger as shown.

It heightens the sexuality, sexual fetishes, insatiable lust and he fantasizes a lot about sex.

With the presence of overdeveloped mount of Venus amplifies these traits. Even in a relationship, feelings and emotions will mainly revolve around high sexual desires.

There is nothing wrong and right per se on this front.

However, overindulgence in anything can have ramifications on one’s health, relationship and career in the long run.

Black mole on Venus mount

black mole on Venus mount

There is a presence of black dot on Venus mount along with an island formation on the line found on lower section of Moon mount indicates the person might end up getting venereal disease due to unprotected sex, excess masturbation, problems in the reproductive system, addiction to p*rn or financial loss due to honey trap.

It also indicates delay in the marriage.

Hence the person is cautioned so that future troubles can be averted.

Fate Line Broken

Fate line broken in the middle

In addition, the fate line is broken in the middle from 37 to 42 years. At the same time, there is a minor break on the life line under the mount of Saturn denotes money loss and spinal cord problems might affect his health in the coming future.

Not to mention, the life line is uneven in its density and getting thick around the same age.

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Fate Line from Plain of Mars

fate line starting from plain of mars

Similarly, if the fate line starts from middle of palm and goes to the mount of Saturn with many horizontal lines cutting the line is a sign of bad luck and constant financial losses.

Furthermore, if black spot on mount of mercury is present denotes money problems, and struggles in any relationship.

This is the hand of an attorney.

No wonder, there is the formation of a long head line along with the ring of Solomon on the Jupiter mount which gives psychological insights and innate understanding of human nature, yet he was facing money problems in his life due to the mentioned signs.

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