Your Little finger (Pinky Finger) Tells A Lot About Your Personality-Palmistry

Little finger (pinky finger) and your personality
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Little finger also known as mercury finger helps to find the personality of the person.Long mercury finger gives the ability to communicate freely with others which makes the person quite  successful in the love matters and relationships.

Long Mercury finger

Long mercury finger palmistry

This happens because Mercurians has the knack of mixing sense of humor with the normal conversation making it more interesting which ultimately helps them to get the work done at a much faster rate.

sense of humor mercury
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They are also gifted with sound logical mind that helps them to take the correct decisions at the right time.That is the reason why they are found in business and other related money-making  fields where they are very good in analyzing the different situations and making the way out of it through negotiations.

Low set mercury finger

Low set mercury finger/pinky finger palmistry

In most of the hands,you will find the base of the mercury finger (pinky finger) is set low as compared to other fingers.

In this case, the base of the Jupiter,Saturn and Apollo finger is aligned exactly in a more or less looking horizontal line and then there is a sudden drop as shown. It suggests that there might be some incidents in the childhood or early phase of the one’s career which made the person quite cautious in sharing one’s feelings or emotions in a frank manner.

Higher the drop, higher are chances of the person keeping one’s feelings or emotions to oneself which makes him or her quite secretive in nature.

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Determine true length of Pinky finger

How to determine true length of mercury finger

Low set mercury finger often makes the little finger look shorter than other fingers.

To determine the true length of the little finger placed the base of your mercury finger and match it with the base of Apollo finger of another hand as shown. This will give the idea whether the mercury finger is long,average or short in length.

If the mercury finger exceeds the first joint of the Apollo finger as marked by the line in red color is considered as a long finger. Similarly,if the mercury finger reaches the first joint of the Apollo finger as marked by the line in green color is considered as average in length and finally if the mercury finger reaches just above the second joint of the Apollo finger as marked by the line in yellow color is considered as short in length.

Please Note:While assessing the personality of the person a small drop in the base of the mercury finger is often neglected.

Long Little finger

Long little finger

If the mercury finger (little finger) exceeds the first joint of the Apollo finger indicates the person is quite aggressive to make money as soon as possible so that he or she can have a very smooth life in one’s later part.

They are very passionate about the work they do;going into every single possible detail. Such kind of dedication helps them rise to the position of power in a short period of time.

In this case, the base of all the fingers is evenly set which makes the person very frank and honest in nature.

Successful People in the World

Successful people palmistry

Take a look at the hands of most successful people in the world; world’s richest man Bill Gates, billionaire investor Warren Buffett, legendary boxer Muhammad Ali and many other successful people, you will find the length of the mercury finger to be long and evenly set.

At the same time,it moves away from the Apollo finger as shown making the person unconventional and charming.

Average Little finger

Average mercury finger in palmistry

If the mercury finger just reaches the first joint of the Apollo finger or slightly below it suggests that the person is quite patient while achieving the success in one’s life.

They always seeks to keep the balance between the public and private life. People with average length of mercury finger don’t interfere in someone else’s life and want the same in return.

They are neither too hungry for power nor they set their ambition too low in their lives.

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Short Little finger

short mercury finger

If the mercury finger is short as shown indicates the person finds it very difficult to communicate with others.

Due to their socially awkward nature,they are often misconstrued in the society.Hence they find it difficult to focus on one particular thing or goal.

They often require some kind of push or motivation to move ahead in one’s life.The reason being they cannot take decisions easily in the life.

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