Marriage Line In Hand And When You Will Get Married In Palmistry

Marriage line in palmistry

Horizontal lines found at the edge of mercury mount is known as marriage line or affection lines in general.

Marriage line on palm

Marriage line/Union line in Palmistry|Palm reading

Lines found above or below the marriage line are known as affection lines or relationship lines as these lines are quite short and faint in color.

An Affection or a bond can be with your friends, relatives, family members, or any person with whom you share a special bond.

Multiple affection lines don’t mean multiple marriages. Point to note: marriage line does not necessarily mean that you will end up marrying someone.

There are thousands of examples where couples are living in a live-in relationship, friends with benefits, etc and there is the presence of these lines. Hence the entire hand and various other signs should be looked into before arriving at any solid conclusion.

The darker the marriage line indicates higher the tendency of the person to commit to a relationship which might result in a legal union known as marriage.

That’s why they are also known as Union lines in palmistry.

Marriage Line Age

Marriage line age palmistry

Let’s see the marriage line’s approximate timing which suggests that the person might get into a serious relationship.

If the marriage line is found in the middle of the edge on the mount of mercury indicates the person will get into a good relationship at the age of around 26.

Similarly, if a marriage line is found just above the heart line as shown denotes an early relationship at the age of around 15 and if the marriage line is found above the middle portion denotes a delay in marriage or they are high chances of a person marrying late in his or her life at the age of around 35 and so on.

Let’s see the different types of marriage lines in palmistry.

Straight & Deep Marriage line

deep marriage line in palmistry

A long, straight, and deep horizontal line found on the mount of mercury without any defects indicate a happy and successful marriage.

It is considered a good sign.

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Marriage line starts with fork

marriage line starting with fork

If two lines merge into a long, straight marriage line like a V shape represents the couple were physically or emotionally separated in the initial phase of their marriage.

However, marriage will turn out to be very successful and continue till the end.

It is a positive sign for a happy marriage.

Marriage line moving upwards

marriage line going upwards

If the marriage line is going upwards towards the little finger as shown indicates that the person is not likely to marry in one’s life.

I have seen such lines on the hands where he or she often shies away from taking responsibility in the relationship or marriage.

Marriage Line joining the Sun line

marriage line joining sun line

If the marriage line runs all the way towards the Sun mount and joins the Sunline as shown denotes the person is likely to marry someone who is rich, famous, and has got high status in the society.

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Marriage Line going downwards

marriage line going downwards

If the marriage line is slightly bending downwards(position 1) represents minor troubles but does not have any significant impact on the marriage provided there are no other defects on the marriage line and hands in general.

However, if the marriage line starts going towards the heart line (position 2) indicates that the person has got excessive Martian qualities making him or her aggressive and controlling in the relationship which might take a toll on one’s marriage.

It also suggests the ill health of the spouse and continuous troubles in the marriage.

Some palm readers claim that the spouse of such a person will die early in his or her marriage. I do not buy this theory.

Branches from Marriage line

marriage line branches

Branches arising from the marriage line as shown indicate successful marriage which will bring lots of happiness, wealth, and prosperity in the person’s life.

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