Do You Have Love Marriage In Your Hands?

Love marriage indication in palmistry

There are certain signs or lines on the palm which might result in love marriage or a brilliant union.

V shape sign

V shape or Vishnu symbol in palmistry

If the heart line throws multiple branches on the well developed Jupiter mount and no downward branches are found anywhere on the heart line increases the chances of a happy and successful love marriage.

Similar results will follow if the fate line merges with the heart line and throws the branch on the mount of Jupiter making a V shape like formation.

In the Hindu palmistry, they call it as a Vishnu sign. It is a religious nonsense to fool people.

It is very convenient and easy to manipulate the person on religious grounds because subconsciously you are targeting the emotional intelligence and gullible nature of the person.

Palmistry never works on such vague things. It just acts as a domino effect on the internet.

Cross on the Jupiter mount

Cross on the Jupiter mount

Cross on the Jupiter indicates happy and successful love marriage.

The person will get an understandable, loving and caring life partner.

People always ask me this question: We have got some signs on our palms but no one entered into our lives or even when the person fall in love, he or she sometimes gives importance to other things like education, religious obligation, “culture”, financial status of the person etc. and love might take a backseat.

In such cases, what can I do or any other palm reader for that matter? or there is a complete error of judgement in recognizing the signs altogether without taking all the parameters into consideration.

Palmistry acts a guiding medium or vehicle to assist the person in the decision making. At the end of the day, whatever decisions the person takes will form the part of his or her destiny.

In addition, introvert and extrovert nature of the person should be looked into.

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Influence line from the mount of Moon

Influence line from the mount of moon joining the fate line

If the influence line from the mount of moon joins the fate line is a strong indication of love marriage.

Always check the condition of the fate line after this union.

Furthermore, if a well marked cross also gets formed on the mount of Jupiter suggests romantic and powerful union.

Please note: the influence line from the mount of moon should not cut the fate line which is considered as a bad sign for marriage.

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Line from the heart line joins the Sun line

Line from the heart line joining the sun line

Many times, I have seen that a small line from the heart line joins the Sun line as shown which indicates successful love marriage in the person’s life.

The spouse influence adds support and strength in attaining the desired fame and wealth in his or her life.

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Influence line merging with the heart line

Influence lines in palmistry

The line running parallel to the life line also known as sister line denotes the influence of the spouse in the person’s life.

If the line is deep and clear represents the strong and positive influence of the spouse.

Lines from the strong influence line found inside the mount of Venus joining the heart line as shown indicates happy love marriage.

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Line from the mount of Venus

Love marriage indications

If the mount of Venus is well developed and a line/s from the Venus mount joins the fate line without any defects is considered to be a fortunate sign for marriage.

St Andrews Cross

st Andrews cross in palmistry

If a cross gets formed on the well developed mount of Venus along with the cross on the Jupiter mount denotes love affair which will turn into a happy and successful marriage.

Some people refer to the cross on the mount of Venus as St Andrews Cross. Why?

It is said that in the early 8th century Andrew became one of the disciple of Jesus Christ who died on X shaped Cross. Hence the name St Andrews Cross which is also found on the flag of Scotland.

This sign exists on the same grounds as the Vishnu sign I mentioned earlier in this article. Now you understand the successive patterns on how these signs got evolved over the period of time.

A Cross is a cross in palmistry. Why we have to add a religious quotient to it?

There is another cross found in between the life line and the fate line which is also known as St Andrews Cross which I have discussed in this article.

Trident on heart line

trident on heart line-love marriage

If the heart line starts with a trident, and a perfect star gets formed on the well developed mount of Venus with no crisscrossing of the lines or a clear cross gets formed on the Jupiter mount denotes excellent compatibility between two partners just like a match made in heaven.

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  1. I am having a cross on Jupiter mount,a line from the heart line touches the sunline,v shaped sign also but the influence line from the moon mount cuts the fate line. What does that mean? I am in a relationship with someone and i really love him, will i get married to him?

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