Do You Have Love Marriage In Your Hands??

Love marriage indication in palmistry
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            There are some signs or formation of the lines in palmistry which might result into the love marriage of the person.

1)V shape sign

V shape or Vishnu symbol in palmistry

 If the heart line makes a V shape at the end as shown is an indication of a happy and successful love marriage.

V shape sometimes also known as Vishnu symbol in the Hindu palmistry represents the bearer will be lucky in the matters love and relationships.He or she will end up marrying someone who will be their support and strength throughout life.

If the fate line merges with the heart line making a V shape sign as shown also indicates of a happy and successful marriage.

2)Cross on the Jupiter mount

Cross on the Jupiter mount

Cross on the Jupiter indicates happy and successful love marriage.

The bearer will get an understandable loving and caring life partner.

3)Influence line from the mount of Moon

Influence line from the mount of moon joining the fate line

If the influence line from the mount of moon joins the fate line is a strong indication of love marriage.

Since the line of influence is coming from the mount of moon indicates the union will be romantic in nature.If such a union is present along with the cross on the Jupiter mount reinforces of a happy and successful love marriage.

However,the influence line from the mount of moon should not cut the fate line which is a bad sign for the love marriage.

4)Line from the heart line joins the Sunline

Line from the heart line joining the sun line

Many times,I have seen that a small line from the heart line joins the Sun line as shown which indicates successful love marriage in the bearer’s life.

The spouse influence add support to the fame and wealth in the bearer’s life.

5)Influence line merging with the heartline

Influence lines in palmistry

The line running parallel to the lifeline also known as sister line denotes the influence of the spouse in the person’s life.

If the line is deep and clear denotes the positive influence of the spouse on the person’s life.The lines emerging from this line cutting the lifeline, head line and merging with the heart line indicates successful love marriage.

The timing of the marriage can be interpreted with the help of timings on the heart line and the lifeline.

6)Line from the mount of Venus

Love marriage indications

If the line from the Mount of Venus merges with the fate line as shown indicates happy and successful love marriage.

These are some of the love marriage indications that can be found on the person’s hand.

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  1. This channel provides very good , correct and scientific information.the quality of voice is so clear that,even a non English person can also understand easily.moreover the back ground graphics are very beautiful and related to the topic. In fact it is a fun and pleasure to join this channel,I pay my regards. Thank you

  2. I am having a cross on Jupiter mount,a line from the heart line touches the sunline,v shaped sign also but the influence line from the moon mount cuts the fate line. What does that mean? I am in a relationship with someone and i really love him, will i get married to him?

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