Successful Types Of Business Line In Palmistry

business line in palmistry

With the exponential growth of social media and so-called social media influencers, the ball game of business or making money has changed altogether.

The pertinent and dicey question at the same time is, do some signs on the hands suggest success through this medium?

Social Media Business

social media business

Just like 70 percent of startups, the fame or money obtained through social media is not long-lasting and sustainable, sporadic, and quickly fades away over a period of time.

Only a few lucky ones are able to withstand the turbulent tides because of the solid fan base, tenacity, and demanding niche.

Business Schools

harvard business school

In elite business schools, students are educated through case studies about strategies, business models, and ups and downs of different companies to increase their business acumen and holistic approach of a person.

In the same way, I am looking at the problem-solving skills of an individual and associated personality traits when it comes to palmistry for a long-time success.

In addition, one needs to understand that corruption, ease of doing business, and other macroeconomic factors in the country override any good signs present on the hands.

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Business line in palmistry

business line in palmistry
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If the mount of Jupiter and mercury mount are well developed without any defects, pinkish in color, and working in conjunction with each other is a sign of excellent business skills, and success in the science, and materialistic world.

It is one of the most powerful combinations for a long-time success in palmistry.

With unstoppable mental energy, financial forecasting from mercury mount, and an uncanny ability to manage and lead people using one’s leadership and ambitious nature, he or she is bound to achieve anything in one’s life.

In addition, if the thumb is low set, flexible, and long reaching above the middle portion of the third section of Jupiter’s finger as shown denotes powerful intellect and independence, forcefulness, determination, and an easily adaptable personality.

Square tips nails

business success in palmistry

Furthermore, if the headline is long, straight, and clear along with the large practical zone created by the low set thumb represents a proclivity towards making money coupled with exceptional focus, goal-oriented, good decision-making abilities, and realistic in nature.

It is often accompanied by square tips on the fingers which accentuates the above qualities and makes him or her methodical, cunning, and common sense rules the overall personality.

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Long mercury line

long mercury line in palmistry

If the mount of mercury is protruded and a clear line of mercury is present without any defects is a sign of shrewdness, excellent health, and good judgment of people.

A good and strong mercury line has the potential to make up for a defective lifeline, as well as the fate line.

Branches from mercury line

Branches from business line

Similarly, branches from the mercury line also known as the business line, especially to the mount of Saturn denotes constant success, supply of positive energy, and good fortune in the business at that particular age.

Long little finger

long little finger in palmistry

If all the fingers are evenly set, there is the presence of a long little finger and the third section of all the fingers is thick along with the developed mercury mount denotes a successful business career, and excellent oratory skills.

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Apex in palmistry

apex in palmistry

With the prominent mount of mercury, if the apex is located at its center or gets shifted towards the edge is a sign of a quick mind, excellent selling skills, and an innate understanding of human nature.

It is commonly found on any good businessman or woman’s hands.

Star on mercury line

star on mercury line palmistry

A well-marked star at the end of the mercury line or on the mount of mercury is a guaranteed sign of super success and wealthy life.

Such a person will attain a powerful position and extraordinary business success in one’s life provided the structure of a hand is good.

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Thick fingers meaning in palmistry

Thick fingers in palmistry

If the multiple lines from the headline are getting sucked into a well-developed mount of mercury, there is a presence of a loop of seriousness and all the fingers are thick with the prominent development of the second section of all fingers indicates the person is sagacious, intuitive and has the gift of gab.

Such a person is self-disciplined, quick, and full of energy.

He or she loves money and derives some sort of pleasure in making money.

Triangle on the mercury line

Triangle on the mercury line

If the mercury line is deep and clear, well-marked triangles are found all along its way, especially on the prominent mount of mercury is a sure sign of extreme wealth and the astute nature of a person.

I have found this reading to be accurate time and again for business success and luxurious life.

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