Line of Fame/Luck/Wealth-Sun Line In Palmistry

Sun line/Apollo line in palmistry
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Presence of Sun line also known as Apollo line makes the person wealthy, famous, lucky and successful.

sun line or apollo line in palmistry

Ideally the Sun line originates from the bottom of the palm and reaches the Sun mount as shown without any defects.This suggests that the bearer becomes successful from the childhood itself and the success continues till the very end.

On the top of it,if the star appears anywhere on the Sun line indicates stupendous success at that particular age.I have shown the approximate timing that can be predicted on the Sun line.

It intersects the headline at the age of around 35 and intersects the heart line at the age of around 46 and accordingly you can predict the timing of the Sun line on your hand

Now let’s see some of the practical combinations of Sun line which is found in most of the hands.

1)Deeply etched Sun line

Deeply etched Sun line or Apollo line

If the line is deeply etched in the person’s hand with no horizontal lines cutting the line as shown indicates efforts made by the person will attract lots of wealth and fame in his or her life.

The person will attract right kind of people to achieve the success in one’s career.

Often it is said that the presence of the Sun line as shown will bring the success in the latter part of one’s life is not necessarily true.

2)Thick Sun line

Thick Sun line or Apollo Line

If the Sun line found on the Sun mount is thick as shown indicates the bearer is quite showy and requires attention and praise for his work.

Even though he doesn’t have the requisite talent in his or her art.It is not considered a good sign.

3)Branches from the Sun line

Branches from the Sun line

If one branch from the Sun line goes to the mercury mount and another branch goes to the Saturn mount indicates that the bearer is using communication and business skills from the Mercury mount;and wisdom,hard work from the Saturn mount to achieve name and fame in his or her life.

It is a very good combination to have as it makes the person very balanced while achieving the success.

4)Flag or Dhwaja on the Sun line

flag sign or Dhwaja Sign on the Sun line

If a triangle or a flag as it is called in the Hindu palmistry appears on the Sun line as shown indicates the bearer will gain international fame in his or her career.

Don’t make a triangle from the upward branch and downward branch found on the Sun line.

It is not a triangle it should be well marked and distinct.

5)Two Sun lines

two vertical lines on the Sun mount

If the line parallel to the Sun line appears on the Sun mount indicates the person will have two interests in one’s life.

The line is also known as sister line or line of reputation it sometimes acts as a protection to the main Sun line.

However,if too many Sun lines are found on the Sun mount indicates that the energy of the person is divided into too many fields or interests and he or she won’t be able to make it big in any of these fields.

6)Wavy Sun line

Wavy Sun line

If a wavy sun line is found on the hand as shown indicates even though the person is capable of achieving reputation he or she won’t be able to because of constant obstacles in the life which will reduce the confidence of the person.

7)Break on the Sun line

Breaks on the Sun line

If there is a break on the Sun line indicates that during that particular period,the person must have lost reputation and fame due to constant frustration and trouble in one’s life.

However,if the line appears again as shown indicates that the person overcame those obstacles and regained one’s reputation and fame.


8)Trident on the Sun line

Trident on the Sun line

If there is a trident at the end of the Sun line is a clear-cut indication of celebrity status in one’s life.

It is one of the positive markings that can be found on the person’s hand.

9)Sun line from the Fate line

Sun line starting from the Fate line

 If the Sun line starts from the fate line and make it to the end on the Sun mount as shown indicates stupendous success in one’s career due to his or her efforts and hardwork

10)Island on the Sun line

Island on the Sun line

If the island appears on the Sun line indicates there will be huge loss of reputation and money in the person’s life.

It will be hard to achieve success in the bearer’s life.

These are some of the combinations of the Sun line that can be found on the person’s hand.

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  1. hi sir I have swasthik in below the jupiter mount and one fate line and two verticle lines in sun mount.cross in Jupiter mount

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