Enemy Lines In Palmistry And Sudden Loss Of Money

Enemy lines in palmistry

There have been many instances in my life, where I was inadvertently in the wrong place at the wrong time and miraculously escaped unscathed.

Some of the incidents has left a lasting impression on my life.


Many years ago, I was headed home from a party.

Unfortunately, my car broke down at certain place which was notorious for something, I don’t want to divulge.

I was paranoid at that particular moment.

Long story short, this is the hand of a sturdy looking man who came out of nowhere with an axe, and whisked away the strangers who were approaching me with the kn*ves in their hands.

He later told me that his house was just behind the streets while fixing my car .

As a gesture, I offered him money and he burst into laughter and mentioned he was a rich man, he just wanted to help.

However, he got intrigued when I told him I read palms, it might offer some valuable insights into his future. I took this image in the dead of night.

The hand showed disturbing signs.

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Line from life line to upper mars

line from life line to upper mars

Look at the line from the life line that goes all the way to the upper mount of mars cutting the fate line, the head line and the health line at the age of around 31.

The density of the line is same as that of the fate line.

I told him to transfer all the lands, insurance policies or whatever assets he had to his name, otherwise he would be on the streets and go insane in the coming years.

In addition, there is a well marked cross on the mount of Jupiter that suggests he was happily married.

When you combine both these parameters, it can be fairly concluded that there is a hidden enemy very close to the person other than his wife that will try to destroy his life and potential lawsuits as well.

Furthermore, the head line is sharply turning towards the mount of moon at the same age. It is considered as a bad sign.

It represents sudden shock to the brain, loss of memory, and extreme changes in the personality that might result into major depression.

He asked me to get going as it was quite late.

I dropped my contact details and left.

Years later, his own brother and blood relatives swindled him, and literally brought him on the streets.

This is known as destiny, and it comes under the purview of predictive palmistry.

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Universe somehow brought two strangers together.

He was there to help me in the present, and I was there to save him from a major disaster in the future.

Unfortunately, he did not took my words seriously.

Certain things can be predicted on the hands if there are many other signs to corroborate it.

Line from lower mars to Sun mount

line from lower mars to sun mount

If lines from the lower mount of mars cuts the fate line, and the fate line diminishes after the cut indicates violent death by his own family members, or huge loss of money.

Similarly, if the line from the lower mars cuts the sun line denotes continuous lawsuits from enemies will ruin the life and reputation of a person.

Line from upper mars to Saturn mount

line from upper mars to Saturn mount

If there is a grille formation on the upper mount of mars represents he or she is the enemy of oneself, or temper issues.

In addition, if a line from this grille pattern goes to the mount of Saturn is a clear sign of danger from enemies and fear of uncertainty in one’s life.

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Many horizontal lines on fingertips and fingers

many horizontal lines on fingertips

In the ecosystem of palmistry, horizontal lines on the three sections of fingers are considered as enemy lines, which is not necessarily true.

In 80 percent of cases, these lines denotes obstructions to the flow of energy pertaining to that particular section of finger.

However, if there are other negative signs that are present on the hands. In that case, they can be construed as lines of enemy in palmistry.

Lines from heart line cuts the Sun line

lines from heart line cutting the sun line

If the lines from the heart line cuts the sun line, or there is an island formation on the sun line as shown is a certain sign of deception and defamation caused by one’s wife or husband.

It also indicates divorce and financial setback.

Lines from upper mars cutting mercury line

lines from upper mars cutting mercury line

If the lines from the upper mount of mars cuts the mercury line represents fake friends will destroy the health and business prospects of a person.

Likewise, if the line from the upper mars cuts the sun line is a sign of huge loss of money due to jealous enemies.

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Line from base of thumb cutting fate line

line from base of thumb cutting fate line

If the line from the base of a thumb cuts the life line as well as fate line is a sign of continuous hindrance from relatives or loved ones will mar the career prospects of a person.

Similarly, an island on the thick line on the mount of Venus, and a line from this island cuts the fate line indicates cunning spouse and a relationship built on lies.

Line from lower mars to Saturn mount

If the line from the lower mount of mars goes to the mount of Saturn is a sign of serious accident or mental trauma caused by the enemies.

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